Ten commandments of a professional trader (plus one!) with Grand Union markets broker

Grand union markets reviews...To speed up the path to the degree of forex guru, Grand union markets broker offers some useful tips for beginners.

Ten commandments of a professional trader (plus one!) with Grand Union markets broker


The first and most crucial difference between an expert and an amateur is that the professional trader understands the need for constant practicing, and the newcomer believes that he or she knows everything, and therefore makes unforgivable mistakes.

The smartest traders, including Grand Union markets broker clients, are learning from someone else“s experience to save their money. Others come to mastery through a series of disappointments and losses. Many others are leaving the stock market, frustrated by the losses.

Many traders dream of trading like Warren Buffett, but just a few know what they need. But for such a high level, you need not only skill but also talent. However, everyone can make big money on Forex. To speed up the path to the degree of forex guru, Grand union markets broker offers some useful tips for beginners.


Deep analysis


This is not for professionals. Why? It“s simple — the time is money. If you spend hours, days or even weeks building different paradigms and theories of market development, when do you practice?

Professionals do not respect the theory because it consumes too much time. But don“t take it literally. Professional traders in Grand union markets broker can analyze charts, but they do it very quickly and do not expect the forecast to come to 100%. Their main task is to maintain a cash flow 24 hours a day. 

Resume. You should be able to understand the charts on grandunion-markets.com reviews, but you should not get too hung up on them. Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies have repeatedly demonstrated what all the technical analysis is worth (spoiler: sometimes — it costs nothing).


A sober look at the market


A trader can read numbers. If the currency rate dropped yesterday, the currency pair should be sold. No psychic or mathematician, or even Grand union markets review, can predict how long a trend will last. It is necessary to act immediately.

Starting trading at the peak of the trend, professional traders from Grand union markets broker are starting a chain reaction, and the market is taking a clear position. Signals are generated for beginning traders who crash the positions of a currency pair or other asset. But they only collect crumbs from the profits of experienced players and then complain that Grand union markets are a scam.

So, there is no point in waiting, hoping, or believing. Numbers are just numbers and should be easier to treat. You just need to look truthfully and quickly respond to any situation that arises in the market.


Independent calculation


Trading strategies for beginning traders are based on indicators. Beginners love the signals on grandunion-markets.com reviews and believe that in a couple of days they become, if not billionaires, then millionaires.

Let“s look at the indicators in terms of logic. How indicators work: they track patterns and signal that the current situation is like the canonical one. The likelihood that the trend will go the same as in previous times is high, but not one hundred percent. Understanding this, beginners try to compensate for the imperfection of one indicator by adding another.

The process can go on endlessly, but the more tools are used, the more possible scenarios the inexperienced trader sees. Finally, the indicators start to contradict each other, and instead of help, they confuse the trader.

 As a result, the risk of losing money rises to almost 100%, and a frustrated trader writes that Grand union markets is a scam. To avoid this, professionals either work without indicators at all or use them very cautiously and never perceive them as absolute truth.


 Belief in advisors


Beginner traders also like to set up trading bots and other electronic advisors. If you understand what overuse of indicators can lead to, you can assume what principles these indicators will spend money.

Suppose a graph on grandunion-markets.com reviews indicates a «three candles» figure, but other indicators show that the signal is incorrect. At the same time, some traders place purchase orders.

What can a trading bot learn in such a situation? In the language of psychologists, this is cognitive dissonance, a combination of conflicting data. So, the bot will not be able to make an objective decision and will act erratically, according to the Grand union markets review.

Why does an experienced Grand Union markets broker need an assistant? Of course, there is no need for it, so the masters rely solely on their own technical analysis of the situation.

In numerous Grand union markets reviews, which say, for example, that Grand Union Market is a scam, you can find the phrase «the robot drained my deposit». But the robot can“t do anything without the approval of the trader, so unsuccessful traders just want to take away the responsibility.

Experienced players know that they are responsible for their money and financial well-being. Therefore, none of them listen to the robot“s tips.


Skepticism about the news


Newcomers often trade, keeping up with the news. Of course, news affects the market and can seriously upset it, writes grandunion-markets.com reviews. A well-known example is that the false news of France“s victory in the War of Independence in the US has crushed the British economy.

Several wealthy families used the market collapse to buy mills, factories, and banks for pennies. When it turned out that the news was false, the market came to life like a phoenix of ashes. But former bosses have become poor and «unknown buyers» have become the wealthiest people in England — and around the world. That“s just what Grand Union Market calls a scam.

Former Latvian Finance Minister Einars Repse manipulated the media and public opinion, forcing people to buy candy wrappers in the form of new money, and then pocketed the savings of Latvian citizens.

Such episodes are so widely known because they are rare. The real market is not too receptive to the news background, as seen on grandunion-markets.com reviews. It is more subject to the laws of the economy, the main of which is the balance of supply and demand. If the market is oversaturated, no news will lead to a rise in prices, and with a deficit, it will be almost impossible to contain growth.

Professional traders at the Grand Union Market are aware of this, so they open orders in the face of common sense. Rapid fluctuations will not change the overall trend and will not affect the result.

For example, there have been many rumors, gossip, and rumors that an increase in oil production in the Arab countries will finally and irrevocably bring down the price of Brent oil. But after only 6-7 months, the market made a U-turn, as the surplus period ended.


Belief in market experts


Professional traders know that no one will tell them what to do. At the same time, many Grand union markets forex trainers have achieved outstanding results in this area.

Why did such a contradiction arise? There are two scenarios. Let“s start with the least obvious. The more successful a trader is, the more chances he must get an offer on asset management. It means that its capital will increase significantly. To make more profit, a trader needs to make a name for himself in the market. The easiest way to do this is to use naive newbies who genuinely believe that the whole world is made up of philanthropists. According to Grand union markets, this is also a type of scam.

Just think if everyone on Forex is making money, where do they come from? This is not a financial pyramid. Money turnover is based on the fact that someone loses, and someone earns.

How do the professionals in Grand union markets forex work? The more some lose, the more others earn. Accordingly, such experts lead inexperienced traders on a deliberately false path that only leads to losses.

The second option is even easier. Many bloggers post chapters of smart books on their channels to get subscribers. For beginning traders, they can look very convincing.

But let“s face it: when a teenager 18-20 years old looks from the screen and talks about a great trading experience, a logical question arises — did he start trading in 10 years?

Of course, there are older coaches, but all their advice is nothing more than a retelling of known facts from the Grand union markets review. There is no point in wasting time and hoping that someone will make you happy.


Jedi position


To make money, a trader must abandon emotions, forget that he has a heart, head, and other body parts that can treacherously twitch when they see a «not there» turn. Emotions are the main enemy of beginners. They make mistakes, start risky adventures, and ultimately lead to failure.

 Only those who resist panic even amid market unrest will be able to make money. Just follow your own plan: if the plan fails, you need to close the order and move on quietly.

We can turn again to the example of bitcoin. At the peak, the core cryptocurrency was worth about $ 20,000, and everyone was waiting for further growth. But there was a rapid collapse. Professional traders minimized losses by closing deals at the peak of the price, while newcomers awaited a reversal. As a result, even those who entered the market at the rate of 4-5 thousand lost money.

The stock market and Forex are not as volatile as the crypto market, but the situation is similar, writes Grand union markets review. To remain profitable, one must abstract oneself from feelings and be guided by common sense. To do this, there are trading strategies that set a boundary for the trader.

It is essential to combine intuition and rules. Only with perfect balance does the trader fall into the category of professionals.


 Specific goals


An experienced trader knows that making $ 100 is good, but small. To achieve outstanding financial success, you should set outstanding goals.

It works very simply. If you think buying an apartment in Grand union markets forex is unrealistic, fine, set yourself that goal. Once you understand what the result will be, the brain will begin to generate hundreds of exciting ideas.

When you reach what was considered unrealistic, you begin to open previously unknown horizons.


Time management


It is essential for the trader to be organized, meticulous, and punctual. Due to these qualities, labor discipline develops.

Anyone who spends a lot of time trading and understands what he is doing can get the most out of the deal. And the imitators are often late for those they copy and remain with nothing. This is because the experienced trader adheres to a clear timeframe. A delay of 1-2 seconds can negate profits.

 Naturally, the schedule should be optimized as much as possible. The trader should consider the selected assets, favorite stock exchanges since they all work in different time zones, as well as many other factors. You can organize your time by planning every minute and following the schedule.


Simplicity and logic


An experienced trader develops trading strategies, guided by the phrase «the best is the enemy of the good.» No need to try to come up with a sophisticated, multi-level plan. Each intermediate stage increases the chance of loss. Professional traders use the simplest and most understandable strategies.

If you see a simple and clear scheme, but you do not understand one or more nuances, then you do not need to use it. When there is no clear idea of ​​how to trade using a strategy, it is elementary to lose.

On the other hand, the strategy must obey the laws of formal logic. And the simplest example is the presence of cause and effect in the schema references.

Any action generates an event that leads to a result, which in turn can be the start of a new activity. If this logic cannot be applied in strategy, it costs nothing.


Trading Terminal


A professional trader cannot do without a reliable trading platform. This tool is ultimately crucial to the success of transactions.

The most qualitative and reliable trading platforms:



Both terminals offer the broadest range of features and will not fail at the right time. It“s hard to say which trading platform is the best. It is recommended that you check both and draw your conclusions.


 These principles were created by professional traders on the platform grandunion-markets.com reviews, and their relevance is proven in practice. So do not underestimate them and try to get to the top of the Forex food chain on your own mistakes.

 Be careful; focus on the cold calculation. Remember how the pros trade in Grand union markets forex. Objectively evaluate the situation, and then a high percentage of transactions are guaranteed. And most importantly — believe in yourself.

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  1. Hamid Ayers 02.04.2020
    Your best bet in the trading world would be to just cooperate with a reliable broker, lemme tell you that. Brokers can be a reason for your success or downfall. I don't know about Grand Union Markets tho, you gotta check them yourself.
    1. Albert Christensen 09.04.2020
      Just had my first withdrawal from Grand Union Markets, was pleasantly surprised; didn't think that trading can be that rewarding. Way to go, guys, I'm with you.
      1. Mark Greenwood 16.04.2020
        Grand Union Markets have my heart now, after the conversation with their support specialist; these guys are real professionals.
        1. Garry Kellender 25.04.2020
          Got my withdrawal from Grand Union Markats today and know what, trading is sooo much different than investing, and most traders just don’t get it and lose money. Keep this in mind and get flexible and everything will just be ok in any market.
          1. Danielius Bishop 01.05.2020
            Awesome terms from Grand Union Markets is what got me into trading, to be honest. I've got no idea how they're doing currently, but back then they were just great.
            1. Riyad Skinner 09.05.2020
              Working with Grand Union Markets is like walking in your old shoes — they might not be as shiny and polished as some new brand models but you cant beat the feeling of comfort they bring.
              1. Alex 18.05.2020
                Do they have any type of automated trading?
                1. R. 28.05.2020
                  I trade CFDs for second year and I’ve moved all operations here in January. No commissions and reasonable spreads, even better than average.
                  1. Harlow Fischer 04.06.2020
                    I’ve just began my trading career and don’t think that I can judge any brokers, so I will just share some newbie opinions on Grand Union Market, guys I’ve been working with. I’m mostly satisfied with our cooperation, but think maybe profits could be bigger. not really sure if the problem is on their side though
                    1. Mikaeel Santana 13.06.2020
                      Going to stick with Grand Union Market and not thinking of changing broker anytime soon, because they are just enough for all my needs. They provide a good and stable income and I do really like how they communicate with clients.
                      1. Kayden O'Brien 22.06.2020
                        Grand Union Market is so awesome I still cannot believe how much money they’ve made for me. Of course, it took a considerable initial investment, but it was soooo worth it.
                        1. Zhane Cortes 30.06.2020
                          Grand Union Market guys look like a team of professionals indeed. They know what they are doing and they can make you some good money, take it from a man who’s been with them for 4 months now.
                          1. Sonny Wickens 03.07.2020
                            I've lost some money due to working with a losy broker and am currently looking for a new one. Heard that Grand Union Markets is worth a try, can anyone elaborate on that matter?
                            1. Andreas Bernerden 08.07.2020
                              People who have good clearly defined strategies do not share them. think twice before signing in to some scam signal or strategy website. Better work directly with broker like Grand Union Markets.
                              1. Arthur Appleton 16.07.2020
                                I like Grand Union Markets, and I'm not a person to use these words lightly. They were one of my best broker experiences overall, and I had enough of those.
                                1. Menachem Sharpe 20.07.2020
                                  Getting into trading would be much easier if you just get yourself a good broker, Grand Union Markets can be a nice option, for example. They are holding strong in most turbulent market times and that says something.
                                  1. Brian 30.07.2020
                                    My experience with this company is somewhat limited — we've been working together for only three weeks now. However, I can already tell you that they are really cool in most things; the biggest exception would be their platform choice, I guess. They are working with metatrader only, and it might be a problem for some folks.
                                    1. Lucas 02.08.2020
                                      The best quality of this broker is how they awlays manage to make trading look like an interesting game. Before I met them, trying to go deeper into trading was hard because of all the information you have to learn. It all changed when we got to cooperate.
                                      1. Edward Black 06.08.2020
                                        Cooperaion with this company went beautifully for me. They are especially great for beginners, so if you're new in our harsh trading world — don't think any longer, try them.
                                        1. Mary Hampton 10.08.2020
                                          Had about four months of cooperation with this broker and those were best four months of my trading career. Didn't become extremely rich, but my profitability was skyrocketing and there are some even better prospects in the nearest future.
                                          1. William S. 15.08.2020
                                            I was jumping from broker to broker recently and this one is the last in line… gues I'm gonna stick with them for a while, since they are looking better than any alternatives, at least for now. You can feel their professionalism and strive towards greatness as you work with them.
                                            1. Daniel 23.08.2020
                                              I didn't count on it, but it looks like trading with this broker has become my main activity now, lol. Got to leave my old job, want to spend more time on trading, it is soo profitable. Me a trader, who would have thought huh.
                                              1. Ramsey 28.08.2020
                                                Yeah,this broker could've used a bit better terms of cooperation, especially when it comes to beginner brokers who just want some way to enter the market, but everything else is so great that I forgive them easily. You go fellas!
                                                1. John 03.09.2020
                                                  In case you didn't notice, there aint a lot of options in terms of broker choices for a beginner trader nowadays. This company might just be the only legit way newbies have left.
                                                  1. Ward 09.09.2020
                                                    This company is pretty cool. I made some nice deals there last week and was planning on increasing my investments but now I decided to trade with what I’ve got invested already. Nobody knows what the future brings, but the market looks really promising
                                                    1. Christopher 13.09.2020
                                                      Wanted to tell a big “Thank you” to the customer care service of this company. You have been most helpful all this time, guys, and I am really glad that I've chosen your company.
                                                      1. Robert 15.09.2020
                                                        This company is quite great. I'm not an expert, of course, but from what I can understand and see, they are one of the best options out there right now.

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