Digital Equity: Broker review from experts | review

Digital Equity offers forex trading services, and in this review we provide some recommendation regarding this broker. Digital Equity Forex FAQ.

Digital Equity: Broker review from experts | review

Starting a career of a Forex trader or even considering this idea, you will discover the necessity to work with a broker. Forex broker acts like a proxy between the individual trader and huge international financial market. The broker can be extremely helpful but the cooperation also involves some risks. Every trader starts from the search of a reputable broker that can meet trader’s needs. Digital Equity offers forex trading services, and in this review we provide some recommendation regarding this broker.

On the volatile financial market the small brokers often disappear with a little warning.  The clients raise the disputes with them. What type of company you would like to deal with if you have a dispute? Of course, it should be the trustworthy company. To solve the dispute and get the satisfaction, the company should have the good financial base, the well-tuned business processes, and the reliable regulation. Does Digital Equity broker meet these requirements?

To understand the transparency of the broker, its potential to survive in the periods of volatility, and its trustworthiness, we use the special check list. This check list helps the trader to avoid the mess and chose the reliable company to work with. Digital Equity broker is relatively fresh on the market, there is not so much Digital Equity reviews, so we want to fill the gap and make a check for this company.

Is Digital Equity scam?

There are several issues that can reveal a scam broker. It is the official positioning of the company on the market, its relationship with other market players, and the long-term strategy. If it possible, it is helpful to check the business processes inside the company: how it treats the clients, how it protects personal data and funds, and its status on the market. Then you summarize your findings and make a conclusion regarding the brand liability.

Digital Equity, a forex broker, according to our investigation, is a real company. It really exists and provides the forex broker services for almost a year. It has a pool of clients and good reputation. Besides, the company pays an attention to the client’s satisfaction: they train their technical support team to be the consulters and technicians at the same time.  The company is proud with its double security system that protects data and funds on physical and digital levels.

Digital Equity broker reviews

Trading Assets

The brokers on the financial market operate with the different number of trading assets. Some of them focus on the currency pairs only, but they offer the hundreds of pairs including the exotic currencies. Other companies trade with derivatives only. Stock brokers offer the stocks and indices, and cryptocurrency brokers deal with crypto money, coins and tokens.

Digital Equity broker provide the wide range of trading assets, choosing the most popular in each category.  It offers up to 50 currency pairs with EUR, USD, GBP, JPY, and CAD. Besides, the trader can choose the stocks of the large companies and stock indices. Another trading asset is commodity futures. The trader can invest in gold and silver that are very popular in 2020 and the gold hits its historical maximums. Energy futures are also available.  However, the company does not work with cryptocurrencies. For a trader it reduces the choice of the trading assets, but for the company it means less business risks. So, the absence of cryptocurrencies in the list of trading assets does not characterize Digital Equity as a scam broker.

Trading Platform

Many fresh brokers try to attract the customers with the brand new digital solutions for the trading. Really, bright colorful interface, interactive dashboards, and excellent performance on the mobile devices attract the new generations of the traders. However, they can face the unpleasant surprises: personal data leaks, software malfunction, and incompatibility with the older gadgets. We do not want to generalize and claim all new software is poor; however, there is no obvious market leader among the new trading systems.

Digital Equity uses Metatrader4, the most award winning platform for digital trading on the market. Since it is launched, the platform develops and increases the user community. The platform is compatible with most of the existing OS and gadgets; it has desktop and mobile versions – available in Google Play Market and App store. Besides, Metatrder4 has a web client. It means the client can access the account from any gadget in any point of the world. The user community discusses all issues related to Metatrader4 work on the forums, so it is possible to find the answer on any question. Metatrader4 has a wide range of settings, so each trader can tune it to his or her own needs.

Thus, there is no sense to use Metatrader4 for scam. Digital Equity – forex broker that uses Metatrader4 – looks like trustworthy and reliable broker. However, let us check other points from our check list.

Trading Accounts

It is rather hard to manipulate with trading accounts in the online brokerage.  However, sometimes the companies use the trick that pushes the client to the most expensive account type.  They set additional fees and higher spreads for the cheaper accounts and the client conclude it is more reasonable to choose the higher account.  They deposit more money and lose everything very fast.

Digital Equity offers four types of account for different trading styles. The type of account depends on a sum of the initial deposit.  The terms of each type of account are almost the same excluding spreads which are extremely important for traders.

Money Withdrawal Digital Equity Scam Or Not

What is money withdrawal scam? Some fake brokers act like this: they start aggressive marketing campaign to attract many customers at once. Their advertising is everywhere, and new traders decide to try the company. As a rule, they promise the high earnings in the short period of time and the low risk. After the traders deposit money to their trader account in the company, the company creates the simulation of the trading software. Then trader decides to withdraw money and sends the withdrawal request.  The company delays and delays the transfer and blames the payment system in the slow order processing. At last, the company disappears with no notification and the trader has no chance to return money.

Our review shows that Digital Equity does not use the withdrawal scam. As we mentioned above, the company uses Metatrader4. This trading platform is the most well-known on the market. It is impossible to imitate Metatrader4 or create its simulation. Besides, Metatader4 is not vulnerable for malware and viruses, so it is impossible to manage the trader’s account and imitate the trading.

The fake brokers always set the high initial deposit, for example, $1000. They explain it with the high profit their traders get from the very first steps. The real reason – they want to get more from the beginning. Digital Equity proposes the deposits starting from $250. It is also an amount of money you’d not like to lose, but this is not so much.

All money-withdrawal fake brokers live on the market for 1-3 months. It is enough to attract the clients, receive the first deposits from them, collect the significant amount of money and disappear. Then the number of disappointed traders increase, they start writing the negative reviews and demand for money back. In this way they reveal the scam. Digital Equity broker works on the market for a year and there are not so much disappointed reviews about this company. So, for the money withdrawal the company is safe.

Digital Equity Funds Security

One of the tricky scams on the forex market is the unauthorized access to the client’s funds. The company runs its business as a normal broker. The number of clients increases day by day, and everything go perfect. One day the company claim about hacker attack or other security break. The company freezes the client accounts and promises to solve the problem as soon as possible. At the same time the company, using the third party, withdraws client funds from its accounts and then disappear.

Digital Equity broker focuses on the funds security. The company claims it keeps the servers in the protected and conditioned building, and safeguards control the visitors to prevent the non-authorized access. Besides, the company uses double authentication and strict security policy to protect the client accounts. The requirement to verify the identity is also a part of the security police.

Besides, when the company claims about the data leak because of the hacker attack, the news goes widely in the Internet, and the traders discuss the precedent on the forums. We checked and there is no mentioning about the data leak or other incident in Digital Equity broker. So, the company does not use client’s funds and protect client personal data from the unauthorized use.

It is also worth mentioning that Digital Equity does not charge additional fees for money deposit and withdrawal. While additional charges are not scam, Digital Equity looks good in this situation because ant extra payment decrease the client satisfaction. However, customer service is  the next part of this Digital Equity review.

Digital Equity Forex

Digital Equity Technical Support

Scam brokers usually do not invest to the support service. They plan to disappear in a month or two, so why spend money for the costly support team.  The clients face the necessity to wait for a long time in queue, or chat with bot without a chance to reach the chat operator. The emails remain without an answer, and so on.

Digital Equity broker is proud with its support service. They train their support operators, so each of them can solve the technical issues and advice on the trading. The trader can reach the staff by email or by call, they have no online chat on the site. Probably, in future they’ll add the chat.

However, just now the support services a real advantage of the company. Out short acquaintance with them resulted in the calm, respectful and professional communications. The support representative answered to all questions we asked. So, from this point of view NRAND1 is not a scam.

Digital Equity Review:  Conclusion

Unfortunately, forex market is full of scam.  The fake brokers manipulate with the traders, showing the bright advertising and promising the capital in a few days. Then they collect money from their client and disappear. Sometimes the unfair broker can steal the personal data and use it for its benefit. There is no chance to get money back from the non-regulated broker.

But Digital Equity broker is different from scam companies and does not manipulate its clients. The company saves the funds and personal data, and provides professional technical support. So, Digital Equity is not a scam company, and even if they need some improvements it’s only a question of time.

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