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What you need to know to make money on Forex?

Make money in the Forex currency market


Almost every person in his life wants to test himself in a new business. So why not try to make money in the Forex currency market for the sake of fresh emotions and extra income?

Forex and its specifics

Forex is an international currency exchange for the acquisition and sale of various currency funds. An important advantage of this aggregator is the round-the-clock operating mode and high liquidity, since huge turnovers provide the opportunity to constantly find both buyers and sellers. The rapid development of the World Wide Web and the universal accessibility of the Internet have made Forex trading real for anyone.

The fundamental specifics of the Forex market is based on fluctuations in world currencies. They either rise (rise in price) or fall (fall in price) in relation to other currencies represented. To make a profit, you should make a choice of a currency pair, purchase a certain amount of a certain currency, wait for the moment when the selected currency rises against another and then sell it. Or, conversely, sell a certain amount of one currency, catch the moment of depreciation and purchase it.

Where to begin?

On the Internet, there are many brokerage commercial companies that provide customers with access to the OTC market. It is necessary to register, download the “trading terminal” to your computer, and make a deposit to your account. But for starters, of course, it’s better to open a so-called “demo” account in order to practice. The money there is virtual, but currency quotes and all the services are real. Such services are for the most part provided by all dealerships. The rules and regulations for conducting trade transactions are different for different intermediaries.

How to trade on Forex?

Purely technically, the algorithm of the trader is simple. Is he:

• predicts the movement of exchange rates;

• determines what he will buy and sell;

• sends a warrant to conclude a transaction to his broker.


The broker provides technical and informational support to its subscribers, providing the so-called leverage. The trader has the opportunity to make the game at turnovers that exceed his initial investment by several times, but this is until the limit of his deposit has expired. This means that if you have gone negative from the amount that you originally paid, your work account goes into "inactive" mode.

Basis for making a forecast


It seems that everything is quite simple, but the trader does not know how the course of one currency will behave relative to another. For Forex forecasting use:

• technical analysis (studies the patterns of price maneuvering, exploring the charts of this price);

• fundamental analysis (examines the state of the economies of those countries whose currencies are used in trade, monitors world news and various political events).


In addition, almost all traders use certain technical indicators. They are based on current and past prices and are closely related to their dynamics. Therefore, with the help of indicators, it is possible with some confidence to predict a dynamic change in price.

Learn and develop your own tactics.


Beginners can’t do without initial preparation. In order to conclude winning deals, it is necessary to carefully analyze the situation that develops in the market, as well as make the right decisions quickly enough and guess the direction of price dynamics. In this case, you must be able to navigate in a certain situation, making the right decision, which is a very important aspect in the work.

New traders can use the following recommendations: first, you need to study information about exchange rates and the situation on world financial markets. It is important to study the terminology used in the Forex market, to understand terms such as "hedging", "spread", "pip", etc. Also, novice traders have a great opportunity to use special literature, attend various courses and training seminars. A large amount of information about working in the Forex market is described on the Internet.

Well-considered tactics - this is what a successful trading activity in the Forex market depends on. With experience comes the ability to understand professional hints.


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