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Rules for trading in the market of financial instruments

When engaging in any activity, whether it be trading or any other type of business, we must have a clear idea of ​​what needs to be done in order to achieve the desired result.

Grand Union Markets reviews | Grand Union Markets scam

But don“t take it literally. Professional traders in Grand union markets broker can analyze charts, but they do it very quickly and do not expect the forecast to come to 100%.

Trade system as a special and individual approach to trade

I can give a definition of a trading system. Trading is characterized by some actions. Market analysis and receiving a trading signal, placing an order, maintaining a position, possible adjustment of its volume

What the new player Navagates | Navagates broker reviews

In addition, even if the rating continues to decline, Navagates broker believe that this is unlikely to irreversibly change the situation for the worse.

Profitable Forex Strategy for Beginners “Trancient Zones”

Forex trading strategy for beginners “Trancient Zones” is a simple indicatorless vehicle that uses transition zones, which is suitable for beginners Forex traders.

One of the Best Forex Strategy for beginners "Mathematical"

The basis of the Forex strategy for beginners “Mathematical” is, oddly enough, a mathematical, or rather, the use of simple formulas to open orders.

Forex Strategy for Beginners - The Easiest Forex Strategy

Forex Strategy for beginners “The simplest Forex strategy” is fully consistent with its name. It contains a minimum of trading conditions, does not use complex

A trader doesn't have a specific trading system - what to do

A trading system is a trading algorithm that is predetermined by a trader. If a trader does not have a specific trading system, then he cannot be a trader. What is included in the trading system?

Counter Forex Strategy

Locking positions is one of the methods of protecting a trade deposit from losses. It differs from setting a stop loss both in essence and in form.

Main Idea of an Automatic Centobot Cryptocurrency Trading. =58

In today's market, risk diversification is a topical issue. Any trading strategy has periods of losses, and the only protection in such periods

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