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What reviews Forex broker deserved from traders in Poland ?

Atom8 was organized not so long ago. It has been operating since 2013



Compared to the period that the most reputable brokers in Poland exist on the market, Atom8 was organized not so long ago. It has been operating since 2013, its headquarters is in London, and the Financial Conduct Authority, Great Britain, acts as the financial regulator.

What reviews Forex broker deserved from traders in Poland for registration data and how was it evaluated from them in terms of reliability?

Polish traders rated the basic information about the company as a whole positively. Confidence is caused by its registration in non-offshore companies and the presence of a significant regulator. With the attention that the company pays its own reputation, this is absolutely not surprising. Therefore, even a relatively short period of its existence does not spoil the impression of integrity and the absence of any fraud and scam in its activities.

Thus, broker earned POSITIVE reviews for basic information




Terms of cooperation and customer accounts

Trading conditions of the company are much more concise than brokers often offer for Poland. They include only two trading accounts, the difference in which is the choice of a trading platform, the presence of a commission and the size of the spread. For both accounts, in this case:


Raw Spreads + Comm:



What reviews Forex broker deserved for trading conditions?

In their statements, traders do not indicate any reason to consider the broker as fraudsters or points in which the basis for a fraud or scam is laid. At the same time, the size of the minimum deposit is sometimes found too high, and the leverage - too small. On the other hand, some reviews emphasize that it is a small leverage that is an important factor in meeting the requirements of a serious financial regulator.

In the presence of sometimes conflicting statements, the broker earned POSITIVE feedback





Customer service

Against the background of what brokers most often offer for Poland, the support of Atom8 clients looks quite impressive. One of the reasons is that in addition to intermediation in Forex, the company is also a financial betting broker, that is, it offers services for the professional growth of traders.

It can offer to clients:




What reviews Forex broker earned for the quality of customer service?

In general, the quality of work to accompany clients was appreciated by traders in Poland quite positively. At the same time, there are separate complaints about the need for knowledge of English and leisurely work of the support service. However, accusations that the company is not fulfilling its own promises are not observed.

For the most part, broker reviews are




Methods and quality of mutual settlements

In comparison with what brokers offer for Poland, the set of settlement methods offered by the company is small. It includes:

At the same time, it can be noted that the company pays great attention to protecting customer funds from fraudsters - money can only be withdrawn to the details from which they came to the client account.



What are the deserved Forex broker reviews for crediting payments and conducting settlements with customers?

In addition to reports of too long withdrawals, there are no well-grounded complaints about the quality of payments made by the company.

It can be said that, for the most part, the broker deserved POSITIVE reviews







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