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How to become a Forex market participant?

How to become a Forex market participant?


To do this, you just need to want to trade. Of course, you need to have a certain amount of money. Some brokers allow traders to enter the market with one US dollar, while others require a minimum amount of 20 to 50 dollars.

You can start trading on bonus capital, which is given by many DC. For example, it is not difficult to take the $ 80 bonus for novice traders and start trading. Difficulties are hidden in a slightly different plane. To become successful on the stock exchange you need to be able to trade. And this is not so easy. If you think: I'll try, but what if it works? You should know that nothing will come of it. Nothing will work for a neurosurgeon who has not received any education. Nothing will work for a civil engineer without long-term training. The trader will not be able to do anything either. Speculation must be learned. And this process is not easy.

Learning to trade Forex to succeed in the market, you need to have patience. Are you ready to open a deal and wait a long time for a positive result? If you want to enter and exit the market several times during the day, your chances of success are slim. Intraday trading ends in bankruptcy in the long run. At least, that's what most professionals say. Positional trading can be profitable, or it can be unprofitable.

You can't trade on the exchange around the clock. Traders should also rest. In a negative scenario of development of events need to take and time-outs. If you leave confidence in your abilities, the chances of defeat will increase greatly.

Would you like some advice? Can someone teach you during the trading process? Who is this person? If he is a professional and rich, it is unlikely that he will even want to say Hello to you. And if he is a loser trader who earns a living by teaching, then his advice is unlikely to be useful.

Cheetah tactics-this is the winning tactic of behavior on the stock exchange. This animal can catch up with almost any animal on the plains or in the savanna, but the Cheetah rushes only for sure. He doesn't waste his energy. Does a Cheetah see an antelope that hesitates? He immediately jumps out of hiding, and immediately attacks his victim. The antelope doesn't have many chances to escape. Traders also need to watch the situation for a long time, but when they see that something has gone as they would like, they immediately have to make decisions. Endurance is very important in this difficult case.

In order to become a successful bidder, you need to develop a low-risk idea. You need to lose a little in order to earn a lot. The bid amount should vary depending on the situation. For example, you can open positions with both 0.01 and 0.1 lots. It all depends on the specific moment. When you are more confident in the successful outcome of the transaction, you can work with a large lot. If there is no certainty, it is advisable to initiate positions and follow the trend in small steps.

It is desirable to enter the market gradually, but you can exit immediately. It is important for a trader to be not right, but with profit. In fact, it is important to work on some ""patterns"", and the profit will appear by itself. Of course, your business plan must be correct, and then the trade will have a chance of success. Aim for big returns, not perfect deals.


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