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New Broker Delta Market Review 2020. Feedback

New Broker Delta Market Review 2020. Feedback


✪ Forex Delta Market Reviews 2020 ✪

Delta Market Broker Review

  ✪ Table of contents ✪

  1. Facts Sheet
  2. Website review
  3. Trading terms Delta Market broker review
  4. Traders’ opinions about terms of cooperation
  5. Customer support and additional services;
  6. Deposits and withdrawals;
  7. Traders’ feedback about the company;
  8. Conclusions

✪DeltaMarket Broker Facts Sheet✪


General information

✧ Company Name

Delta Market

✧ Phone


✧ E-mail




Just like the other brokers, Delta Market offers intermediary services for forex trading. They are represented on the market and state introduction and distribution of their own innovative platform for trading as their main priority. They are also oriented towards traders’ needs.

Territorial registration — Marshall Islands

This broker allows traders to work with various assets, including cryptocurrencies. Some reasonable leverage is also allowed. Company’s services are actively used all over the world. The amount of active traders has already surpassed ten thousand people in several dozens of countries. Company’s liquidity can be confirmed by some very reputable enterprises, such as Citigroup, HSBC, Deutsche Bank, Barclays. Delta Market has started their activity pretty recently, in 2019, therefore we believe such results to be quite favorable. 

Customers’ information are reliably protected with the SSL protocol. Main company website contains all the required information in English language. Considering their high-profile regulators, we can safely say that this company possesses all the necessary instruments for providing trading services. 
You can contact this broker via phone or email. All the contact information can be easily found in the contact section. Let us review the company in detail to understand if Delta Market is a scam or a reliable forex broker. 

✪ website review✪

We believe the website to be one of the main indicators of company’s reliability. Delta Market forex website is complete and well-structured. Navigation is quite comfortable, all the necessary information is present. Minimalistic design allows users to focus on important functions without sparing the attention to bright effects. We should also note that the chance to encounter scam schemes is the highest for companies with websites that look like one-page promo sites.

This is completely not the case with Delta Market review. The platform is well though-off. It is important to note that the broker warns you about all the risks associated with the trading process, and posts the confidentiality policy for open access. The user should understand that forex trading is a high-risk business activity and evaluate the risks before starting trading. 

The registration process is also undergone on the website. You can also file a request there to become a broker’s partner and receive monetary gratification for new traders attracted. Delta Market broker review shows that the company is positively viewed among traders for their client-oriented approach towards trading, wide (and ever-expanding) spectre of trading opportunities, regulation (and guarantee of protection from Delta Market scam possibility) as well as security for all electronic interactions. 

✪Trading terms Delta Market broker review✪

During creating clients accounts, Delta Market forex has oriented heavily towards variable amount of minimal investments in the trading account, just like CIS-oriented brokers usually do.

Delta Market Accounts

However, their final choice was for widening of possibility spectre for bigger accounts and not its shortening for smaller ones. Therefore, the account tier selection here is limited by the minimal deposit level. The bigger the amount, the more bonuses you’re going to get. 

There are three types of accounts for clients:

  Client accounts    Minimal investments for an account  Leverage ratio  Minimal spread  Lot
Bronze $250 1:300 2.8 0,01
Silver $2000 2.5
Gold $10000 1.5
Platinum $50000 0,1


Gold accounts are recommended for traders who are ready to invest about 10 thousand US dollars into their trading. Benefits are additionally expanded with personal webinars, and business portfolios.

✪Traders’ opinions about terms of cooperation. DeltaMarket scam or trusted broker?✪

Traders’ opinions about terms of cooperation are ambiguous according to reviews.

However, we could find no comments calling Delta Market scam. As a rule, unsatisfied users leave the comments on trading forums and other internet resource

Delta Market offers their partners possible way of cooperation in order to increase their profits. This program is designated to take the specificity of your enterprise into account. It allows any trader to become the IB and work with the system.

You can register, open an account and start trading on your own. Also you can advise other traders to join the Delta Market. Once you provide your contacts with a referral link, you’ll start receiving profits from their investments.
You can use white label and become a broker under support of Delta Market. This path is suitable for businessmen who already have in mind something bigger than just a few invited friends. Terms of such cooperation are a subject of personal discussion.

Most of the clients and potential clients agree that the company offers really comfortable terms, from the minimal deposit twice as low as the market standard and absence of commission fees and to the possibility of leverage up to 1:400. However, this leverage ratio has also become a stumbling rock for other traders, used to working with a high risk-high reward style, who count on 1:1000 leverage. Such a ratio, however, contradicts the Delta Market policy principles. A lot of brokers use maximal leverage as a part of their scamming schemes. Company specialists are assured that reasonable leverage can get you much further in trading and do not recommend using maximal leverage. 

✪Customer support and additional services on DeltaMarket Forex✪

Delta Market has a client support package that offers all the main points provided by most brokers of European Union: 

Delta Market gets mostly positive reviews for their quality of services. Both support service and website architecture imply material accessibility for clients. All the materials on the website have been written in English (including legal information that has legal force only in its legislation language). This way, any detail can be specified on your own, or through the Delta Market specialist. Clients reviews confirm the company's fast reaction time to emerging issues. 

This company has an immaculate record, which can rarely be seen in our time; it will be really hard for you to find another broker with such a great reputation. Our review shows that this record is further reinforced by great regulatory conditions. Despite being a new company, Delta Market spends a lot of time cleaning on making their public image clean and spotless. There are minor issues with Delta Market operations, however, we believe that all of them are going to dissipate naturally or be repaired with time. 

✪Deposits and withdrawals✪

For conduction of deposits, Delta Market company provides both bank payments and possibility to use payment systems: it allows clients to pay via usual plastic cards. Bank cards usage is possible after you confirm your ownership of the card and authorization, that is required for verification in Delta Market company. scam with cards is absolutely out of the question, that is why only the card owner can make a payment, with his own hands. Getting a withdrawal is possible only the same way that money was introduced to the system before.

Delta Market has a variety of ways for withdrawal and deposition of funds: 

  1. Bank accounts transfers
  2. Credit and debit bank cards
  3. A huge number of popular payment systems

The opinion of traders about the quality of withdrawals done by the company is constantly showing that specialists are constantly working on in-time processing of payments. reviews also show that some timeouts are possible during holidays, but still, overall characterization of Delta Market fund withdrawals by reviews is quite decent. 

The most positive reviews were posted about the following topics: 

  1. Adequate support service performance
  2. Safety of transaction
  3. Convenient transaction system
  4. Absence of commission fees

Not all popular payment systems are represented; perhaps, the company will do something about that in the foreseeable future. We’ve encountered no comments calling scam.

✪Traders’ feedback about the company: DeltaMarket Reviews✪


✪Conclusions on DeltaMarket Broker✪


Of course, you must always remember that Forex trading is always associated with certain risks. However, our analysis of Delta Market broker shows that cooperation with this company can be quite safe and profitable. Company website is convenient, their trading terms are quite attractive too. Good amount of positive reviews show that Delta Market cares about their public image and reputation despite their young market age.


Comments (29)

Steven Norton 18.11.2020

I joined just two years ago and after 2019 the 2020 looks like a complete disaster. Even here with Delta Markets. Hope it will all end as something good.

Shelton Victor 24.11.2020

Remember, always control your panic. If you analyze the market, you will see the mass movements after the minor events caused by a panic. Yes, market is made from greed and fear. Be frank and analyze your pat trading: you can see many your moves were pushed by greed. You just running circles, and you need to break it. Control your emotions and look at crowd behavior to stay away and make your profits.

Lloyd Nigel 27.11.2020

Hi all, I am registering with Delta Markets and now on verification stage. Delta Markets is a good pick for me for number of reasons including privacy angle. My question relates to bank transfer. I am the UK resident and Delta Markets does not work with GBP, just euro and $. What should I do for money withdrawal? If I withdraw $$, will it land to my GBP account? Thank you

Garry Johnson 30.11.2020

Got my withdrawal as a surprise after the Halloween. I still think that verification is hard but I’ve checked and looks like them all brokers have the same procedure for it

Fleming Franklin 03.12.2020

Have heard so much about the dangers of the forex trading market and scam brokers, so I was not really sure I am ready for this. Well, I just started my cooperation with Delta Markets. At the first glance, they are a decent bunch of folks. I wish them luck to keep going. There are not too much that kind of guys nowadays. Let's hope they will keep doing good in the future.

Smith Joshua 08.12.2020

When you ask about some weak sides or pain points with Delta Markets, I even do not know what to do. Of course, Delta Markets has some minor issues. For example, many traders complaint on the slow withdrawal. Sometimes the technical support is not perfect. But frankly speaking, I don't think any trader should be really worried or upset about this.

Phelps Allen 11.12.2020

Yeah, sure, this broker really have some flaws. I’d consider this as the typical mistakes of the newbie: they are new on the market and do not know some narrow places. Their terms of cooperation are great, spreads are low, and in general the % of bureaucracy is minimal. These virtues easily overshadow all flaws. I love working with Delta Markets and have a long plans for them.

Evelyn 14.12.2020

Love how fast their support crew works. Contacted them for money transfer to my country, pure delight! Terms and timing of money withdrawals work for me also, so I can think of Delta Markets as one of the best brokers out there.If you failed to get that result, that is your lack of skills, not theirs

Rufus F. 18.12.2020

Good functionality, low commissions. Lots of features to help you increase your income. You can master the method pretty quickly. I don't always manage to take advantage of the right moment. Hope this comes with experience.

Vincenzo Rosario 23.12.2020

This is the best trading service. Asset liquidity is high. Buy and sell profitably. Low spreads. An intuitive terminal. Recommend!

Jarred Burt 29.12.2020

Don't rely on positive reviews alone. It is such an activity that success is next to defeat and loss. You need to understand that you are taking risks. Therefore, trust in the broker is important. There are enough interesting opportunities for making quick money here.

Eliot Cuevas 02.01.2021

The disadvantage of the service is delays in the withdrawal of earned money. I was on hold for 11 hours! Damn it, why does every broker's money freeze sooner or later? The support team gave me a consultation, they promised to resolve the issue within half a day. In practice, they invested in time.

Tobias Francis 07.01.2021

As for me, I have no complaints about delays. Whoever burst into tears about the problems with the withdrawal of money, just never got into scams. In this case, you need to risk exactly the amount that you can afford to lose painlessly. This market is tough. There are plenty of scammers. There are no complaints about this broker - the team works around the clock. Delays are resolved quickly.

Ephraim Richards 13.01.2021

I want to thank the support team for how they solved my problem yesterday. Thank you, you are the best! I'm used to the fact that contacting support means days of waiting, correspondence with geeks, vague answers and promises to solve everything someday. "This is in development ..." "our specialists are just busy ...". If they answer at all. When you get an immediate response and hear clear, concrete wording, it’s priceless. Also, everyone here is polite, which is also important for a good user experience.

Tarun Mcpherson 16.01.2021

No complaints. Mistakes here are common for this market segment. Somewhere you lose a little, but there is always an opportunity to return. This broker works well, knows the market . I always rely primarily on my skills and experience. And flair. I need a broker to be more confident. Not all market trends can be seen, especially now. Due to the situation with the pandemic, the financial market is volatile. So I feel more confident with a broker.

Peter Gough 22.01.2021

It`s not known what will happen to the market tomorrow. Earn who can! I am willing to take risks, but so that the chances of making a profit are greater than the chances of losing. By the way, have you noticed how many brokers have appeared? Everyone wants to cash in! I`ve been working with this broker for a long time. This is an honest broker. You can earn without any risk. I believe that stability in the market will once again become achievable. But until then, we must not lose our money! We must multiply them!

Brayden Morse 30.01.2021

I have been trading with this broker for many months. A couple of times I had to contact support. Once my money was not withdrawn. Then the system hung. Everything was fixed quickly, I confirm. I enjoy working with this team. There are good people here.

Harper 01.02.2021

I see a lot of good reviews. But little specifics, guys! I understand that no one can share their strategy. But at least tell me, are their spreads really that low or am I dreaming about?

Benjamin Bates 05.02.2021

I am constantly on the move. It is very important for me that I can trade from any device, not just at home on a computer. This is the undoubted advantage of this broker.

S. B. 12.02.2021

Experience shows that usually a broker promises one thing, and the market makes its own changes to these promises. In my experience, these guys won't try to trick you. But you also have to learn new trading techniques if you want to earn more and expand the framework of your familiar strategies.

Gerald 17.02.2021

The margin trade is great ... the opportunities are great. I highly recommend trying it. And if you are scared, then there are enough other functions that can build a strategy without loans.

Matthew Park 25.02.2021

Fantastic promises are for scam services. Where you see unrealistic opportunities for trading loans – this is definitely a sign of a site that simply will not pay you back your money. Be reasonable come on

Scott 28.02.2021

I am not ready to deal with a platform that does not have the possibility of margin trading. This is where the real fight begins! There is always a chance to get more. I love it!

Richard 04.03.2021

This broker uses a good way to attract clients: it offers short contracts, as well as great opportunities even for demo accounts. At the same time, the functionality is very developed and experienced trader has something to learn on this trading platform.

Joseph 05.03.2021

Wow, what an attentive attitude towards newbies here! Уou have a demo account and tools for good trading from the start. And teaching basic strategic moves. This is what it means to achieve customer success.

Christian 13.03.2021

Are there those who have just registered? I did it today. I want to understand how beginners feel here, what it is better to pay attention to from the very beginning. And what problems may arise with the service, if any.

de Lucas 16.03.2021

If you find a better broker, write directly here. They are not afraid of competition! I've been working with them for seven months, as well as several of my friends. Everyone is very happy so far. And in general, local guys can even advise you on another broker if something does not suit you. But there is little to complain about.

Paul McKinney 24.03.2021

You can come to this site for adequate conditions. Open a demo account to understand the basics. Still, there are more opportunities when you get promoted. I recently started practicing margin trading. All right.

Ronald 30.03.2021

Here we see a good leverage ratio. Not too tall (I would be very surprised). Not so as not to be interesting. This is a good level for users who are counting their money.


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