How a forex trader can increase the trading skills – Onlinemarketshare review

Start building your own training plan for studying Forex trading with Onlinemarketshare broker

How a forex trader can increase the trading skills – Onlinemarketshare review

The forex trading at first glance is elementary. The idea to buy cheaper and sell with the profit attracts thousands of new traders every year. The apparent simplicity becomes a trap for new traders, says Onlinemarketshare broker. They enter the market planning to make a fortune in several days and never manage to gain money. The first losses make them soberer, and they start to learn the theory of the market. Unfortunately, sometimes the basic theory is not enough for successful trading. So, how a young trader can increase trading skills? 

Does a trader need special education?

To answer this question, we should step away from forex and discuss the role of education in our lives. What do we learn for successful living, and how? The training usually starts in the early years, at family and in kindergarten. In the age of 5-8, depending on the country, kids go to primary school and then to a secondary school. Most countries, at least the most developed ones, provide free secondary education to the residents, and somewhere it is even obligatory. However, in what measure parents and students can influence what they will learn and how? Very little, say Onlinemarketshare broker experts. In the most democratic and open-minded schools, the students can choose some subjects to learn. 

So, society gets the number of young people who have just a basic knowledge of their professional sphere. The luckiest of them will enter the best University and get a degree. However, the right University costs a fortune, so many young people cannot afford it. Others will get the skills in different ways, probably working in the chosen industry. The education lasts from 4 to 6 years. Some professionals extended training, for example, medical doctors. You can calculate yourself: a person spends on education for up to fifteen years! Now is the time to return to trading.

As we see from the previous story, people are ready to spend years of their lives to get useful skills. Why does anybody suppose trading requires less time for education? Moreover, the forex market continually changes, writes Onlinemarketshare review. A trader should continue learning all the time. Starting a career in the forex market, a new trader should define its global purpose. If a trader enters the forex market without a strong purpose to become a professional in this field, it is possible to try trading without special education. Such a career can be fast: after the first success or losses, a young trader loses money and stops trading. But the good news is that this study is no theory but practice.

However, for the traders who want to stay on the forex for a long time, the education is a must. There are serious reasons for this, says Onlinemarketshare broker. Reviews show only 5% of forex traders make considerable money from month to month. What about the rest 95% of traders? The rest claim that all brokers, including Onlinemarketshare, scam - with no understanding that the only reason why they can’t trade is that they don’t understand the market. Each trader should decide which path is more appropriate for him. If you decide to join 5% successful traders, you shall learn from everything you see or do in a market.

               Planning your Forex education 

The process of education should be structured and systemized. Of course, you can learn something spontaneously – any day you want and with any activity. For most novice traders, forex education starts with reading articles on a broker’s page. The problem is that after reading numerous “success stories” a young trader sees the currency market very tempting – it is an option to earn great money with no need to leave his home. But surfing on the Internet is not enough for actions. Onlinemarketshare reviews prove the results would be more impressive if there is a learning plan. And it should combine studying theory with practical training. 

Any plan has a part where you need to try your new knowledge in practice. The ability to plan your activities will help any trader when you start creating your trading strategy. There are several consequential types of activities you should include in your learning curriculum. 

- Communication with experts: colleagues, experienced traders, account manager.

- Listening to podcasts about forex, watching video lessons and webinars.

  • Reading the articles and manuals of forex and other related topics.
  • Practice, practice and nothing but practice.
    It can look too simple and primitive, but it works. The simplest plan creates the structure you can follow. Besides, planned training will help to distinguish correct information from false information and fakes. Now the Internet is overcrowded by a scam. Onlinemarketshare broker assures that numerous self-made gurus retell the content of good old forex forums and pretend this is a Holy Grail of the Forex.



Fortunately for us, the Internet opens many options for self-education, including education for traders. If you just google “forex lessons,” you’ll get a bunch of links to videos, articles, guides, and others. Brokerage companies prepare some of these learning materials. Experienced traders record video lessons or create text guides to educate their younger colleagues. Onlinemarketshare broker offers the section on the site named education. In this section, a new trader can find the glossary of forex terms, interesting articles, and so on. Besides, reviews describe the real interesting cases, brokers, and trading strategies so that the trader can learn this material.  And, of course, with this company you always have the option of consultation with experienced broker employees.

  Another existing option for self-education is the daily market reports. The report usually describes the most important events on the forex market and the following reaction. For example, the market waits for the new U.S. unemployment report. If the number of new applications is higher than expected, the greenback will go down. However, the incoming news is positive, and the index is below expectations. The market reacts with the growing rate of the U.S. dollar. Studying such reports day by day, Onlinemarketshare writes, increases the understanding of a forex market in the trader. 


Demo Account 

A demo account is a kind of online training: this is an account in brokerage, like Onlinemarketshare, which uses only virtual money. A trader does not transfer money to this account; instead, the brokerage company sets an amount of virtual money on this account. A trader can open and close positions using this Demo Account, use indicators and graphics, test the trading strategy, and so on. The only thing that it is forbidden on Demo Account is money withdrawal. The trader cannot withdraw money from Demo Account or transfer it to a real account. The money remains virtual.

Many traders are skeptical about Demo accounts. On the one hand, Demo account is the best way to try trading, terminal, speed of work, trading terms, and so on. On the other hand, the trader does not train the skill if risk management on the Demo account. And that’s the essential skill for trading. The trader does not afraid to lose his capital. So, he uses to open risky positions because there is no real fear. That can be harmful after the trader switches to a real account: he or she risks losing the deposit. 

               Account Manager 

This is a rare option that is not frequently available. Fortunately, the Onlinemarketshare broker offers the service of Account Manager to each of its clients. Account Manager works as a personal consultant for the colleague. He can answer the current questions and provide a short market review for existing trends, help to understand the way of building your own trading strategy and much more. It is a kind of mentoring but on the forex market. Friendly and professional, the account manager really helps a new trader to enter the market and gain experience while studying and gathering first earnings.



After the first period of forex education, a trader has to understand what the foreign exchange market is, who the main players are, the role of brokerage, and so on. What’s next? One of the available options is the courses offered by brokerage companies and dealing centers. The most reliable companies organize free trainings for their clients. Their reasons are clear: they need more clients, and moreover, they need successful traders. First, successful traders pay spreads and bring profits to the broker. Second, with their success stories, they attract new clients. 

As a rule, the learning course is created by real experts who can answer almost all questions. These courses offer a real value: most of them use the storytelling to explain some aspects of a forex market. It is the most effective method of learning. However, they are still not wizards with the magic wand, who will teach you the secret spell “Make money”. Any story about the guaranteed profit is a scam. Onlinemarketshare broker recommends avoiding such courses and experts. 

Onlinemarketshare reviews also prove even the courses are not always informative and helpful. However, an experienced trader usually talks about percentages but not amounts. In general, paid courses are little better than free courses because the student gets more attention, but even the best courses do not guarantee successful trading. The courses can only help to help you become a professional in the forex market and trade profitably. And if you can get private consultations and not pay for any additional education, receiving all the attention of your helper, it would be much better that any recorded video or tutorial.



Successful people continue learning. The world changes very fast, so it is necessary to follow the recent trends, get the news skill, and adapt to changes if you want to stay on the market and keep a high level of competitiveness. Forex market works the very same way: the profession of a trader is one of the most dynamic. A wannabe-trader should find some free learning materials to understand the basics of trading. After the first steps, he can continue and start trading on the Demo account or get the lconsultation from the reliable broker company. Onlinemarketshare broker offers a Demo account, many educational materials, and an Account manager service for its clients. Moreover, the company covers the first period of trading with the Risk-Free program to prevent the loss of money. So, a reliable broker is also an important part of education.


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  1. Henry W. 25.09.2020
    Yeah, my experience with this broker was fine but I wish they had any other options for trading platforms other than metatrader. Would be really nice to have variety while trading.
    1. David Little 29.09.2020
      Obviously this broker has its flaws but did any of you in the comment section spend any time on figuring what those really are? I don't think so, it all looks generic. I worked with this broker and they are just fine.
      1. Richard Hood 01.10.2020
        If anyone working for this broker is reading, your support could be better. These guys are kinda wasting your money. I love your terms and overall state of affairs but dat support is driving me crazy sometimes.
        1. Robert C. 06.10.2020
          Why in the name of God would you even try trading without a broker support, are you a Superman or smth? Dont even try entering the market with no guide, just would lose it all and leave
          1. Marshall 12.10.2020
            I just cant understand all those guys whining about the market decline. Market has always been up and down, and it was never a reason not to work in it. Get yourself a good broker, like OnlineMarketShare, and get some money.
            1. Ethan Morgan 15.10.2020
              My thought is that if you've lost your money because of a bad broker, you have only yourself to blame. Don't be lazy next time and do your research first, to see which brokers are good (I'd recommend btw) and which arent.
              1. Brian Henderson 18.10.2020
                Had a chat with representatives of this company lately… they sure do know how to make someone interested in their sevices… all this talk about how many possibilities await their clients, and terms that you can't find anywhere else… guess i should give them a go
                1. Marc Vaughn 22.10.2020
                  Wow, I've just woken up to a sound of money coming into my account, and some decent balance raise it was! Looks like my broker managed to make me 22% more rich this month, and it's just AWESOME! Im so glad right now that it's hard to think clearly, but I still need to make all the calculations for the future… it positively looks brighter now though.
                  1. Wyatt 25.10.2020
                    Now, about them, without further ado… I'm sure that this company here is one of the best options for a broker period. Their methods are the main part of my success in recent months, so recommending them to you is the least I can do. Just a great and positive experience.
                    1. Ashley S. 30.10.2020
                      Before I started working as a trader, I couldn't even imagine that the market situation can change this rapidly in one day, one hour even. I dont know what I'd be doing if not for this company… really glad that I got them as partners and that they drag me through hard times relatively undamaged.
                      1. George Sherman 01.11.2020
                        Company we're talking about has great overall stability and level of services, that's true. Someone can say that their choice of terminal is strange, but even those sceptics must admit that you can't find lower spreads anywhere on the market right now.
                        1. Garry 04.11.2020
                          I love working with these guys. They've got really many options for traders of all levels of experience. Also, their support team is very helpful and it is always pleasurable to communicate with them, leave alone the speed of dealing with problems they show…
                          1. Thomas Davis 09.11.2020
                            I was quite sceptical at first about cooperating with this company, but now I'm absolutely charmed by it. My previous broker was a complete failure and I've lost a large part of my investment capital working with them, so it's a relief to finally find someone decent.
                            1. Robert M. 11.11.2020
                              Looks like this company got some real professionals working for it… as soon as I get in touch with the customer care service, they are eager to help me, a nice touch to the overall quality of services you get here. Good thing I've decided to cooperate with these guys.
                              1. Charles Simmons 15.11.2020
                                Yeah, you're right, they might sometimes be slow when it comes to withdrawal timings, but come on, it never takes longer thatn 8 hours or so… I don't think it's THAT long. WHo cares about how long it takes when they are providing you with such great terms and income? Go on, look elsewhere.
                                1. Sebastien Deleon 19.11.2020
                                  Time I’ve spent working with OnlineMarketShare was really great. The help they provide to traders without experience simply cannot be overrated, its awesome.
                                  1. Kingsley Chung 24.11.2020
                                    I think that you guys might be overestimating OnlineMarketShare a bit. Yeah, I know, their cooperation terms are really good, however, it's not some miracle to trade with and you still need to learn a lot (they only allow meta4 for example).
                                    1. Branden 30.11.2020
                                      Sup, I'm a rookie in trading. Really need some experience first, before I make any decision on huge investments and stuff like that… I guess I'll give this broker a chance, there are so many good reviews circulating around about them.
                                      1. Arnold 03.12.2020
                                        I have some minor issues with response and withdrawal timings working with this broker… nothing too serious though and they are totally cool in all other aspects.
                                        1. Jesse Smith 10.12.2020
                                          I didn’t even think before that my investments can be multiplied manifold with just a bunch of cool deals, but this company has proven me wrong and I’m really grateful for that.
                                          1. Brian 15.12.2020
                                            Wondering how did this broker manage to raise so many rumours about them. To me they are obviously good, but it seems like somebody's doing some black PR to them as well.
                                            1. Anthony 19.12.2020
                                              I don’t really have time to compare all those brokers, I know just what I need to know – this broker had consistently surprised me with good results and I'm planning to stay with them for as long as I can.
                                              1. Henry 23.12.2020
                                                Don't get me wrong, I'm not a pro financial analyst or anything, just a fellow trader like most of you, but I think I know this company good enough to comment on their behalf… these folks are doing a really great job, at least for me they did. I've been quite prosperous since I began my cooperation with them.
                                                1. Oliver 30.12.2020
                                                  There are only two things that your broker must be really effective in, the first being the constant growth of your income and second problem solving. This company has proven its effectiveness in both, so I don't see how some minor issues can dissuade you from cooperating with them.
                                                  1. Aguistin 02.01.2021
                                                    Haven't got extremely rich yet, but it looks like cooperation with this broker can give me a good way to do just that. They look like great professionals and I'm really glad I've got this opportunity to work with them.
                                                    1. Mateo 06.01.2021
                                                      Had a conversation with one of my friends recently, he said a lot of good things about this company… I haven't checked myself yet tho, so not going to praise them as loudly just yet.
                                                      1. Rikardo 13.01.2021
                                                        There are a lot of debates around broker activity recently… Got no idea what could've affected the trading community this way. I'm cooperating with this company for a long time now, feeling great, nothing new though.
                                                        1. Bernd 16.01.2021
                                                          Whatever reviews you see here, there will always be only one sure way of checking a broker — work with them first hand. I tried it with this company and results are really satisfying as of now. Looks like I made a right choice.
                                                          1. Roderick 22.01.2021
                                                            What's the point of even entering the trading world if all you do is flush your savings down the drain? And if you're not working with a good broker that's exactly what you're doing mate, make no mistake. I'd recommed Online Market Share, they are cool.

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