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Each of us in the distant past had a negative experience of cooperation with unscrupulous brokers. Each of us is now engaged in parallel training of young brokers,so the topic of manipulating

What is the Price Action Trading Strategy? The features

Price Action are all existing patterns. A pattern is a candle combination that should be used in clearly specified market conditions.

What does the price action include? Its main indicators.

First of all, you need to understand that price action is not a candlestick model! It does not come down to simple “pin bars” and “rails” that you need to look for near the levels!

Beginners are interested in what they need for Forex trading

Today, absolutely everyone can try their hand at Forex trading. Everyone can learn to trade, but trading successfully is not for everyone. As you know, the main rule of Forex trading

Atom8 was organized not so long ago. It has been operating since 2013

What are the deserved Forex broker reviews for crediting payments and conducting settlements with customers?

Rules for trading in the market of financial instruments

When engaging in any activity, whether it be trading or any other type of business, we must have a clear idea of ​​what needs to be done in order to achieve the desired result.

Grand Union Markets reviews | Grand Union Markets scam

But don“t take it literally. Professional traders in Grand union markets broker can analyze charts, but they do it very quickly and do not expect the forecast to come to 100%.

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