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How to avoid hacking accounts on Forex?

Mail letter with trojan | Forex account security


 If the trader-novice can be forgiven for such mistake, as inattention to the protection of money, then an experienced speculator must know all about how to protect his funds (which he has more, and therefore the potential losses may be large).


Never accept offers for installing additional software or click on ads with boggling content. There are special virus programs for the theft of logins and passwords. Do not rush toMail letter with trojan rejoice that you have a reliable antivirus. Not every Internet defender is able to recognize such a Trojan program, and even less the antivirus can disinfect it.


Periodically use specially created anti-virus utilities to scan your computer for malware. It is especially important to do this before registering with a Forex broker or a dilling center.


Mail can be easily cracked. Remember that no data that may be of interest to the scammer should not be stored on your mail. Here will be luck for the robber, if your mail will contain data to log into your account! Also, you can receive a letter on the e-mail, the content of which will carry a fascinating message. This can be either a request to test new changes, or an attraction with shares (for example, "you became a 1,000,000 visitor to our resource, to get the prize go to the link ..."). In the letter, there will be a link that can not be crossed in any way. If you do, after all, go, then either pick up the Trojan virus, or you will be asked to enter data from your account. As you know, you will receive this letter not from your broker, but from someone who will be covered by his name. Even in the address of the mail from which the letter came, one character can be changed, and you simply will not notice it. We recommend you to create a separate mail that will be used exclusively for registration with the broker and further work with him.


An indication that your account has been hacked may be incorrect operation of the platform, hang or disconnect the terminal. If this is the case, immediately change the password and contact support for assistance.


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