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First reviews on AirPods Max appeared on web

First reviews on AirPods Max appeared on web


AirPods Max, Apple's first full-size earbuds, will go on sale on December, but they've already made it to some media reviews. Here is what famous publications write about new products.

Sound quality

After a few hours of listening, I can tell I like the sound - it's crisp and bright, and the range is pleasantly wider than my Sony's. There is no distortion even when the volume is turned on maximum. - The Verge

Spatial sound was the best feature in our tests when watching movies or TV shows on the big screen. Imagine having a whole home theater system on your head. When watching The Mandalorian, you will clearly hear how the starship approaches from the left: first it sounds behind the ear, then it is equal to it, and then it goes forward - and the ship appears on the screen. - CNET


The ear cushions remember the shape of the ear and are very comfortable, it is especially pleasing that they are magnetic - they hold well and reliably, and, if necessary, they are easy to remove. - The Verge

I wore the AirPods Max for several hours in a row and they were very comfortable. Due to the breathable mesh on the headband, it felt light, the head was not too sweaty or too hot. The cups are large enough and large enough not to put pressure on the ears. - CNBC

AirPods Max Review

They are quite comfortable for their weight, but it could have been better. It would be nicer if they weighed 20% less, but the mesh headband removes the lion's share of stress from the head. They may look and feel too large for people with small heads, but in general they should suit most people. - CNET

Noise suppression

I'd say it's the best noise cancellation I've felt - a little bit better than the Sony WH-1000XM4 and Bose Noise Canceling Headphones 700. They don't completely shut off the world, but even on a busy and noisy New York street I could hardly hear the cars passing by. - CNET

I tested indoor noise cancellation, creating natural scenarios: turning on a speaker or walking up to a noisy air conditioner. I would say that in terms of noise cancellation quality they are about on par with the WH-1000XM4 from Sony. - CNN

Build quality and weight

How high is the quality of these headphones? So much so, I would say, that they shouldn't cost $ 549: they feel a lot more expensive in materials and build quality alone. But there is also a drawback associated with this: they are heavy. They weigh 386g - a hundred more than Beats overheads - and if premium headphone lovers are expecting something like that, then most users won't be ready for it. - TechCrunch

It seems almost impossible to achieve a higher build quality. At the same time, I like the Digital Crown: the wheel seems more convenient to me than most touch solutions. - MKBHD


My main complaint is that the kit does not have a wired cable. As with the Beats Solo Pro, you will need to buy a 3.5mm Lightning adapter if you want to wire up to, say, an airplane entertainment system. - CNET

I can't understand the meaning of the case that comes with the kit. It doesn’t seem all that protective, but it does feel like it will get dirty very quickly. This accessory is no match for the durable, high-quality cases that come with most premium headphones. - The Verge

It would be great if you could choose the color of the ear pads when ordering - but we're talking about Apple. So be prepared to shell out $ 550 for headphones and another $ 70 for the color combination that interests you. - MKBHD


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