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"The best broker for you", "#1 in the rating of brokerage companies". You have seen such phrases before, right? Having decided to try Forex, a beginner inevitably faces a flurry of advertising information, whether it be slogans, advertising articles or pushing a trader to a particular Forex broker with the help of reviews or posts on thematic resources. A lot of communications, appeals or attractive detailed explanations of the benefits of cooperation. In an avalanche of enticing information, it’s very easy to get lost and ... Make the wrong choice.

What is the price of an error? Intermediary fraud is one of the most significant risks a newbie faces. It is fraught with a loss of funds, and in the worst case, also with motivation for attempts to further learn Forex trading.

Is it scary to change something?

People are not stupid by nature. In most cases, having fallen into the clutches of scammers, a young trader quickly realizes that they are playing dishonestly with him. But at the same time, according to statistics, most of them do not dare to change the intermediary.


• Firstly, the indestructible "maybe", that is, the belief that "what if now it’s not so, but it’s about to become normal";

• Secondly, a lack of understanding of how to find a normal broker so that the story does not repeat itself.

As a result, as a rule, everything ends in disastrous condition. Additional amounts are deposited to the trading account, it all merges over and over again, and at some point the intermediary simply stops paying. This is only one of the possible scenarios, but the end to any cooperation with crooks is the same - the loss of funds without any benefit to yourself.

That is why the best way out in such a situation is to avoid unnecessary expenses and find an honest broker interested in developing his own clients. There is no alternative to such a solution. Well, in any case, if a trader really wants to learn how to trade Forex and make progress in this area.

Scam or not?

Having no experience in Forex, it is quite difficult to understand how honestly this or that broker works from the description of its trading conditions.

Firstly, a novice trader, even having studied the amount of materials necessary for the start, is not able to accurately evaluate what he is offered. The banal lack of experience interferes.

Secondly, at the beginning of an activity, everyone, one way or another, strives for success as quickly as possible. And this desire plays a cruel joke with traders, painting empty advertising promises of fraudsters with the most attractive colors.

You should be wary of those dealers who promise too much or impose their services too aggressively. In addition, it is extremely useful to study company information in detail. And most importantly, get truthful feedback on how it works with clients.

The source of such feedback may be someone who has more experience. But what if they are simply not around the young trader?

Purpose of this site

We have created this resource to help both novice traders and those who have already contacted scammers and want to change the broker. It contains reviews of the performance of brokers working with clients from Poland.

Why are we doing this?

We are interested in the development of private traders, their professional growth and the development of foreign exchange trading on Forex in Poland.


• independent;

• have sufficient experience in working on Forex;

• want your business to grow and develop.

In addition, we publish materials on the basics of currency trading, which will help the young trader to understand the rules of the game on Forex.

Our strengths:

• impartiality;

• honesty;

• professionalism.

We are ready to help you navigate in the stormy ocean of the international currency market.

Let your business be successful.




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