How to trade forex: 5 principles of success | Asset Gates broker reviews

Assetgates scam? broker Asset Gates answered to this question. None of the financial crises killed the forex market, ...Asset Gates broker reviews ...

How to trade forex: 5 principles of success | Asset Gates broker reviews

How to trade forex: 5 principles of success


Is it possible to make real money on the forex market, or is it just a “lure” for naive simpletons? Assetgates broker gives an affirmative answer to this question. None of the financial crises killed the forex market, which was born in the 70th (when the currency exchange rate was finally untied from gold). And, therefore, some earn on it.


Of course, the demand for a particular currency in the world market affects its value relative to other currencies. This is precisely the essence of the forex market - in this international market, one currency changes to another at the rate, agreed by the participants in the transaction. And neither the rise and fall of dotcoms, nor the emergence of bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies made forex irrelevant, despite all the predictions of skeptics. In 2019, people are still interested in forex Assetgates earnings as before.

Despite the long history of the Forex market and a large number of its followers - traders, incredulous voices sounds again and again: this is a scam! Asset Gates answers: no, it’s you who don’t know how to work on this market.

First of all, discipline is essential. To be a successful trader means to plan every step, not be tempted by the instant (and risky) chance of getting extra profit, stop on time (do not forget about the stop-loss tool, reminds the Asset Gates broker) and plan the number of operations per day in advance.

Basic work skills guarantee both profit and experience in the currency exchange market, according to broker Assetgates. Reviews indicate that not all beginners think about this, and many of them lose their entire deposit at the beginning of work. Here are eight principles of Forex trading from Assetgates broker. Having studied them, you can get a minimal understanding of what traders do.

1.Hurry, and you will make people laugh at you.

No, the forex market cannot give you profit from the first days. Starting their own business, people also don’t immediately come to success, right? Opening too expensive positions concerning the size of the deposit, making risky decisions with the hope of chance - that’s the money loss, and the unfortunate trader writes complaints on the internet about the collapse of his\her hopes.

It’s better to open small positions for “training” and make your deals with low risk in the beginning. When you learn to increase, and not just lose, start dealing with more abundant money and earn capital, the Asset Gates broker advises.

2.Do not philosophize, but contribute to earnings.


For beginners, online Forex resources, including Asset Gates broker, offer to learn by trading with a demo account. You can not worry about your hard-earned money, relax, and feel comfortable doing operations with a virtual deposit.

Of course, there is a catch. And this is not an Assetgates scam, but naturally, the inability to withdraw money from the account. There is no real money on it! And when the money appears, if you are already skilled in trade without responsibility, you can lose everything very easy. So, do not stack on the training mode, and feel the whole indescribable spectrum of emotions that arise when you risk your real money! Form on the demo account exactly as much money as it’s not a pity to lose in real. And as soon as you learn to trade without losses - start working with a real account.


3.Planning is the key to success.


Imagine that you decided to sell a product but entered the market without a strategy and business plan ... What is the result? Of course, a failure. So in the forex market, Assetgates broker warns you. Those who have a business plan have more chances than those who do not. In the language of traders, this is called a “trading strategy.”

In this strategy, it is necessary to consider the size of the initial deposit, the maximum profit and maximum loss, the purpose of daily and weekly earnings (a specific amount), and the number of transactions to be completed per day. Of course, you have to set Take Profit and Stop Loss tools for each position - otherwise your deposit will disappear (those tools will close the position themselves if the market turns in a disadvantageous direction). Assetgates scam? Just as much as a “scam” is any business, punishing for rash behavior.

It’s always better to have a “plan B” in case of failure of your main trading plan, otherwise, you would think about Asset Gates scam. Just remember that an alternative strategy should be applied when all positions are closed; otherwise there will be problems for your deposit.


4.Do not waste your time.


In any work, profit is primarily important. Otherwise, why do all this? Take a critical look at your passion for the forex market. Yes, it is fascinating to test various hypotheses and comprehend the logic of processes. But what about the money? Do you earn or lose it? And if you lose, then maybe it’s time to find another hobby.

No, the matter is only in your risky strategies. When you lose money - you begin to take risks unjustifiably. And this usually does not lead to anything good.

What are your means of income, instead of the forex? Perhaps there is more profitable work or passive income. In order for forex to become the main job, the right strategy is needed so that profit exceeds losses. It is also possible to diversify the sources of your income and depend less on luck or market events. Look at all the reviews Asset Gates broker has on it’s site for the stories of success and failure.


The main thing is not to despair in case of minor failures, and not to start investing all the money you have in operations that are doubtful from the point of a correct understanding of the market. Forex strategies of Assetgates - Scam? No, they work, but only with fair use. 


5.Learning all the time.


Assetgates, forex broker, states: before you start working with the forex, you need to get a necessary minimum of knowledge. From the moment you decide to trade on the currency exchange market until the last day you work in this field. You can’t exist without it, or you will lose everything you have.

During the initial training, you need to understand the basics: concepts and terms, features of technical and economic analysis, currency pairs, the impact of high-profile events in the world on exchange rates. After that, you will have to learn how trends are formed and developed, what are Fibonacci numbers (used for analysis), what are the methods of market analysis, and what are the indices and indicators. Based on this knowledge, you will learn a market trading strategy consisting of many components. All this is comprehended on the example of the work of forex Assetgates experts. You will need to learn further - until your last day of work on the forex market. 

Experienced market players need to follow all the market innovations - both technical aspects and strategic techniques.

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