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Like other Forex brokers for Poland 4xp

Like other Forex brokers for Poland 4xp


Like other Forex brokers for Poland, 4xp, a division of the financial group Forex Place Ltd, offered intermediary services to traders on the Polish market. It started operations in 2009 and was known for using ECN and Non Dealing Desk technologies.

Today, 4xp is not functioning, the broker's license has been revoked and obligations to traders are not fulfilled.

Location - Tortola, British Virgin Islands.

Regulation and control - CySec (Cyprus).

Traders' feedback on the registration and regulation of the broker in terms of reliability

 The registration of the company in offshore and its control by the Cypriot regulator, which does not geographically correspond to the place of registration of the broker, caused skeptical comments from traders. In their opinion, all this reduced the reliability of protection against fraud and scam;

From traders who began to cooperate with the company and were confident that they were not scammers.

Trading conditions offered by the broker

Trading conditions from 4xp included the ability to work with several types of accounts: standard, binary and ECN, which distinguished them from the offers that brokers for Poland are making.

 The rest of the trader was offered:



Minimal deposit




Spread type

fixed or floating





Trust management





Reviews of traders about the trading conditions of the company

Initially, the trading conditions of the company did not cause much criticism. Subsequently, despite their external attractiveness, the attitude towards the company became negative. Traders reported that the broker is doing everything for the client to drain the deposit;

At the beginning of the broker's activity in the market, traders found the trading conditions offered by him attractive.


Customer support

For Polish traders, the company offered a range of support services. It included items that most often include brokers for Poland in the customer service package:

Feedback from traders on customer service

In the messages of traders dating to the second half of the company’s life on the market, statements about the poor quality of support services were often found. Some authors have argued that the company is a scam that deliberately delays important issues;

At the beginning of the broker's activities, traders spoke positively about the quality and efficiency of the support service.


Deposit funds and payments

To make payments (to deposit money to a client account and withdraw from it), the company offered, as brokers for Poland often do, a choice between bank services and payment systems. True, the choice of payment systems was quite modest. For payments could be used:


Feedback from traders regarding deposit and withdrawal of funds

By the end of the company's activity in the market, a lot of negative reviews had accumulated about the quality of mutual settlements with it. Traders talked about a scam, up to a trivial fraud, when trying to withdraw balances from a client account after a deposit has been drained. In general, the reviews have become extremely negative.

At the beginning of work, when payments, judging by the reports of customers, were correct and timely.





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