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What are the advantages and disadvantages of reviews of traders

Successful strategies are connected not only with trader’s skills but with picking the forget broker as well. For this material we collected opinions about the company we used - Access Capital Markets reviews on social media and review websites.

Every one of these reviews make an image of agreeable and legitimate cooperation with a broker, which over the course of the long periods of work has figured out how to make a decent standing for itself as a dependable accomplice.

Access Capital Markets: Company Basics

The broker was registered in the UK in 2001, now the main office of the company is located in Broadgeist skyscraper.

The company has more than 10 years of experience in the foreign exchange trading market. Almost the same broker works with other assets (raw materials, stocks, indices). Several years ago, cryptocurrency trading was added.

Before starting web trading platform, company cooperated with large clients for brokerage services.

However, more and more "medium" and even "small" players come to investing. Many come without experience. So the broker has created a whole area for beginners, without giving up working with "big fish".

There are tariff plans on the referring page of the company's website, and reviews confirm that it is convenient, everything there s written in simple words and transparently.

Platform - Access Capital Markets reviews on the results of work with technical service and managers

You have several options as for the trading platform:

 - desktop version
 - web terminal

 - apps for mobile devices and tablets

Clients who carry out large transactions and care about the security requirements usually install the terminal. Terminal is easy to install and it takes just a few minutes.

Access Capital Markets review on newsletter and support

After access is obtained, according to the tariff, trading tools will be allocated; an account manager and a personal analyst will be provided. The company not only consults, but also sends out useful data.

Miles Felton, Madrid, fitness instructor, 32

There is a wide selection of trading instruments, a fixed spread and no glitches in the terminal. For a year of trading with Access Capital Markets, I increased my deposit by 50%, I withdraw profit almost every month, everything is withdrawn on time, as written in the contract. I often use the analytics provided by the broker, it helps a lot in trading. reviews about Support

This broker is known for its strong and supportive technical support team.

In case of a technical failure (we found only two such examples), the company compensated for the damage.

As mentioned above, sometimes there are some problems when working with technical services:

Transactions because of bank schedule

Freeze account;

Verification problems.

All three types of inquiries, as a rule, are being solved quickly.

July Harris, tech shop owner, 35, London

It is quite comfortable to trade with a Access Capital Markets, a real spread, orders are opened quickly, an understandable and easy-to-use trading terminal. A huge plus is also the fact that a large number of trading instruments are collected in one terminal.

Can the account be frozen?

One of the comments related to the account freeze. There was enough information in the answer thread to understand that the account was frozen during the transaction, the liquidity of which was not confirmed (it was a leveraged transaction). In order not to get into such a situation - carefully read the terms of providing leverage in the agreement with the company. As a rule, the freezing of the account lasts up to a maximum of 30 days (this is the longest period and most often it is caused by the questions of the legitimacy of transactions that have arisen). During this time, the client must pay a commission to the broker for services, and then, when the account is open, he can either continue to trade or withdraw his money from the account.

Aside from this review, all other comments on leveraged transactions were positive. The company is appreciated for quality consultations and transparency of commissions.

Carefully indicate the data during registration and verification

Finally, the third situation related to verification. Everything is generally elementary here. You just need to check up all the data before providing.

Frank Wan, Liverpool (UK), school teacher, 48

 I really like to trade in financial markets - keeping track of the price, finding entry points and correctly exiting deals - that's mine! I feel like a strategist and analyst who watches everything himself, manages everything and makes decisions. This is both a business where you are a key figure and a kind of hobby. And Access Capital Markets helps me with this - always complete and fresh analytics, news, there is no need to look additionally - everything is on the site in the public domain.


Experienced traders are satisfied with the work of Access Capital Markets, reviews are neutral or approving. Broker is known in the market and cooperation with it continues with many clients for at least several years.


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