Identify scammers and collect honest reviews Trading

Each of us in the distant past had a negative experience of cooperation with unscrupulous brokers. Each of us is now engaged in parallel training of young brokers,so the topic of manipulating

Internal rate of return and how to calculate it easily.

IRR is a coefficient reflecting the minimum level of profitability at which an investor can invest without any loss (it will go “to zero”).

Trade in the foreign market. Why is the bulk going to forex?

If you are reading this article, you are thinking or trading in the financial market. We always strive for the best, and in trade, we need the most favorable conditions and opportunities.

What does a trader need to do to disperse a deposit?

Most traders work on the hourly chart, trading intraday. This allows you to take profits without lingering for months in a long and sometimes even tedious medium-term.

What is the Price Action Trading Strategy? The features

Price Action are all existing patterns. A pattern is a candle combination that should be used in clearly specified market conditions.

What does the price action include? Its main indicators.

First of all, you need to understand that price action is not a candlestick model! It does not come down to simple “pin bars” and “rails” that you need to look for near the levels!

Beginners are interested in what they need for Forex trading

Today, absolutely everyone can try their hand at Forex trading. Everyone can learn to trade, but trading successfully is not for everyone. As you know, the main rule of Forex trading

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