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Not a remarkable forex broker Key Markets, but how he established himself with the help of the fight against fraudsters, and the help of novice traders. Reviews

Key Markets forex broker: how to trade online and not to get burned

 How to escape from danger practicing online investments? Aside from strategy crafting and following, one should choose brokers carefully not to lose money. There’re lots of swindle types, and neither beginners nor experienced traders aren’t immune from losses.    

     Why is it so important to choose a forex broker carefully?


     You should choose a partner carefully and meticulously, otherwise you risk to lose a significant period of time and all invested money. It’s difficult to find a good broker, like Key Markets broker, at once. Swindlers all over the world beat the cats to attract traders with tempting offers, disguised as trustworthy companies. And some brokers, for example FXCM, start abusing their possibilities and bring clients to losses.    

     Total losses due to “bad” brokers actions equaled to over 14,8 billion dollars in 2016 . Regulators and legal system try to control companies’ actions. For instance, IB Capital FX LLC recovered cheated clients’ losses by decision of a court. But many swindlers succeed in preserving anonymity on the Internet easily, and lots of aggrieved persons don’t even request official help.        

     Brokers’ fraud and how to avoid it. Key Markets scam?

     Official, regulated and faithful brokers, like Key Markets forex broker, don’t practice cheating and other types of clients’ interests impairment. But uncontrolled brokers can:   

* execute orders only upon terms which are favourable for them; 
* delay or make money withdrawal near-impossible;
* increase commission charges, fees and spreads unreasonably;   
* charge additional interest money and concealed payments;   
* force to use useless paid products;  
* limit possibilities of operations conducting;   
* work at prices which seriously differ from market ones ;  
* trade against clients’ orders;
* embezzle money.


     On the Web, you can easily find long (hundreds of points) lists of swindler brokers. To cut time for an acceptable platform search, look at some of these lists and choose a company which name isn’t there for sure, for example Key Markets forex broker. Often you can see lists attached reviews with detailed description of problems which traders came across on these platforms.     

     What are the most glaring features of shady forex brokers? Their main strategies are:   

* promises of a huge immediate profit;  
* offers of hundred-per-cent profitable automatical trading systems;  
* lots of bonuses, promotions and other attractive offers.  

     Special proposals aren’t always signs of a “bad” broker. Many companies are ready to provide some clients with more profitable terms, but “good” brokers don’t show bonuses as their main advantages. Key Markets reviews show us that this company is honest forex broker.

     Key Markets scam or a reliable partner? Signs of a good forex broker


  If there any more things to factor when you choose a forex broker? Three main criteria:   

* The possibility to learn and communicate with managers or analysts in real time. Talking about online companies, we shouldn't underestimate live communication. This is the only way you can check the specialists are competent. Keeping a live dialogue with a broker often allows you to profit from random opportunities.  
* Reputation. It allows to learn in advance about main problems of working with a chosen broker. For example, as in the case of Key Markets reviews allow to form an opinion on the company reliability level quickly. Also pay attention to a list of published awards. The “fresher” and more prestigious they are, the better this is for a user.   
* Site. If a broker has a site with accurate, useful and detailed information, it has more credibility.  

     Quick studying of a site allows to exclude some forex brokers from considering. It’s not recommended to start working with brokers which sites are characterized by:  

* bad graphic design;
* lots of mistakes;
* no details in published information.

     For the primary estimation, it’s enough to listen to your heart. If a page doesn’t make you trust it, chances are there’s really something wrong with a broker. But some swindlers are able to disguise well as honest companies – they create attractive and user-friendly sites, fill them with information, even rent actual offices and provide technical support.    


     Key Markets forex broker for you


     How to choose a reliable organization if there’s always a risk to make a mistake? Not to lose money, according to experts’ advices, you should work with brokers with good reputation, long history and massive opportunities.    

     What Key Markets broker offers to its clients:

* immediate deposition/withdrawal of money;
* user-friendly, up-to-date, fast and intuitive site;
* your own settings of trade automatization;  
* detailed and useful reference data;
* services of analysts and managers;
* several investment levels;
* trade according to hot news;
* other functions and options.

Another aspect that distinguishes a trustworthy broker from a scammer is the flexibility of the system for traders. For example, reliable brokers offer the opportunity to use automated systems - trading robots, designed to make life easier for a trader. Some of them are designed to track market events and retrieve a signal to open a trade, and some of them work in automatic mode. In any case, these algorithms significantly help in trading and many traders consider them as their loyal assistants. Key Markets broker allows connecting robots without restrictions. But for scammer companies, it is not profitable for customers to earn money on their platform - in this way they lower their own profits, therefore trading robots are prohibited when working with them. The most reliable brokers prefer to provide traders with the opportunity to decide for themselves which software to use.

Key Markets is a forex broker which takes care of its clients. The company does everything to make trading, planning and other processes maximally quick, profitable and convenient. Transparent financial operations, absence of hidden charges, market prices and lots of other things are waiting for you on the company’s site – start an advantageous partnership today.   

  1. Markus 11.09.2018
    I won’t say any bad things about Key Markets, because I trade with them. But I had planty of terrible experience with other brokers. I have so many bad stories to tell! If a company doesn't wnat to work honestly – it will never do!
    1. Shaly M. 18.09.2018
      Everyone cares about their money. I can set my watch by Key Markets! They've never delayed anything and never led me down. The situation is not so hopeless, isn't it? :)
      1. Fernando 10.10.2018
        Last spring, after very steep courses and an intensive day with one shark of the stock exchange world, I decided that I was a cool trader now))) began training on demo accounts, started several accounts at once with different brokers, experimented with different strategies, indulged in indices and indicators. I thought that I was like a soldier of fortune and could do everything, but in fact I even merged on demos. I sat down and rethought everything. I started to look for my approach, thought out carefully, worked every day, consulted. Finally, everything in my head settled down and decomposed. I decided to open a real account, but with a young broker Key Markets. The basic level here cost 250 bucks. I trade with a leverage of 1: 300. There is no demo here at all, webinars too, but I already have enough of my knowledge. Spreads are static. I was already familiar with the MetaTrader4 platform, and there are no other options here. Execution of orders is very fast, on all types of transactions take seconds. Sometimes there are slowdowns in volatility, but not significantly. I miss the demos from time to time, but here I can finally enter the foreign market. Round-the-clock support helps and assistances. I have a personal manager, a real expert in my field and my mentor. I see my profit, proud of myself))
        1. Qentin 27.10.2018
          At first, I did not understand what the difference between brokers was. But with experience, I began to see real flaws, technical bugs, a shortage of certain important options. And sorted out trading opportunities and conditions. For example, I was strained by an unpredictable analytics from Gerchik and Co. All the time there was a feeling that the profit turned out just by accident. I said goodbye and left. I also thought about switching to another top broker, but I decided to change tactics. Began to look for a fresher company, without big names and history, just with a good reputation. Went to Key Markets, friends advised. They said not to pay attention to the youth of the company, because it was made by experienced traders and all the stuffing in it was from a pro. Well, ok, so it turned out. Analytics is sure, and support is mature. Fraud does not even smell. Everything is optimized. The set of tools is generally standard, but the system works without failures and with good speed. There is no choice of platforms, only the fourth MetaTrader is presented, but it is enough for me. Static spreads, input / output without commission, average market quotes. Four user packages, on the base — quite accessible entrance threshold, only 250 dollars. There are all key currency pairs.
          1. Donald 14.11.2018
            Gone from FreshForex. The broker began to slow down with a conclusion. I went through the options, came here to Key Markets. Я перебирал варианты, пришел сюда, в Key Markets. За пять месяцев трижды выводился, всегда оперативно. The broker does not set commissions for I / O, only banking fees are charged, if this is provided by the bank. It works well, stably, almost without slippage and requotes, there were never disconnects. With support, I'm on excellent terms. The personal manager always rescued and gave competent advice when I was stuck in a drawdown, for example. Order execution is almost instant. I turn on bots in the storm, I don’t dare to scalp. The demo and macro accounts are not here, but I don’t share these options. I associate them with kitchens and scrolling deposits on local transactions. Here, only real transactions and foreign market. Spreads lower than the market or the same, quotes do not get out of the stated. In general, the broker keeps all its promises, and this is awesome. There is a significant drawback. I can not quickly get through to the support service. In addition to telephone, you can still write them an email. But this is strange. It would be better if they screwed a chat to the site, but I think everything has its time.
            1. Nicki 29.11.2018
              I liked the simplicity of registration at Key Markets broker. Trading starts after the first replenishment. All identification is carried out only at the first withdrawal. When opening an account, managers warned that the company was on the market recently and one should not expect many services typical of other brokers. There are no demo accounts, tournaments. At the same time in the support stressed that the system works stably, without requotes and disconnects, and the speed of order execution allows you to calmly and successfully scalp. I already realized that the pluses are also intelligent support and excellent analytics. There is no commission for I / O, spreads are rather below average, static. MegaTrader 4 is a popular terminal. The only thing is to add tools to the basic level and a special package for scalping fans. My opinion is a normal stable broker.
              1. Taker 02.12.2018
                Discovered Key Markets in July after vacation. We work with a broker together, there have never been conflicts or failures, managers do not interfere with work. It is important to know that the documents will be needed only before the first withdrawal. It will be necessary to pass the verification of the account and they do not write about it on the site. You also need to understand that in the volatility the speed of execution of orders decreases and no need for panic and nervous. Technical support is adequate, gives full information on request. In general, I am satisfied. Sane fixed spreads, mid-market quotes, 50 pairs of key currencies, you can trade on the news, it is possible to scalp. Only one trading platform, this is the fourth version of MetaTrader. The terminal has a flexible system of settings and trading bots for all tastes.
                1. Dritz 07.12.2018
                  With a broker Key Markets I started trading from the end of November. Unusually fast registration. Influenced 250 bucks on the basic level. After that, trading began immediately. According to the trade conditions of 4 tariffs, for all levels the same leverage is 1: 300, fixed spreads depending on the tariff will bring more profit. Broker does not give commission for withdrawal / input. I have not withdrawn yet. Topping up is at the current rate of the bank. Customizable trading platform MetaTrader 4 has all the tools for a successful start. I tested tech support. To do this, I called several times with different questions, they always answered in detail and politely. Satisfied. I think managers constantly practice trading in parallel with the work in support. Unfortunately, you have to hang in anticipation of communication.
                  1. Mifisto 19.12.2018
                    Left Forex Finance for various reasons six months ago. Started looking for a new broker. I got the option with a new broker Key Markets. As I was described, the company was created by experienced traders for themselves, so I must have complete mutual understanding and simplicity in working with them. I did not find any reviews on the net, and decided to take a word. Immediately stumbled upon fat plus and minus. On the one hand, very fast registration, on the other there is no choice of terminal. The broker trades on the MetaTrader platform, which I hadn’t worked with before. What next, static spreads in volatility behave more calmly and allow you to plan a strategy, quotes are equal to the market, there is a suitable scalping. There is no commission for depositing / withdrawing, withdrawal is fast, 30-40 minutes, ordering suits. Trade precious metals and oil, I would work with any broker comfortably, but for the time being I’ll linger here. Basically, I'm pleased with everything.
                    1. Djoni 24.12.2018
                      Norm broker. The dissonance between the apparent youth of Key Markets and well-built company structure. The stated trading conditions are justified. No micro and demo accounts. I see no use in them, IMHO, they are offered only by kitchens or top brokers with a bunch of different options for every taste. Opened on the base package. There are three more expensive. Static spreads are equally offered for everyone, they only change depending on the package in a more favorable way. I trade AUD and NZD, everything is adequate to the market. No commission for withdrawal. Input is on the current course, very quickly. Support pleases right with their level of preparedness, it would be nice to get through from the first call. I do not like to talk on the phone, it is more convenient for me to write in live chat in real time.
                      1. Silly 02.01.2019
                        Came to broker Key Markets for a company with a friend. I myself have virtually no real experience. Now basically I look how bots work and I try to understand the whole with trading. Little by little I try myself, I consult, I test different strategies. In the future, I want to define my line and earn money on it. There is some experience of using demo accounts, everything worked out there, but in real life, so far only a minus, if you try to turn on the brain. So you have to learn. At the expense of one luck you will not go far. At this broker I like adequate support, they communicate patiently, politely and answer all questions. When there were problems, the personal manager always helped. He helped in the drawdowns so that I would close to zero without panic and not merge. I felt embarrassed, but I think I'm not the only one here, well, not the first one for sure. Also, the broker has static spreads, you can plan a strategy. But the demos and macros are not here at all. I can say that if you are not a complete noob, then sooner or later you will understand everything without these tools. I am generally pleased.
                        1. Catty 09.01.2019
                          I began working with Key Markets, a young forex broker, in late November. During this time, the site has been updated, but IMHO this skeleton lacks stuffing. There are still no tournaments, bonuses, almost no training material. Somehow all is damp. Only 4 tariff plans, there is no insurance for the base level. Financial services are presented in the minimum sufficient set. Well, maybe this is the position of the company, I still do not understand. If the organization bets on the stability and efficiency of the system, then I understand that. Although the technical side no complaints. The functionality flies, there were no cliffs, orders execution is almost instantaneous. No hidden fees. Slippage can be minimized by the settings of the MetaTrader 4 terminal, I do not remember the requotes too. There are all opportunities for successful scalping, you can trade on the news. Very competent support, effective analytics. The platform can be put on a tablet or smart, there is a native mobile application. I had a case, I left the storm in a minus, but after that the system itself leveled me to zero.
                          1. Pitcher 16.01.2019
                            Friend suggested opening an account with Key Markets, a new broker. It was not easy to gather information about him. There are almost no reviews. But on the forums I met different people, including those who have been working for several months with Key Markets. I wanted to make sure that my friend by naivety does not draw me into a scam. For a while I waited for surprises, dirty tricks and other troubles. Two months passed before I could completely relax and exhale. Obviously, the company has big ambitions and demands to conquer the market. The organization works smoothly, stably, and I attribute the minor shortcomings to the youth of the company. For example, support can only be contacted via email and phone. At the same time, you almost never get through the first attempt. I am satisfied with the quality of the service. A couple of times noticed short disconnects, but without consequences. Yes, and I saw it for sure, simply because my computer works around the clock. Opening / closing is almost instantaneous, account replenishment takes a few seconds, withdrawal an hour and a half. With the withdrawal there were no problems. A leverage of 1: 300 is the same for all user packages, static spreads, 50 currency pairs.
                            1. Nock 26.01.2019
                              In September, I closed an account with a well-known broker after changing trading conditions. The management decided to increase the number of services, imposed a charge on clients for them, and among the useful functions they crammed in some not-so-needed ones, such as SMS informing. Moreover, without the ability to refuse or disable. Strange position, honestly, and so tariffs are not cheap. I had to look for a replacement, and not only me. A week later I was in correspondence with a friend from this broker's forum, and he sent a link to the registration «at the invitation of a friend» from a young broker Key Markets. He wrote that the option is definitely profitable and promising. I trusted a friend, so agreed, well, I read the information, of course. The conditions were rather spartan, only the minimum necessary at the basic level, even without insurance. But the basic functionality is provided, and the organization works quickly. Only four tariff plans, starting will cost $ 250. Everything you need to start a stable work, there is. In all packages there are static and relatively low spreads, excellent scalping, news trading, personal manager and MetaTrader 4 terminal. Input / output is fast, and without problems + there is no commission. You can withdrew on a card or wallet, in half an hour or an hour, or you do it to a bank account — but then it takes ip to three days, depend on the bank. I was surprised by the level of technical support competence of such a young company. Over time, I realized that the entire system was originally thought out and created by experts with great practical experience. While a shortage of staff is felt, not always able to quickly get through. In general, I am satisfied.
                              1. Morok 02.02.2019
                                Working with Key Markets broker for a month and a half already. I have never traded with rating companies, so I can’t compare it with such cool positions. And my trading experience is also minimal.Therefore, my review is more descriptive. Here is a very fast ordering, opening / closing is almost instant. In volatility, the rate decreases, which is logical. So orders are executed for a few seconds longer, not in 1-2 sec as usual, but rather in 5-6. Compared with the market, the broker spreads are the same, and / or slightly lower, static. The site has some training material, but there are no webinars, videos, demo and macroschets. But I'm more interested in working with real deals. I use its own analytics. While settling in, I merged the deposit a bit, but soon I returned it and went to the plus. A week ago, took the first 50 bucks. I sent a request for withdrawal, I received a confirmation, but the money did not reach the card. Called personal manager. It turned out that I had forgotten, and maybe did not know, about the need to go through the documentary verification of the account. Managed it, with the help of support, and in half an hour the money had already entered the card.
                                1. Kail 08.02.2019
                                  Register with a young forex broker Key Markets three weeks ago. I downloaded and installed the MetaTrader 4 platform on a computer, and immediately on a smart too, then downloaded the documents. Replenished, after that the bidding went on automatically. I got a call back from support. The young man introduced himself as my personal manager and offered help. Thanks to him, quickly figured out the system, set everything up for my needs. Here is a great speed of execution, super scalping. At first I tested everything that my hands had reached. The system works without failures, clearly, and all financial transactions are absolutely transparent. There were no communication breaks, slippage occurred, requotes were a couple of times. On the volatility of the speed decreased slightly. Replenishment at the current bank rate, when withdrawing can be removed bank interest, the broker has no commission. I would like to see intertrader tournaments, promotions, bonuses and training material in the form of webinars or videos.
                                  1. Triss 12.02.2019
                                    One year ago, I set a goal to learn how to trade with forex. Dreamed of passive income and financial independence. Began to study, walked forward with small steps. There were online courses, I read literature, watched webinars of experienced traders, all sorts of motivational films. Finally, I opened the first account and started training on demo accounts with various brokers. Two months ago, I opened the first real account with a young broker Key Markets. I thought it was time to take big risks and put $ 250 in a deposit for the base rate. At first I was very nervous. Was afraid to take an extra step, and still in the first week went into a drawdown, and partially merged. Consulted with support to try different strategies. I sit now almost all the free time in the terminal. It is good that there are trading bots, I finally saw the first profit due to them. I think that soon I will be able to make more independent decisions without panic. I did not withdraw yet, but the mood is the most optimistic. Under the terms of the broker, static spreads, quotes are not too high, 50 currency pairs, besides you can choose other trading items, + an excellent MT 4 platform. There are no contests, promotions, bonuses or tournaments.
                                    1. Lucky_guy 18.02.2019
                                      In my opinion, Key Markets broker can be confidently put four for the quality of work and services offered. Basic functionality is present in sufficient measure, and the technical side also pleases with high efficiency, plus here is a high-precision analytics. But also there is a certain feeling of incomplete in the information plan. There are almost no educational materials on the site, there are no webinars, video. Only two types of connection with support. There is no online chat or opportunity to get information in any messenger. I am glad that the company uses the MetaTrader 4 platform. The terminal has its own mobile application and the ability to install on a smartphone and tablet. I often have to work from the phone on the road, so of course it’s convenient to take a minimum of gadgets with me. For half a year there have been a couple of communication breaks, but from my side, more precisely, from the mobile operator. In trading conditions, here are static spreads and there is no commission for I / O, the broker does not have hidden fees. Support polite, tactful, well-grounded, really helps. Unfortunately, there is no possibility to call from the first time, the lines are often busy.
                                      1. Matthew 26.02.2019
                                        In the summer, through my channels, I went out to a young broker Key Markets, he has been on the market for about a year. According to my information, the company was collected by experienced raiders. Understood the conditions and began to trade. In short, just about the cons. There is only one MT 4 terminal without a choice, there are only four tariffs and there is a large gap in price between the first level and the second, there is only one phone number and email in the support contacts, that is, there is no chat for real-time communication on the site, it is very inconvenient. The advantages are low static spreads that behave calmly and predictably in volatility, not overstated quotes, high speed, successful scalping, no commission for input / output and quick withdrawal as a whole. I work with a pair of currencies and try to trade with oil and precious metals. According to the conditions, I am still satisfied with everything.
                                        1. Nathan 02.03.2019
                                          I can not particularly compare brokers, the experience is still small. With large companies have not worked at all. I leave feedback for those who have found little information about Key Markets. The broker has good speed, the system works stably and clearly. There is a moment of decrease in speed when market storms. In such periods, the opening of the transaction takes 3-4 seconds more. If to compare with market indicators, the spreads here are the same or slightly lower, static, and the quotes are also the same on average. The site is filled with little. Entertaining elements you will not find. I also like its own analytics. The first two weeks, while I understood, I managed to drain the deposit a bit, but I quickly returned it. By the way, the site does not say that it is necessary to go through account verification before the first withdrawal. I even panicked a little when the money did not arrive at the card within two hours. I contacted the personal manager, and he explained everything. He helped me with the documents and in half an hour the money was already on the card.
                                          1. Otto 09.03.2019
                                            It is not clear where to include Key Markets. On the one hand, a broker in the market recently, on the other hand, it works like an old stable middling with a clear system. It's nice that all initial expectations and promises are fulfilled. I started with the first package until I touch the following rates. Just enough at the base. Spreads are static, there are 50 key currency pairs. I trade AUD and NZD, if compared with the market, then everything is adequate. There is no commission for withdrawal and deposit, and replenishment is at the current rate. All operations are pretty fast. I like support, competent guys, it would be good to give them the opportunity to communicate with customers online. I personally find it easier. Phone calls are difficult. The broker has no trading tournaments and competitions, no demo accounts. By the way, I support this decision. Always believed that the theme of demos often use the kitchen.
                                            1. Quentin 13.03.2019
                                              A month ago, I opened an account with Forex broker Key Markets. To work, I had to install the MetaTrader 4 terminal. I installed it immediately on the computer and on the other gadgets. Then I uploaded the necessary documents, replenished and the trade began automatically. My personal manager contacted me. Discussed a bunch of questions. He helped set up the platform and adjust the whole system for himself. Well, he certainly does not decide for me, but he helped a lot. I immediately tested everything I knew, tried to scalp. The system does not lag, the execution speed is right-on, everything works stably and transparently. Speed dropped slightly on volatility. There were no disconnects, there were requotes and slippings. The broker does not have any promotions and bonuses at all; I also did not find training videos and webinars on the site.
                                              1. Richard 17.03.2019
                                                In winter, an old friend invited me to open an account with a new Key Markets broker. Sent a description of the conditions, so everything looked fine for me. So far, I've been here for three months. During this time, there were no controversial situations with support, I can always control where my money and account status is. Consultants are polite, patient, competent. I was impressed with the speed of execution of operations, especially liked scalping. When the market stormed, the speed decreased, but not critical. Fixed spreads, on average, both on the market, and quotes. There is a large selection of currency pairs. Only one trading platform MetaTrader 4. I like, the terminal has a flexible system of settings, you can work both fully automated with trading bots or set all options under your strategy. While I'm happy with everything.
                                                1. Samuel 21.03.2019
                                                  I set a goal to master forex and start to earn a stable. High passive income and financial independence from the whole world, what else is needed in order to adequately meet old age? ))) I went through several online courses, read a lot, talked with the pros, reviewed a bunch of webinars. At the same time I trained on demo accounts with different brokers, tried real deals. Now stopped at Key Markets. Opened an account on the starting tariff plan for $ 250. A little nervous, and of course upset when I saw the first minus. With the help of the support I went out of the drawdown. Then I additionally ttried different strategies, connected bots. I began to spend day and night in the terminal))) Returned everything, went plus, but I have not withdrawn funds yet. I am in a fighting spirit, I really like the conditions here. Static spreads, the broker does not lift quotes. There are 50 key currency pairs and a large selection of various trade items. MetaTrader trading platform 4. There are no contests, promotions, bonuses and tournaments for the time being. I'm not up to them, to be honest.
                                                  1. Terence 27.03.2019
                                                    The broker Key Markets has a thoughtful and solid approach to the whole organization of the trading process. The technical side is clear, without bugs, it works stably and reliably. According to the professional training level of technical support, you can draw conclusions about the competence of the founders themselves, it should be no less than experts and traders with many years of experience. In addition, there is a very good speed of all operations, and there were no cancellations and departures. Quotes are slightly below the market or are the same, static spreads, successful analytics with high accuracy of forecasts. I have been trading EUR / USD for a long time. As far as I understand, there is a cool scalping here, but I don’t risk it myself. The MetaTrader 4 comfort terminal can be customized. The broker has no competitions, inter-trading tournaments, contests. No holiday promotions. Let's see what will change with time.
                                                    1. Walter 31.03.2019
                                                      Ready to put a strong four to broker Key Markets. I like the quality of work and services. The required minimum is fully implemented, there are enough tools. You can take more expensive rates. The execution speed and successful analytics, by the way, work the same for all client levels. There is everything for profitable trading. But for those who like to be distracted by the entertainment, there is almost nothing on the site. Only a few informative articles. Even in contacts there are only two types of communication with support. It is a pity that there is no online chat or an account in any messenger. I am glad that sustained and smart consultants work at the support, ready to answer any question on the topic. It is good that the MetaTrader platform is used. Native mobile app can be put on a tablet or smartphone to work from anywhere. I do not like to be attached to the place. I need travel a lot, and of course it would be hard to carry a laptop with me.

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