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Saxo Bank is an online investment bank that provides, inter alia, services similar to the packages that brokers offer for Poland. In addition to them, it offers a fairly wide range of financial instruments. The activity has been carried out since 1992. SaxoBank is part of the Saxo Group, which unites many companies.


The financial regulator is individual for each division of the bank (hereinafter, two examples):

Location of the main office - Limassol, Cyprus.

The opinion of Polish traders regarding basic information about the bank

Forex broker negative reviews

Some reviews call the branched system and individual regulation of units too complex;

Forex broker positive reviews

For the availability of financial regulators that provide a certain degree of protection against fraud and scam;

Thus, we can say that the opinion of the bank is rather positive.


Terms of cooperation

For Forex traders, Saxo Bank, like many brokers for Poland, offers intermediary services at the auction. The main conditions are as follows:

Unlike the system of accounts, which is most often used by brokers for Poland, the bank uses one client account with different levels of service on it:








10 000 $

50 000 $

1 000 000 $

Service charge





Personal financial manager support





Individual expert advice





The opinion of traders regarding basic information about the bank

Forex broker negative reviews

For a large deposit and a small leverage

Forex broker positive reviews

Terriers find a single account at several service levels convenient and a small leverage suitable for the requirements of financial regulators, which means protection from fraudsters;


We can say that the opinion of traders in Poland is rather positive.




Deposit and withdrawal of funds

Of the methods of mutual settlements that brokers usually use for Poland, the bank has selected the most reliable:

The opinion of Polish traders regarding the input and output of Saxo Bank funds

Forex broker negative reviews

There are no complaints about the course of monetary operations when settling with a bank, a fraud or a scam with transfers;

Forex broker positive reviews

Positive reviews are few in number and do not contain specifics, boiling down to statements that “they work honestly and are not scammers”;

The opinion in the reviews can be called neutral.



Customer service

When servicing customers, the bank carries out:

In addition, free online courses are offered for traders in the Saxo Academy section.

The opinion of Polish traders regarding the quality of service Saxo Bank

Forex broker negative reviews

For the sluggish work of the support service;

Forex broker positive reviews

For training materials and support services;

Reviews of Polish traders can be called mixed.


Trading platform

For Forex clients, the bank offers its own terminals:

Free demos are available to familiarize yourself with the software.




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