Scam or really working broker?

Among other brokerage companies, is one of the youngest: it was founded only in 2017. However, its founders are experienced traders who have worked for many years on financial exc

Scam or really working broker?

Find a broker who offers intermediation to work on financial exchanges is not difficult. It is more difficult to find a company that offers honest conditions for cooperation. But now you have Capital Hall - a broker with worthy terms of cooperation and the opportunity to earn real money.

Why CapitalHall broker can be trusted?

Among other brokerage companies, CapitalHall is one of the youngest: it was founded only in 2017. However, its founders are experienced traders who have worked for many years on financial exchanges. Therefore, they know very well what the clients of Capital Hall need and what conditions for them will be the most profitable. Today, the company CapitalHall has two offices in Europe:

• in the UK

• in Germany

In addition, CapitalHall offers its clients the most demanded tools. Among them: CFD (a contract for the difference for all types of commodities available in Forex - from oil and gas, to rice and salt), currency pairs (which allows traders to earn a difference in quotations of about 50 pairs of currencies), shares (valuable assets of the largest companies). The proof that Capital Hall is not a scam is the company's refusal to conduct operations with unchecked or unreliable cryptocurrency tokens.

Earn on a large scale

Who would not want to enter the Forex exchange and immediately start playing big? However, an ordinary trader is unable to do this - requirements to conduct profitable trades are too high. In this case, you should contact Capital Hall - a broker that offers all clients a leverage of up to 1: 300. But this is not the only proof of the reliability of CapitalHall and the lack of fraud. Other advantages of the brokerage company are:

1. Training. Absolutely all clients of CapitalHall undergo profound training in working with the MetaTrader4 financial platform (one of the most advanced systems that allows to work smoothly with online exchanges). It is provided free of charge immediately after opening an account with Capita lHall. Also, the company's customers have the opportunity to get expert advice.

2. Confidentiality guarantee. No one will ever be able to find out that a client works with CapitalHall and trades on stock or any other exchanges, including the information of the volume of his transactions and the amount deposited to the personal account. To ensure complete protection of information, the company uses the SSL data encryption protocol.

3. Accounts management system. CapitalHall has minimized the amount of additional data needed to manage accounts and withdraw funds. Thanks to this, every client of CapitalHall gets the opportunity to withdraw funds as quickly and easily as possible. One of the advantages of the company is professional technical support, which provides customers with round-the-clock consultations on all issues of working with Capital Hall.

Traders' reviews say that the technical support of the company is one of the best in comparison with competitors MTrading, TeleTrade and Forex Club. We remind you that Capital Hall uses the same MetaTrader4 trading platform as the most experienced and rated global brokers. Choose an account with the most favorable terms

You can start a full cooperation with Capital Hall, no matter how much money you have - a minimum deposit is$ 250. But for those who are confident in themselves and are ready to start trading in large, CapitalHall offers three types of accounts:

1. Advanced. The most accessible account of CapitalHall broker in terms of investment ($ 2 thousand). But here spreads for this type of account are the highest - from 2.5 pips.

2. Pro. The most popular among traders, because it assumes spreads of 1.5 pips, and investments - from $ 10 thousand.

3. Expert. The most profitable account of CapitalHall, as it assumes spreads of 0.1 pips. However, the opening of such an account will require the amount of $ 50 thousand. No one imposes the choice of the account type to clients, which again confirms: CapitalHall is not a scam. Regardless of which account you register, the amount of leverage and access to the tools for trading will remain the same for all clients of CapitalHall reviews. As soon as a sufficient amount of money is accumulated in the account, its type can change (alone with the size of the spreads).

Affiliate program

In order to attract more traders, CapitalHall offers active clients to connect to their colleagues and get profit from this. On the other hand, partners are not subject to any obligations - participation in such a program does not mean that the registered person is obliged to immediately replenish his account and start working, but until he does so, the trader who invited him does not receive his reward. Consider that the company Capital Hall is not a scam and so you can not cheat it simply registering all your friends. To receive a bonus, you must bring an active customer to the company, which will start trading after the opening of the account. Therefore, fraudulent activities can lead to the blocking of your account.

Start earning today by simply registering your account with Capital Hall! Look reviews!


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  1. Wesly 10.07.2018
    Before opening an account in Capital Hall, I three times probably communicated with the manager. I wanted to open it surely so not to change the broker for five times then. In principle, I found out everything I wanted, so, since almost everything suited, I decided to register. I started with five hundred, estimated that at the shoulder of 1:300 it's enough for the first time. And then either I top up, or I shall deduce. Well, the spreads are low, static. There is no rate for the withdrawal. While money is not topped up, I experience strategies, I'll see how it's better to work. Thus in principle it's a normal broker. Managers do not annoy you with calls, they do not bother your account. Trade calmly by yourself. Actually, there should be insurance additional.
    1. Michael 17.07.2018
      A couple of months ago I started working with Capital Hall. The account as I remember was generally opened without any difficulties. I did not even scan the documents, and I did not provide any information from the bank. All on the Internet, it's convenient. Before that, of course, I talked to the manager, I found out all the nuances. He honestly admitted that the company was on the market recently, so there are not many services yet. For example, a demo account or webinars. But here is a good team of analysts and everything works quickly. In general, so it happened. Orders do not really hang for minutes, it take on average a couple of seconds for processing. So there is no requot. I tried to trade on analytics. It seems to be accurate, but I certainly look at the indicators. To make sure. Of course I would like more tools in Meta Trader and a special package for scalping. But in principle, you can work. Normal stable broker.
      1. Soldair 31.07.2018
        I registered a brokerage account with Capital Hall more than two months ago. When registering of course there was an impression that everything was too easy and simple. But the consultant explained that the validation of the account is usually while the first withdrawal, at that time the first and only papers are signed. Everything else is by the web. Trading conditions here are like a «B». Spreads are low, static. What is very nice, that there are no commissions on input and output. But there is no choice of the terminal, any contests and competitions. Execution of orders is fast.
        1. Monty 02.08.2018
          I want to say that Capital Hall is a broker, which is suitable for scalping. The system works clearly, transactions are not canceled, orders are processed quickly and without requotes. Enrollment to the account also occurs quickly enough, regardless of the amount. From the card is instantly, and with webmoney too. About the withdrawal I can only say about webmoney, it comes at once, there is no commission, it is a good bonus.
          1. Irdu 05.08.2018
            In a nutshell, I will tell you about the work with Capital Hall. The broker does not tell tales of his many years of experience and regalia, but simply really works and gives the opportunity to trade without requotes and everything else. The spreads are normal, I will not say for all the currencies, but the key figures are slightly lower than the average. In addition, the spreads are also static. The withdrawal is fast, during the day accurately, but usually it takes half an hour. Support is normal, but sometimes you have to hang on the line.
            1. Dab 10.08.2018
              I wanted to open an account with BCS, but I did not even manage to register. Scans, documents, some difficulties on level ground… In short, eventually opened an account with Capital Hall, registration was in two minutes, then replenish the account, download scans and open a trade. Well, with the terminal still let five minutes, until downloaded and installed it. I trade through the Meta Trader 4 from the laptop and from the smartphone. Conditions suit, spreads low, the commission is only on spreads themselves. It's not that you do not need to fill out all the paperwork, but at least AFTER you start trading! the conclusion is understandable, but I just do not understand when confirmation is required BEFORE you agree to something at all.
              1. Imagine 13.08.2018
                Compared the spreads on my currencies from several brokers. Capital Hall has the lowest + static. Therefore I decided to open an account here. For a month about, maybe a little more, I did not come across with some big problems or failures. The actual conditions correspond to the contract. The terminal for operation is reliable and convenient. Support is for a «B», but if something happens, they will help.
                1. Gven 18.08.2018
                  I moved to Capital Hall, opened a base account. I trade a month, well, here I think to raise the deposit and switch to silver. Essentially, on the base, I checked the operability of the system. How do I process orders, is not there a requote, do managers mess up something and so on. In general, everything suited. Everything works fine, for a month there were no problems. Well, maybe the terminal hanged a couple of times on the phone, but it's more likely because of the phone, it's time to change it already. Anyway, the Meta Trader and gigabyte of RAM are too hard.
                  1. Getsby 26.08.2018
                    Capital Hall as for me a normal average broker, stable and without permanent disconnects. In general, for a year of working with him the terminal lost contact probably a couple of times, and while I'm on the road, so I can not say for sure, because of the broker or not. Spreads are low enough, static, do not jump. There is no commission for the input and withdrawal of money to a deposit. Telephone support is relatively quick to respond, e-mail works slower but also the answers always come. Usually during the day.
                    1. Ent 02.09.2018
                      It’s the third time I change broker in two years. This time I started trading with CapitalHall. Of course it’s a new broker. But it was reported to work okay, in earnest, to have good terms and support. Certainly I looked at this incredulously. I learned terms from a consultant, ‘cause the site gives them without details. But indeed, my positions (oil, gold) have low spreads + the fee only for these spreads. What can I say – orders are really executed quickly, spreads are static. One can work with this. I had two withdrawals in a month, firstly 100 dollars were got almost at once, in the second case I waited for about a day, but the money was credited to the card all right.
                      1. Mira 06.09.2018
                        A month ago I opened an account at CapitalHall, and I am satisfied with the broker. Before that I traded only with demo accounts at other brokers. I milked moment, thought I should toy around more, but… Expert traders on forums treat demo accounts like dirt, and indeed you take them as a computer game, not work and earnings. Well, I found a broker with a low barrier of entry and good trading terms. I started with three hundred, at first I went into the red a bit, then refunded and now I even have some profit. Spreads are static and very much adequate. If it’s important – I trade AUD and NZD. I work with MetaTrader, everything’s OK. Consultants seem to be good enough too. Though sometimes I can’t get through to them promptly and have to use autoredial. I guess a chat would be faster.
                        1. Zaric 11.09.2018
                          I have been trading with Capital Hall for four months. I have no complaints from the moment of registration to the withdrawal of money. The account has got in a minute, the manager has called back, told in detail all conditions of work with the broker, all about spreads, commission and a withdrawal. They gave me the reference to the instruction to MetaTrader and they said do not hesitate to call if there are questions. For the beginning poured three hundred, immediately automatic went trading. I trade without requotes, there were no cancellations. The withdrawing is clear. I kind of hate it, to be honest, waiting on the line, when you try to call for support for a few minutes.
                          1. Vasiliy 15.09.2018
                            Since May 1 I have been working with Capital Hall, no strange situations have happened yet. Orders are executed quickly, the broker does not commit from my acc of the left deals (unlike some others). Static spreads do not jump in unison with the market, quotes are commensurate with market prices. Support works quickly, but you can only contact via email and by phone. There are not enough other communication channels such as viber, as well as training materials.
                            1. Misha 21.09.2018
                              By Capital Hall I came after working with a couple more brokers, so there is already a comparative experience. No complaints still, the broker as a broker, the promised fulfills, the attitude towards the clients is respectful. Normal spreads, and that is nice at each time — static. The commission is exposed only to these spreads themselves, and there is no input/output. Competent and experienced support, rescued me for several times when there were drawdowns or risk to merge half of the deposit. It is evident that the staff is not enough, because you do not immediately dial in, you should already expand the team.
                              1. Rei 25.09.2018
                                It seems that once the broker is knocked out to the top, then fame tears the roof and he immediately decides to kill the quality of his services. I had an account in one of the most famous companies, hmm, a sad experience in general. Thanks for letting me to withraw. I left for a little-known Capital Hall with declared normal trading conditions. In addition, you can go here with almost any volume. Satisfied with the result, system works clearly, spreads are not high. There is not enough of promptness of technical support, sometimes you have to hang on the line, well that is not often.
                                1. Aldur 01.10.2018
                                  I'm a fan of scalping and in Capital Hall are the best conditions for this. Transactions do not cancel, orders are not requotated, the execution speed is impressive, on the whole the system works stably and as per hours. The enrollment rate is always high regardless of the amount, especially with the card and webmoney. There is no commission for a conclusion, and this is definitely a plus.
                                  1. Zirci 06.10.2018
                                    In honor of the 10th anniversary of Veltreyd it distributed bonuses, well, I bought an event of this day. I realized quite quickly that the general conditions do not suit me. I withdrew the money and decided to try Capital Hall. I read that spreads are below there, no commission for withdrawal. As I understand from the reviews, the money is withdrawn faster than for other brokers. So it turned out yesterday, for example, I threw on the card and the amount went for in an hour, but it used to be much faster. Money enrollment is just as fast, no more than 10 minutes. But there is no events, and no bonuses, no competitions.
                                    1. Karl 11.10.2018
                                      Has closed the account at the broker Opening, such here a curiosity. I read all sorts of reviews about the slow withdrawal, but to make money for 2 days — does not climb into any gates. In our time with such speeds you will not survive in conditions of high market volatility. In general, moved to Capital Hall, opened an account. Simply the best, money comes in a few minutes. They consider the current rate of the bank, everything is clear, transparent, predictable and no claims. The withdrawal is similarly fast. Experience has convinced me that it's better to withdraw on an e-wallet, it's also good for a bank card, well, lastly on a bank account. Another big plus, there are no commissions from the broker, maybe only a bank one. There are not enough trading platforms, they only Meta Trader offer, and there are not enough financial instruments for more accurate analysis of the markets. For beginners there is generally excellent, but for the more experienced there are not enough basic conditions.
                                      1. Fritz 19.10.2018
                                        Never before worked with Meta Trader. But I realized that Capital Hall conditions suit me more than others at the moment. So I decided to give up the services of my current broker. The transition from Si Trader to a fundamentally new platform can be seen as the lesser evil. Incidentally, it turned out to be a pleasant bonus that this broker does not have a commission for input-output. Before opening the account, I asked the technical support managers about all the conditions in detail, got a lot of information and calmed down. It turns out that the logic of the terminals is the same, plus or minus nuances, there is a detailed instruction and managers are ready to help at any time and prompt further steps. For the beginning I poured 300 bucks, while figured out and getting the hang of it, then raised the investment to 1000. Orders are executed quickly, I prefer postponed and so far I have not received any refusals. Requests for output are processed promptly. Once there was a failure, but everything was decided in 5 minutes.
                                        1. Raichel 22.10.2018
                                          I have been trading with Capital Hall broker for a couple of months. Stopped on it by the factor of good analytics. I heard good reviews about this topic from an old friend; he has already managed to work a little with a broker, and there are positive feedbacks on the network. My impressions are a stable working normal system with a well-chosen team of analysts. Order processing is quite fast, the MetaTrader terminal does not hang. Who already got this, from experience knows that it is convenient to trade with MT on both the computer and the smart. I would just add some fun, competition or contests.
                                          1. Uve 27.10.2018
                                            I like the attitude of Capital Hall to the client, its individual approach. In general, the broker as a broker. I can compare, this is the third broker for the last year. Expectations consistent. Norm spreads, static, the commission goes purely on them, there is no fee for input-output. Really competent support is a plus. I had to contact support for a couple of times, they rescued me from serious subsidence and made it possible not to drain half of deposit. But one thing, it is not always possible to get through on the first attempt, I think there are not enough employees.
                                            1. Lillit 03.11.2018
                                              I needed a broker with a Meta Trader terminal, low spreads and commissions. I got used to this terminal, and did not want to relearn. Registered at Capital Hall. I understood that the company started working not so long ago, but I liked the trading conditions. Input and output without additional interest, it immediately bribed. Besides entering is at the current bank rate. Everything passes quickly, requests for withdrawal are processed for about 15 minutes, another hour goes to the withdrawing itself.
                                              1. Jack 08.11.2018
                                                At some point I noticed that Finam raised the spreads for the positions I needed, I did not like it and decided to find something more profitable. Almost by chance I followed links to Capital Hall, I found it where I did not search. I read the info, reviews, seems like a normal broker, despite his youth, with good potential. Not bad, yes. Pleasing spreads, they are lower than many, static, means they do not jump. There is no commission for withdrawing, except of bank fees, and that depends on your bank. Pity, there is no choice of terminals, only MetaTrader 4 is available.
                                                1. Billy 11.11.2018
                                                  From the middle of spring I started trading with Capital Hall, I still haven’t faced with any more or less significant problems. Orders are executed quickly, the broker does not crank the left trades behind client's back, the market average quotes. Static spreads do not jump after the market, there is stability. Sane support answer promptly. There are not enough additional communication channels, while you can only get to the support via phone or email. The time has come to screw a chat or go to instant messengers, such as Viber.
                                                  1. Alexander 17.11.2018
                                                    I switched to Capital Hall after I learned that spreads and commissions here are lower than from my last broker. The treatment is excellent, the level of services suits me, you can start with any amount. Smart support. It happened that I consulted when I got into a drawdown. Once stuck in the castle, I was completely lost what to do, thanks to the guys, they settled the situation. I've managed to get out with just a little minus. I do not have enough indicators in the terminal, I would add.
                                                    1. Miky 19.11.2018
                                                      Excellent scalping with a broker Capital Hall is guaranteed. Orders fly, the system is clear, stable, there are no disconnects, transactions are not canceled. Everything works quickly and without requotes. Regardless of the amount, input slips promptly, almost instantly from the card and webmoney. For now, I have withdrawn means on the webmoney once, everything was credited at once, there were no commission, suuuper.
                                                      1. Den 26.11.2018
                                                        I decided for myself that it was time to find a more comfortable broker. Under obligatory conditions, there were minimal spreads and the MetaTrader terminal. Honestly, I spent a lot of time, studied all the suitable options, in the end I liked Capital Hall the most. The low threshold for starting on the basic package, for a start, I poured three hundred, then really threw to five in a month and a little. I must say that the demos and micro accounts are not here. I work on the strategy. Definitely a plus, that support helps, prompts and guides, they can even prompt competent actions in a drawdown, but you make decisions yourself. While not withdrawing money. I already know that a bank commission can be on output, but the broker doesn’t have his own, internal commission, as well as on input. Entering, by the way, is at the current rate. There is no particular profit yet, but the prospects make me happy.
                                                        1. Zorc 30.11.2018
                                                          A couple of weeks ago I opened an account with Capital Hall broker. I will say right away, I was hooked on the auction completely, I studied everything closely on the topic, so there is something to tell. What I knew for sure: not always the youth of a product means inexperience. Although the broker seems to have appeared recently, the package of necessary tools is optimal for him. At the same time, orders fly, spreads are not higher than others, there is no commission for withdrawal. I have already tested the withdrawal once, for this it was necessary to fill out one form and the money came in 40 minutes. The manager said that the docks are needed only at the first output. Another bank withdrew its commission, and that's all. So far the truth is that the broker has not made insurance for starters, and not enough proposals of additional services suggested, packages, for example. I hope there will be some bonuses, for adding funds or something. The choice is not particularly large for lifehacks.
                                                          1. Nicka 01.12.2018
                                                            For now, I have a minimal experience in real trading. Before Capital Hall, I only dabbled in micro and demos. I don’t have much to compare with anyone, so I’ll just leave a review as it is. The broker has fairly low spreads. Conveniently, they are static and make it possible to plan a strategy. Relatively fast execution of orders, money is withdrawn on average in half an hour — hour. For many, I know this is a sore subject, but here everything functions fairly predictably. I brought to the card, you can withdraw money to the wallet, it's also quickly. The longest, money is going into a bank account, up to 3 days, but here all the questions must be to the bank.
                                                            1. Tomas 04.12.2018
                                                              Closer to the beginning of autumn, I ventured to open a real account at Capital Hall, decided that I could do everything, so smart I was. Adrenaline broke in, I've tried this, and that, and soethung else, in general, went nuts. Then the excitement subsided, I decided to look for a thoughtful approach and a long-term perspective. Because I leaked, of course, on experiments, and about a hundred dollars from those three that I immediately put. So it was necessary to return this and then to choose a certain strategy. The idea was successful, I gradually climbed out. It is clear that I had to give up catching chances of drawdowns. With a leverage of 1: 300 and static spreads, I returned my hundred by the end of the month and went smoothly into growth. As soon as I saw it, immediately made a withdrawal. I did not even look at the time, but it was already late in the evening. In the morning the manager called back, said that my bid was accepted, I filled out the documents and within an hour the money went to the card.
                                                              1. Claus 07.12.2018
                                                                At one time, everyone was sitting at Alpari, I know this from my acquaintances. Well, and I, too, of course. Out of stupidity, I delayed the situation, it was a pity to leave good analytics, and with efficiency there everything is ok. But the commissions and spreads did not please, from the word «at all». In short, I quit, went to Capital Hall, decided so after reading the reviews. That's what I didn’t expect exactly — it’s such a sane analytics from a young broker. I was following the trade conditions, and in this regard I liked everything. Low static spreads, no commission for withdrawal, documents need to be signed only once before the first withdrawal, therefore there are no problems with registration, as well as the need to trade in one place. I constantly travel around the country, work on the road and in other cities, and of course from home. It is clear that if it were necessary to sign papers every time, it would be bad business, I could not physically. So, Capital Hall surprised me in all moments, I was pleasantly surprised.
                                                                1. Kirk 10.12.2018
                                                                  Six months ago, I completed an online training course and decided to open a personal account. At first, at one broker I leaked a couple of demos, thought, and opened a real account in Capital Hall. Poured to start three hundred on the basic level, trading now, on leverage 1: 300. I was surprised that, in principle, this broker does not have a demos, so I experiment with different strategies in another place, and here I am already seriously working on the result with tested and examined ones. With the terminal MetaTrader 4 I figured out, there is nothing incomprehensible. Fixed spreads, the efficiency of transactions, no slower than in the demos. In fact, the only difference is that the demos do not go to the outer edge, but with a real account, I trade just on the international market.
                                                                  1. Tom 14.12.2018
                                                                    In life, I had to change brokers more than once, I saw everything. Now I see Capital Hall as a young but very promising broker. I have the feeling that this project was created by the same experienced people, that are very good at this sort of thing, like I am. Enjoing, how everything is clearly and stably organized. It can be seen that the system was created not for pumping out deposits on spreads or drawing left spiers, but to make a profit on the growth of customer profit. I respect this approach as when the better for you, so much the better for me. Fully satisfied spreads, low, static. For half a year I have been trading dollar euro. Good fit analytics, really helps. No commission for withdrawal. Well, there are downsides, as it were. Call the support does not always work from the first time. And I think that in addition to the basic tools, one could also add various additional services such as webinars, contests or intertrader tournaments, which is not enough, to be honest.
                                                                    1. Vikontii 17.12.2018
                                                                      In the spring I worked with FreshForex, and I had to refuse, because of delays in the money withdrawing. I switched to Capital Hall, there are no differences, but the money is withdrawn quickly, in half an hour you can withdraw almost any amount you need. In general, I am pleased with the work with this broker. The system is stable. The familiar terminal MetaTrader 4, no fuss, no muss, everything works quickly, there are no brakes with orders. Low spreads, static. In addition to this, there is no commission when withdrawing money to the card, only a banking one if there are such the bank conditions. Also, there are no demos and micro accounts, but I'm not so much a fan of it. I know that such accounts use kitchens that do not work with the external market, but we want everything in real terms, right? I would like to recommend enhancing the work of the support, there are not enough two communication channels, guys. Phone and e-mail are already the last century, it would be necessary to fasten online support on the site or at least make a contact in Skype or Viber.
                                                                      1. Virgin 21.12.2018
                                                                        This was a surprise to see recently real reviews about the broker Capital hall. It seemed to me that very few people know about him and information on the Internet almost does not spread. I came here on the advice of a friend back in February. Then I googled for a long time, in order to find at least some opinions and feedback, I had to believe and work at my own risk, as they say. For the first three months, I tested the system, worked out a strategy. During this time, I realized that this is a normal company, the support does not create problems for customers, it is suitable trading conditions for work. The main thing is to understand why you are here and what you are waiting for. I started with five hundred dollars, I have experience. If you have basic knowledge and understanding of the working strategy, you can work and rise up pretty well. It is clear that you will not find the ideal anywhere, all sorts of minor problems periodically float up, such as disconnects or slippings. But, according to my personal statistics for the entire period of active transactions, this happens a couple of times a month, and without requotes. Intelligent analytics, operative platform, transactions open and close at the current price. Profit is withdrawn without problems, for half an hour, well, an hour, enter even faster. There are no commissions for input-output money. By the way, there are no webinars, demo and micro accounts.
                                                                        1. Zoma 23.12.2018
                                                                          Worked successfully with BKS Broker for more than a year. It is not clear what happened, but the company began to change trading conditions, added some unnecessary functions, such as SMS-informing, besides, also paid ones. I thought that the money was stupidly wasted on all kinds of rubbish and began to look for a new broker. Moved to Capital Hall, on the whole so far pleased. I already have something to compare. I'm not a newbie in trading. There is not so much functionality, but all the most necessary is, plus small spreads, fast withdrawal to the card and wallet. I do not advise you to withdraw to a bank account, it will take at least two days. Support IMHO works with dignity, promptly, even if you don’t always dial from the first time. Managers are competent, the feeling that they themselves practice trading, because they always advise only relevant actions. I wish success to all newcomers.
                                                                          1. Kolan 26.12.2018
                                                                            Have been trading with Capital Hall for two weeks. The first investment was almost spent, but managed to recoup and even get a plus. Profit is only 20 bucks, but for me it is in any case a victory, I withdraw in half an hour and fully enjoyed the result. Only bank interest was withdrawn. It is clear that for half a month you will not get a full impression, let's see how it goes on, but for now I am satisfied. The opening is instantaneous, closing for a couple of seconds longer, there was a day of surges once in the market, then the orders slowed down slightly, but not significant. I collected info on spreads from rating brokers, so, here they are relatively not high, sane and fixed, in my estimation they are still lower than that of the tops. What else. No demos, micro accounts, all sorts of tutorials, webinars, bonuses for resupplying. Well, it's a matter of taste, in the end, on real accounts you will mastered it faster, even if the volume is not large. And with a minimum of knowledge to deal with the system is not a question.
                                                                            1. Cody 30.12.2018
                                                                              Opened an account in Capital Hall, installed the MT 4 platform, loaded the necessary docks, put three hundred bucks. Trade started right away. They called back from support with all sorts of suggestions and clarifications; help was not needed. Everything is clear and operative. During the work week, I probably tested the whole system. Orders are executed quickly, opening is in a second, closing lasts a little longer. In the gap period, the speed is reduced to five or seven seconds per trade. Prefer to trade in the middle term. Input without commission, output to the card and also without commission, may be the percentage of the bank itself. No micro and demo accounts. I would have played with demos for experience. BUT I know such an opinion that if a company has a demo account, then it can be a kitchen, and then it’s not a fact that you can really make money.
                                                                              1. Anix 01.01.2019
                                                                                I dreamed to try myself in forex for a long time. Started with demos and micro accounts. I don’t know if a special talent is needed for trading, but I obviously didn’t have it, I spent a lot of time on mastering strategies. Now I am like a fish in water, but at first it was very weird. When I saw success and stopped feeling like a noob, I decided to open a real account. A friend registered at Capital Hall and briefly explained what this is all about. He said that there really is a profit even for beginners. Weighed all the pros and cons, I thought that I could squander 300 bucks in any way, so why not invest in a possible prospect. Opened the deposit and began to master the system by small steps. Input is in minutes and at the current rate, without commission. It is clear that in the beginning I had drawdowns and a minus. Oooh, but when the profit was not random, but predictable, it was really cool! I returned everything that had lost, and came out in a sure plus. Withdrew on the card for the first time whole 20 bucks! The broker has no commission for withdrawal. There was a moment of panic, when, after the approved bid for withdrawal, I did everything, but the money did not appear. I did not know that it was necessary to pass the verification before the first removal. I had to be nervous and a little angry at the support, for not being warned, but the manager helped me get everything through promptly and the money came rather quickly, in half an hour. So now I think that experience and knowledge for successful trading are more important than some kind of talent.
                                                                                1. Jacky 04.01.2019
                                                                                  Capital Hall is a very good broker, I have been trading here for a long time. The deposit at the base level is only 300 dollars. Convenient charge-free resupplying / withdrawal. Execution is normal, without disconnects, bugs and freezes. All profit output without questions. There is no commission for depositing and withdrawing money. In the telephone mode, support responds quickly, although I do not dial up from the first time, and on the e-mail it's slowly, but always during the day. In general, the normal average broker is stable. Generally, during the year of work, I lost connectiont with terminal only a couple of times, but I cannot say whose fault it was, since I was on the road at that moment. Spreads are static, do not jump, and are relatively low.
                                                                                  1. Enki 06.01.2019
                                                                                    I had a history, once I was seduced by a welcome bonus from Lime Forex. I had't figured out the conditions and lost those bonus, and then a part of my deposit in addition. All because of inflated spreads. So now I have been trading from an account in Capital Hall. To begin with, I put 300 bucks as basic package's required minimum. Leverage is 1: 300. Conditions for bidding are real. Static spreads do not dance with the market. Disadvantages: for small deposits there is no insurance, there are no training webinars and no possibility of online communication in real time with support.
                                                                                    1. Engel 09.01.2019
                                                                                      Normal forex broker Capital Hall. Workhorse. Orders are executed quickly, withdrawal without problems, to a card or to a bank account, and also to webmoney. Trading is advantageous due to low and static spreads. I would like to have a choice of wallets, terminals, contests or tournaments, training for beginners.
                                                                                      1. Parker 13.01.2019
                                                                                        Honestly, I was pleasantly surprised the other day that reviews about the broker Capital Hall began to appear on the network. At one time, the year before last, when I first registered there, it was difficult for me to find at least some information beyond what the company itself provided. In fact, I would not have contacted this broker if I had not been advised by an acquaintance whom I trust in exchange affairs. I made sure in the first two or three months that the broker was stable, adequate in terms of conditions and quality of work. Of course there are some little annoying things. For example, did not expand the list of additional services. There are no different webinars, communication with the support is not always available from the first dialer, and no way to get in touch quickly online. Only through email. Almost every month there were one or two disconnects, but this is at a very active load. In general, the speed here is excellent, everything works efficiently both for opening / closing and for input / withdrawal. About half an hour or an hour goes to the processing of the bid and the withdrawal itself, if in the daytime. If you leave a request from late evening, then wait for the morning. I started with five hundred. Leverage of 1: 300 is the same for all tariffs, both for basic and for VIP.
                                                                                        1. Fernando 18.01.2019
                                                                                          Last year I wrote everywhere, as I was unlucky with one well-known broker. Everything seemed to be normal, and then the conditions suddenly changed. Added a mountain of not very necessary and important additional options. They began to forcibly-voluntarily charge a fee for them. Moreover, a number of such functions in a decent society can be left free, for example, SMS informing. They screwed up such that trading became completely unprofitable. I was of course very angry, and started looking for a new broker. A couple of months ago I stopped at Capital Hall, so far everything is ok. The functionality is much more modest, of course. But for the start of work, the basic package has everything you need, and vips have even more. Low spreads, static, operational output to a card or wallet. On the bank account, too, is possible, but it will be longer, according to bank terms, and this is up to three days. I’d note the level of preparedness of consultants, they answer all questions patiently and competently. I think that they are themselves practicing traders, which allows them to be always aware of current events. Only one thing! It is not always possible to reach the support immediately, unfortunately.
                                                                                          1. Teddy 19.01.2019
                                                                                            Opened an account with Forex broker Capital Hall in mid-October. I am practically newbie to the stock exchange business, so I cannot objectively compare with other brokers. I am writing only about my experience. Opening and closing of transactions takes place quickly, 1-2-3 seconds. Sometimes volatility affects speed. Spreads just below the market, I compared, and they are static. No training webinars and demo accounts. They would have been useful to me. But on the other hand, on real transactions you will get the necessary experience faster. I acted very carefully, used the proposed analytics. For this reason, while I was just getting used to it, almost all the time I kept more or less afloat. Once, I went to a small minus at the very beginning, but everything got better. Recently took 20 dollars from the first profit to check the mechanism of withdrawal. After the approved bid, I sent the money to the card, and only bank interest was withdrawn. I called the manager to check the status, and he recalled the need for verification, here's how. I did not know. Issued the necessary documents, and in a half of hour the money came.
                                                                                            1. Djoni 21.01.2019
                                                                                              For a long time I wanted to try trading wuth real transactions in forex, but did not dare to begin. I mastered the demo and micro accounts with different brokers, it seemed making progress. But only after recommendation of old acquaintance whom I trusted in exchange issues, I ventured to open the first real account. I have registered with the broker Capital Hall. For the start I needed a small amount, and I just had three hundred dollars free. I figured that I can afford to fulfill a long-standing desire, and then maybe increase the investment, as lucky. It is clear that I took the first steps very carefully. In anyway, I felt like an elephant in a china shop, there were drawdowns, and it went into a minus one day. In parallel, I continued to study, develop. I tried different strategies and consulted with managers. Finally, I went to the plus and most recently enjoy benefits. Withdrawn the first twenty bucks to the card, without commission. The bid, verification and the withdrawal itself took almost an hour and a half. By the way, there is also no commission for replenishment; they are entered at the current rate of the bank in a matter of minutes.
                                                                                              1. Tobi 23.01.2019
                                                                                                I registered, downloaded and installed the MetaTrader 4 platform, funded my account, uploaded documentation. Automated trading went, another consultant called back with various clarifications and offers of assistance. Understood with the system quickly enough, adjusted everything for myself as I need. Pleases the speed of the ordering and all financial transactions in general. For almost a week, I tested all the functions, except perhaps the withdrawal, for the time being had not earned money ))) What can I say, Capital Hall proved to be a stable system with thoughtful functionality. Everything works steadily, there were no disconnects, I noticed several moments of slippage. Got to volatile period. Then the speed dropped, the deals were closing in 6-7 seconds, and not in 2-3 as usual. Feel comfortable working in the mid-term. I don’t risk scalping, I’m not a fan, but basically there’s everything for it. The funds come without a fee at the current bank rate, the withdrawal is only with bank interest, if such a condition is set by the bank. There are no tournaments, contests and various kinds of educational materials.
                                                                                                1. Forest 25.01.2019
                                                                                                  The broker is young in the market, but the company has been gathered by pros, it is clear at once. Evidently technical support itself is constantly sitting in the terminal, they know all the nuances and current situations. There are minor points that I would like to improve, for example, to add more options for withdrawal, as well as platforms other than Metatrader, and tournaments, channels for communication with support. And for the work itself, I have no particular complaints, orders are executed quickly, and funds are also withdrawn quickly, regardless of the volume. Stable decent high-hat free broker. I hope, will develop further.
                                                                                                  1. Tom 29.01.2019
                                                                                                    Stable confident broker, working with Capital Hall for more than 10 months. Disconnections were a couple of times, but most likely from my side. I spend a lot of time in the car, and there could be breaks in communication with the operator. Fixed spreads are relatively low. No brokerage interest on I / O. Good technical support, it is not always possible to get through the first time, but they answer politely and competently and help. If there is a non-urgent problem, you can write to them by email, they answer during the day. But it would be better, of course, to make it possible to communicate with the support online in real time. Apparently, not enough people in the state.
                                                                                                    1. Claid 31.01.2019
                                                                                                      «Lucky» to catch the bait of Lime Forex, I registered with their free bonus, and on high spreads I leaked both their «gift» and my deposit. I myself am guilty. I try to trade now with the broker Capital Hall, there are no honey traps at all, such as bonuses, promotions or contests. This is exactly the trading system. I topped up three hundred dollars. Leverage 1: 300, relatively low spreads, fixed. It is a pity that there is no insurance on the starting package. Still problematic to call in support from the first time. No demo accounts, training webinars. Slowly gaining momentum, in general, everything suits.
                                                                                                      1. Rick 03.02.2019
                                                                                                        I opened an account with Capital Hall broker more than a year ago. Then it was difficult to find information about him, I was lucky with the recommendation of a friend. Otherwise, I myself would not risk contacting a young unknown broker. Since then, I am pleased to see that reviews have begun to appear, and review articles. Very quickly, in just a couple of months, I made sure that the broker entered the market with a clear concept. He never changed trading conditions, and attitude to customers in support remains consistently polite and tactful. By all accounts, this is a very stable and adequate broker. The only pity is that they do not add support channels, and as before only one trading platform is working. As for entertainment such as tournaments and competitions, I think they will not appear already. The orders execution here is fast, without disconnects, although I work a lot. To start at a basic level, I put three hundred, had already topped up to a thousand, and repeatedly withdrawn funds. I have fully paid back my deposits and are now saving up a depot for switching to the next tariff plan with more favorable spreads. By the way, scalping, trading on news and 1: 300 leverage are the same for all packages.
                                                                                                        1. Facker 04.02.2019
                                                                                                          A year ago, I boasted to all my friends how cool I was working with one broker, like in God's pocket. Just so lucky. And everything was fine until the broker decided to extend the options. Added some unimportant nonsense, such as SMS informing, paid by the way. In decent companies, such functions are generally given to the client for free. In short, angry, took the money and left. I went through the options, now I trade with Capital Hall. During these 7 months, the conditions here have never changed. In general, the broker is not so packed, of course, easier. But even in the starting package there is everything necessary. And in the VIP packages already abruptly, the spreads are more profitable. In any case, they are static. Money withdrawn quickly, an hour or two, if the card or wallet. If not urgent, you can withdraw to a bank account, it takes 2-3 days. Highly qualified support!!! All questions are answered politely and competently. I do not exclude such an option that every consultant is a trader himself. The only pity is that you always have to wait for the connection for a few minutes.
                                                                                                          1. Tim 07.02.2019
                                                                                                            Last fall, I registered at Forex broker Capital Hall. My experience is minimal, so I came to study with a young company. Objectively, I can’t judge any ratings, I don’t want to lie, just share my experience. Here, good speed, opening and closing deals takes from 1-2 to 3-4 seconds. It happens that the rate is slightly reduced at volatility. Spreads are static. I compared the general market condition, it turns out that everything here is consistent or even lower. The site has no webinars and training videos. There are no competitions, promotions and bonuses. No demo accounts. They would have come in handy for me, but on real deals you quickly gather the necessary experience. There is an affiliate program. I use daily analytics and trading bots on the MetaTrader 4 platform. I manage to stay relatively stable and raise a deposit. No, once there was a small minus at the very beginning. And recently I took 50 dollars of the first profit, to check the output system. First, I sent a request, then with the help of a personal manager I passed the account verification and after that an hour later the money went to the card. Only banking commission was withdrawn.
                                                                                                            1. Veren 10.02.2019
                                                                                                              Broker Capital Hall. Opened the account, registered, downloaded and installed MetaTrader 4 terminal on the computer and tablet, laid out the documents, replenished the account, started trading. Some minutes were spent fo everything. Then was a call from support, they asked how to help. I figured it out myself, set up the platform with manual. A fairly high speed of execution of all financial transactions. In the first week I checked all the functions, except for the withdrawal of funds. The system is stable, works well, without breaks and braking. There are slippages. During the period of volatility, the rate slowed down insignificantly to 6-7 seconds per trade instead of the usual 1-2-3. Good conditions for scalping and mid-term deals, large selection of commodity items, 50 key currency pairs. Replenishment at the current rate without commission. No tournaments, contests, promotions. It's possible to trade on the news.
                                                                                                              1. Ender 13.02.2019
                                                                                                                For a long time I did not dare to switch from demo accounts to real transactions.I know how it happens when unknowingly you can invest in a scam and lose all the money. And chase the wind after… But I set myself the goal of learning how to work confidently in forex and make good money, so I had to leave my comfort zone. While choosing the first serious broker, I met several experienced traders on the forum. One of them advised me to register at broker Capital Hall. Said that I can quickly figure out, because the site is very simple. At the same time, the organization itself is clear and thoughtful, since it was created by professionals for themselves on the basis of extensive practical experience. Broker works with the trading platform Metatrader. It took me a day to figure out all the settings with detailed instructions. I had three hundred dollars, so I opened an account at a basic level and started working. Step by step I mastered the system. For the first month, once I stuck in the lock, there were a couple of drawdowns and went into minus. I dealt with bots and various strategies. Called my manager with questions to consult. At the end of the second month, I withdrew first hundred, and hung it on the wall in a frame))) The broker does not take a commission for I / O, the withdrawal itself with the request took an hour and a half. Let's see how things will go further, until I see the point of looking for another broker, everything suits me here.
                                                                                                                1. Black 15.02.2019
                                                                                                                  Trading with Capital Hall broker for almost a year, it is a reliable, stable company. In technical terms, no complaints about it. Disconnections were a couple of times due to communication instability with my mobile operator. I spend a lot of time on the road. In other cases, the execution speed is always consistently high, transactions open and close within a few seconds, depending on the level of market calm. Spreads are fixed, low. Commission for input and output is not removed. The support works around the clock, there is a personal manager. Advise, prompt, always up to date with all trends. They can help, but do not interfere in your account without any particular need. Several times I withdraw money, I am satisfied with the growing profit, and not going to leave.
                                                                                                                  1. Carter 17.02.2019
                                                                                                                    Last year, on my own stupidity, I lost a rather large amount of money. I saw Lime Forex ads and promises of a super bonus in honor of some of their anniversary when registering on certain days. Just at this moment I brought a profit from another broker (I always work with 2-3 at the same time), and invested in this account opening. Only then I had figured out the trading conditions, when I lost both a welcome bonus and my own deposit on high spreads. In short, a month of work gone down the drain. In the middle of summer, I started testing the new broker Capital Hall. Here are no promotions at all, bonuses and so on. Pure workhorse. Replenished by three hundred dollars. But before that, carefully examined the conditions! Leverage 1: 300, low static spreads, MetaTrader 4 terminal, large selection of trading positions, 50 key currency pairs, cryptocurrency, scalping, news trading, high execution speed and four tariff packages. I am now at the base one. I believe that the input threshold is quite affordable. Communicated with a support, very adevatnye managers. I hope, nevertheless, that it is not because of this that it is difficult to reach them.
                                                                                                                    1. Niko 19.02.2019
                                                                                                                      Such an unusual combination in the market: the broker is relatively recent, but highly experienced specialists are working on it. I think that tech support trade around the clock. Managers are aware of all the little things, trends and movements in the market. There is something I would like to improve. The same support, for example. To get there is unreal. If at first, about a year and a half ago, it was just necessary to hang a couple of minutes on the line, now it is already 5-10 minutes. A new channel for communication with support has not appeared. It would be good to give people the opportunity to choose a terminal. So far, the broker works only with the fourth MetaTrader. Well, about the tournaments people already wrote in reviews, I read, and about webinars, and various actions. This is not very important to me. Otherwise, there are no complaints, the system is stable, the execution is fast, the output is operational. If the broker does not turn up his nose, he will have an excellent reputation in the future. I wish progress and new ideas.

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