One of the areas that generates the most excitement in the forex market is trading with what is known as fundamental analysis, or the fundamental approach.

Trading forex using various economic data, offers traders many advantages that are not available in regular intraday forex trading. In this article, such trading is discussed in detail.

The fact is that, for example, you can occupy yourself with the careful study of various economic indicators: the production volume at the moment, any company as compared to the previous period, the release of a new product, the volume of profits, etc. A lot of different indicators can be taken into account, as they are called at once.

But is there not a simpler approach? An approach that even a recent trader can grasp?

It turns out there is! This is an example of one of the options in which you do not need to be an economist, and you do not need to be able to understand even some of the subtleties of fundamental analysis.

If, for the so-called big players (who disposes of the largest sums of money and who moves the market), the price of any stock seems too high or vice versa too low, then it will be exactly what the big players will believe.

From this example, we should consider the option of buying only. This is not an approach to trading, with sitting in front of the monitor for hours. This is the kind of trade in which only one deal can be made all day. And this deal, is concluded from the beginning of trading, because during the day anything can happen, both in the company and in the economy as a whole.

However, the key point is the final reaction of buyers themselves - whether they will be more active than sellers and whether they will be able to believe in the higher value of the shares.