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The ideas of controlling surrounding objects were constantly circulating in the thoughts of mankind, and even Nikolai Tesl predicted such a possibility. In 1999, thoughts about the Internet as a concept were redefined. They constantly use radio frequency identification to communicate between physical objects and the environment.

Further development of the technology continued in the 2010s in connection with the active development of related areas: the use of cloud technologies, the massive distribution of wireless networks, the introduction of machinery.

machine interaction, so the first practical solutions and many applications of this technology appeared.

The Internet of Things is a trend towards an abbreviation in the computing environment, it is the concept of a computing network between physical objects with embedded identifiers (for example: radio signals, QR codes and barcodes, location tools, mobile device identifiers) to interact with each other friend or with the external environment, which can optimize processes, exclude from part of human interactions and operations. Unlike conventional automation, which essentially sets a program to achieve a goal, for the Internet of Things this is simply necessary for the form, which will be done as a result of the interaction of objects.

Now this automation extends not only to industrial enterprises, but also to the homes of ordinary people. It is a network of computers, a combination of mobile devices that is not something special for everyone, industrial equipment is controlled by a remote control, household appliances for smart homes that allow you to respond to the wishes of your residents and solve everyday needs. ...

Examples of such decisions in everyday life:

Installation of smart meters for gas, water and electricity in houses and apartments. Countertransfer of information on resource consumption to cloud storage servers, after receiving an analysis of this data, providers bill for services and determine the load in service networks.

Another example is navigation systems. Almost all car drivers are mobile devices such as tablets, smartphones. The device transmits coordinates, vehicle direction and speed to the server. The server analyzes data, calculates problem areas of traffic, determines alternative traffic routes. The calculation results are transmitted back to the mobile device and are already displayed on the finished infographic of the traffic situation.

The use of technology in medicine is very important to help us survive. Medical institutions receive data from sensors installed on patients. Thus, in real time, doctors have the ability to monitor the physical condition of the patient and make timely decisions on adjusting the course of treatment for patients.

In agriculture, the Internet of Things is used to monitor plants. Sensors are installed on sites that allow interactive determination of soil conditions, temperature and humidity. As a result, monitoring makes it possible to make timely decisions on improving the properties of the environment.

One example of the use of the concept in enterprises is the analysis of the condition of production equipment to effectively build a process and improve the efficiency of maintenance and repair. The use of all types of sensors in production units as part of the shipping service determines the need for preventive maintenance and repair of equipment or its components. Thus, the reliability of production is increased and the risk of emergencies is reduced.

And this is just a small example of the practical use of technology ... What advantages we will give this concept, we will show the future, but now it is clear that the scope is very wide.

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