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One of the Best Forex Strategy for beginners "Mathematical"

One of the Best Forex Strategy for beginners

The basis of the Forex strategy for beginners “Mathematical” is, oddly enough, a mathematical, or rather, the use of simple formulas to open orders. Trading on this trading strategy (TS), we will not use indicators or figures of technical analysis, but will simply count.



Trading takes place on any currency pair, but we recommend starting with the classic EUR / USD and GBP / USD. Timeframe - watch (H1). Trading time - 06.00 - 19.00 GMT.


Best for trading brokers are suitable - Alpari, RoboForex or Forex4You.


Opening a position on Forex strategy for beginners “Mathematical”

1. At the opening of the candle, the trader determines the closest price level, which ends with 00 or 50 (quotes - four-digit). For example, for a price of 1.6721 it is 1.6700, and for a price of 1.5837 it is 1.5850.


2. We place pending orders (BuyStop and SellStop). To do this, we round off the price at the moment the candle is opened to the first two digits and remove the comma by multiplying the quote by 10.

Example: Open (open price) 1.6721 = 1.7.

1.7 x 10 = 17 points.


Multiply this figure by 2 (17 x 2 = 34 points). Such a distance from a psychologically significant level (1.6700) will be between it and pending orders (SellStop lower, BuyStop higher):

SellStop = 1.6700 - 34 points = 1.6666.

BuyStop = 1.6700 + 34 points = 1.6734.


3. Stop orders.

Set Stop Loss at the same distance from Open (the opening price of the signal candle) = 34 points.


Stop Loss for Buy Stop = 1.6721 - 34 =

Stop Loss for Sell Stop = 1.6721 + 34 =


The Take Profit value can be obtained by multiplying the candle opening price by 100, and then zeroing the numbers that follow the 2nd digit:

Take Profit = 1.6721 x 100 = 167.21, zero and get 160 points.


We postpone this value from the price of entry into the market:

Take Profit for Buy Stop = 1.6734 + 160 p. = 1.6894.

Take Profit for Sell Stop = 1,6666 - 160 p. = 1,6506.


You also need to set a trailing stop, the size of which is 2.5 of the rounded Open (opening prices). In our example, this is 2.5 x 17 = 42.5, rounded to 42.


Each pending order has expiration (the period after which it becomes irrelevant). This period is 1 hour, i.e. if pending orders have not worked for an hour, they must be deleted by performing new calculations using the Open (open price) of the new candle.


If any of the pending orders triggered, then the opposite order is immediately deleted.


At 20.00 GMT with open orders, our actions are as follows:

- if the position is in profit, we transfer the stop loss to breakeven.

- if the position is in the drawdown, then either close at the current price, or rearrange the take profit to the Open level.


Here is such a simple Forex strategy for beginners “Mathematical”.  Remember that the profitability of trading depends very much on the broker you choose!




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