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How to use the online binary options chart in real time?

How to use the online binary options chart in real time?


Options trading is not a lottery but an accurate calculation. One can make a sure prediction in which direction the price of the asset will go, what will be the expiration time - but these skills are available only to those traders who are guided in the situation in the financial market and know what factors primarily influence this situation.

What is a live schedule for binary transactions? This is a visual and constantly changing online scheme, which shows data on a variety of assets: raw materials, currencies, stocks and indices. Working with indicators, you can make a credible forecast: up or down the price of the asset in a specific time period. Traders with some experience may argue that trading brokerage platforms are the prediction. Yes, it is, but live graphics are more convenient and functional. Circuits that can be accessed through platforms contain only basic parameters and, in addition, often fall behind by a few seconds - and for binary options this is not a "mistake", but a serious delay. By the way, this applies not only to binary options, but also, for example, trading on Forex - in the latter case, a live chart is no less useful. Options and the Forex game can take many seconds to decide - and a live chart allows you to get information just before it reaches brokers. This can be a great help: if the situation in the binary market turns sharply 180 degrees, in a couple of seconds (until the information reaches the brokers), you can close the option and not lose the contribution. Live chart indicators are quite simple and straightforward: even a newcomer to binary operations will almost understand on the go that in this situation it is worth buying - Call or Put assets. By analyzing different data and closely monitoring the signals, you can close binary options plus without having a solid experience. Those who take up technical analysis and work with charts quickly realize that this is not as difficult as it seems, and begin to take full advantage of the options offered by this option.


Asset selection

Using a live schedule, you can work with any assets of binary operations. To make it more user-friendly, auto-search works: the asset name appears in the window after the first letters are entered. Current quotes appear as soon as a particular asset is selected. You can also use the additional menu items to search for assets: All, Index, Stock, Forex, Bitcoin, Futures, CFD, Economy, AllExchanges.


Time lapse

The time period during which quotes are tracked can range from one minute to one month. The time is set in the corresponding menu tab. You get quick access to the time settings by clicking on the three dots button.


A live graph is a versatile tool, but its capabilities are very large to give universal tips for using it.


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