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Automotive at the time of the war: among the favorite titles Stellantis and Volkswagen

Automotive industry: Stellantis and Volkswagen

According to Giacomo Tilotta, head of the equit SGR European division of AcomeA SGR, digitization with digital dashboards, integrated panels and displays, integration with real operating systems will open up the best opportunities in the future to offer cars that are perfectly integrated with the driver's smartphone, electrics and components with accessories such as brakes, sensors and increasingly complex materials that make the presence of OEMs (original equipment manufacturers) fundamental, who know that

Favorite names in the automotive industry

Instead, focusing on the present, two events occurred that became a huge turning point: Covid and the war in Ukraine. The consequences of the microprocessor crisis are particularly strong in the automotive industry. Moreover, the sanctions imposed by the West against Russia are unprecedented in scale. Many European car manufacturers 

According to AcomeA SGR analyst, the transition to electric power represents a great opportunity for the sector to significantly increase margins in the face of volumes that will suffer from economic difficulties. At the level of individual companies, Volks titoloagen shares were included in the portfolio, which, in addition to an attractive valuation, are also a catalyst for the listing of Porsche (with a possible value of about 80 billion euros). Stellantis also remains in the portfolio, which is very attractive given the greater cost rationalization after the merger and the growing presence of electric vehicles in the range of vehicles offered.

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Automotive at the time of the war: among the favorite titles Stellantis and Volkswagen

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