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Access Capital Markets scam check: looking for honest brokers

Access Capital Markets scam is not so common | scam?


All honest brokers have these qualities: you need to know them to avoid fraud.

How to notice a scam company? Web is full of news about fraudulent brokers. But to find a honest company for trading is not as hard as it may be seen.

According to the explanations of the Access Capital Markets scam happens at the exchange market, but there are still a lot of good brokers. When COVID pandemics started there truly happens more frauds on the web. Forex currency market also became popular amongst scammers. The main reason - it is popular and there a person can invest even a small amount of money like $300.

But there is no need to worry - you can spot these scam companies easily. Next we will tell you about the top signs of good brokers.

Access Capital Markets - example of honest brokerage company

While writing this material, we consulted the experts of Access Capital Markets, scam and its manifestations was the main topic of their researches.

The company has existed for about 20 years and is located in London, and since 2020 has been working with investors from the CIS. In total, the number of clients exceeds nine thousand.

On company’s website there are all contacts. You can get all educational information about trading, charts, forecasts analytics and trends. There is also a possibility for you to contact employers to ask all questions you need.

A lot of educational materials are on the company's website, and according to, scam and its types can be learned by listening to online lessons.

Signs of honest brokers

There are some different kinds of contacting broker and support teams. If there is only some mails on the website, left for communication, it  should be alarming.

Of course in such situation broker can just leave your letter without an answer.

For example, there are cases when, during a technical failure, some companies simply “disappeared” for several hours (did not respond in correspondence), and then justified this by problems with the work of e-mail.

But such issues can even happen at the time of the deal’s conclusion. So you should better look for telephone number or messengers also mentioned on the website.

The legal address is indicated.

There are examples when companies can exist only on the web. Of course sometimes they even a real broker and have a real registration, but a client should know where is your office. He or she should be able to contact him, send a regular letter by mail or contact law enforcement agencies, indicating the legal address of his broker.

Also, information about the physical location of the company and its legal address are very important for understanding under whose jurisdiction the broker operates (it is better not to contact intermediaries whose office is located on some island in the ocean). In the case of, scam is ruled out, if only because the British regulation is one of the most meticulous in the world and checks every grain of sand in the broker's affairs.

Sometimes brokers work only with newbies or with experienced traders only. Such voice of the broker should be visible for a website guest. Everything should be cleat including the account types.

All this should be clear from the first acquaintance with the broker's tariff packages. If it works with both novice and experienced traders, then the packages should be appropriate. For example, beginners are usually offered training, while experienced ones are usually offered their own analyst. It should be clear from the tariff plan what the first installment is, what leverage, tools.

Real good broker can’t promise you some big wins and no loses. It should   convey to the client: the foreign exchange market is a risky investment. All risks and nuances should be published on the website.

What should be there? User agreement as a minimum. It is also advisable for the company to explain the procedure for placing orders, lending opportunities and other conditions.

This speaks, first of all, of the company's desire to work with honest investors. And also that she openly supports the policy of laws against money laundering (AML), which, by the way, is mandatory for European brokerage sites. For scam is a personal enemy, especially in matters of interaction between traders, and the company carefully monitors compliance with all the rules.

Verification is almost as important as open contact of the broker. Usually only after verification user is allowed to start real trading.


If you check all of these signs, you will be able to pick up a nice honest company to invest your money. As told by experts of Access Capital Markets scam can be easily avoided if a trader is attentive. Even a short check up can show what company you are looking at.


Comments (12)

Horton Emory 06.05.2021

I joined access capital markets after the summer. Meta Trader 4 is trading platform with a bunch of convenient settings. Very simple and quick registration. Credit the account, and you can start trading. Money is introduced at the current bank rate not charged any commission. I usually work from a computer at home, but I often have to drive, so I always have a tablet on the road with me. Mobile application is put in a couple of minutes. The difficulty came out where they did not expect, I had to cheat the MacBook a little and put MT on the emulator. Well, that works without glitchs, not buggy and does not hang. The ordering is quick, as well as the withdrawal, also without a commission, by the way. You need to go through verification before the first withdrawal, so be prepared to work out a little bit of paper))) In short, I like everything here so far and recommend it to everyone. Especially if you like to scalp, here are just comfortable conditions for this.

Bradley Edward 12.05.2021

Trade with access capital markets for two months, but in general I have been in business for a couple of years now. (For me, it's like a hobby.) Adequate broker with low static spreads, good analytics and very sensible support. There was such a moment, I was driving in the car and did not notice how the phone was dead. Part of the operations remained unclosed and I planned to finish something else in the terminal. I put the smart on recharging, stopped the car and quickly called back to support. The managers suggested what to do first of all, in order not to fall unexpectedly into losses. Hopefully, over time, additional channels of communication and online support chat will appear.

Craig Ethan 18.05.2021

At the last broker his dynamic spreads began to unpredictably get out beyond the declared limits. I have not heard any meaningful pattern about this from their support.Did not really figure out, withdrew the money and left on the advice of a friend to access capital markets. Here I am pleased with static spreads, profitable by average market indicators. There are opportunities for scalping, it is felt that on small transactions you can raise more profit. In addition, there is no brokerage percentage for I / O.

Stephens Peter 27.05.2021

I think that to work with forex, access capital markets is just certainly sane and suitable broker. Without special frills, there are no pompous tournaments or high-profile actions, even competitions are not held. But the quick ordering and withdrawal of money, what's on the card, what's on the bank account, and on webmoney too. You can add more wallets, tools and these are all the fun for bored newcomers. But I believe that trading with this broker is (and is beneficial) primarily because of low and static spreads.

Harris Mark 01.06.2021

I do not like to write reviews on the Internet, to be honest, I just decided that my experience could come in handy. A couple of months ago, I opened an account with access capital markets. I already have trading experience, so I can conduct a comparative analysis. On merits I can note fairly low spreads and an excellent level of analytics, it is interesting to trade with it, it gives high accuracy. Of the shortcomings - no micro accounts and demos, few packages. But I must say that the broker makes it possible to start with small injections, which is very convenient for those who are not willing to take risks and are afraid of causing serious damage to their budget.

McDonald Samuel 10.06.2021

Went to access capital markets from another broker because of overcharged commissions and spreads. Here I am satisfied with the support and level of services, you can go from almost any amount. Managers are ready to help. Once they even took me out of the lock, I was completely deadlocked and did not understand what to do. As a result, the situation was hited off with minimal losses. In my opinion, more indicators should be added to the terminal.

Stone Duane 26.06.2021

Came from the ground up in access capital markets with almost no experience. I tried before that to trade on demos of other brokers. So, basically it looked like experiments and randomly stab, can I do that or not? I wanted to understand how it all works. This is an option for beginners. access capital markets allows you to start even with $300 to learn and then increase your deposit. Under the terms of the leverage of 1:300, there is no commission to withdraw to the card. I withdrew for three times, the money came quickly enough. From a couple of hours, but in any case at the same day. Service of technical support is excellent, consulting and helping, but not always it was possible to call from the first time.

Parrish Robert 15.07.2021

A couple of months ago, I opened an account with access capital markets. Generally speaking, there were no punctures, the system works accurately and stably. Once there was an ambush with the warrant, it hang, and I had to contact support. The problem was transferred to the technical department, they sorted it out quickly and everything was resolved. In my opinion, here in principle are one of the best conditions by all measure. Spreads, quotes, commissions - all in full compliance. Probably, someone does not have a demo account, beginners especially. And webinars.

Harrington Oliver 08.08.2021

I got my first experience in forex three years ago. So I am an expert on brokers. I trade several currency pairs and experiment with cryptocurrency. I found good conditions with a relatively young broker access capital markets. Here I started working with a pair of CAD / NZD, it turned out that spreads for it are even lower than market. In general, spreads are fixed, volatility does not jump, you can plan strategies and predict expense / income. In addition, a very smart local analytics. The broker has only four client packages, I would say that this is not enough. You can start with the tariff for 250 bucks, it is best to deposite three hundred dollars. Leverage 1: 300. It is interesting to trade with the platform MT 4, twist the settings, build bots. There are no entertaining things. There is a sad moment in the difficulty of dialing up to the managers. But the support itself works for five plus, all managers are well-versed in the business.

Richards Charles 13.08.2021

Convenient, profitable, simple. This is very briefly about the broker access capital markets )) I have been trading for five months, I am happy with everything. As for the conditions, everything suits me, market quotes, static spreads. With technical support, you can always agree and get answers to questions on the topic. Zero fee for replenishment and output, withdrawal is exact, without delay. There are no training materials, unfortunately, webinars are not held, there are no demo and macro accounts. Tournaments and competitions for fans either. I began to save depot last month after a few worthy withdrawal. It is possible to switch to the next tariff in May, there are more favorable spreads.

Goodman Neal 20.08.2021

Long looked at the conditions and quality of service broker access capital markets. First I opened an accaunt on the base package. Quickly mastered, went to a steady profit, amassed depot and switched to a PRO-account with an initial deposit of 10,000 dollars. There are profitable spreads, I am very pleased with the growing profit. In addition, this condition does not differ much from the package cheaper. The options are about the same, good scalping, news trading, 1: 300 leverage. Everybody have a personal manager, it's a pity, it's difficult to reach them. But I already have no need for consultations. For me, the absence of demo accounts, tournaments and training videos is also not important, I just leave this info to complete the review. MetaTrader 4 platform can be configured to full automation and work only with bots, without attracting analytics. You can minimize slippage, well, from requotes you will not go anywhere. I recommend to quickly save up for higher tariffs and work with them, it is really profitable.

Merritt Jack 24.08.2021

I trade currencies, mainly USD /JPY, sometimes I take dollar / euro also. On good spreads for these pairs I found a broker with suitable conditions and a positive reputation. I read the information to make sure that this is not a scam. The name is not famous. It turned out company access capital markets is for three years on the market. Founded by experienced traders. Why it is so little known, I do not understand. Maybe because it does not invest in promotions and various bonus programs. Terms of trade are the most common. A good platform MetaTrader 4 that is proven for thousands of times, static spreads, objective quotes. All is honest, open. There are no commissions for depositing / withdrawing. A good bargaining for intraday, and you can safely plan the mid-term. Effective analytics, an available entrance, there are four tariff plans. Very simple registration, by the way. As for me, the system is well-established, the connection is stable, there are no questions to the execution and withdrawal of funds, a very intelligent support service advises only what really works and helps. Well, I stayed here, completely satisfied.


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