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OneLounge BBlove R161 Thermometer: Features of use

OneLounge BBlove R161 Thermometer


Health is the most important human value. During the pandemic, we were able to understand this in a new way. Today we decided to make a useful review of a novelty in our store: the OneLounge BBlove R161 non-contact infrared thermometer. We will tell you how a thermometer works, why it is better than an ordinary electric thermometer, and why it is worth buying such a device during a pandemic. Non-contact infrared thermometers are far from new to the market. There are a great variety of them from different brands, but to be honest, little was said about them before the pandemic. To be honest, most hospitals and ordinary users do not even understand until this time: what is the advantage of a non-contact infrared thermometer over a conventional electric one, not to mention a mercury one. Today we decided to make such a small review on the OneLounge BBlove R161 thermometer and at the same time tell you about all the advantages of this gadget.

OneLounge BBlove R161 thermometer package and design

This OneLounge BBlove R161 infrared thermometer is packed in a regular cardboard box. Inside it is the thermometer itself, securely wrapped in a foam layer and instructions for use. Nothing out of the ordinary - this is the standard equipment of such products. In order to turn on the thermometer, you will need two AA finger batteries, so you have to buy them in advance. The design of the device is very minimalistic but pleasing.

OneLounge BBlove R161 thermometer

The OneLounge BBlove R161 non-contact infrared thermometer is made of durable plastic, has a proportional structure made under the classic TV remote control. The thermometer itself is quite weighty, but it is pleasant and convenient to hold it in your hand, so even children can handle temperature measurements. On the thermometer itself there is only one button, which is responsible for both turning on and setting / fixing the temperature. On the back of the handle there are holes for batteries.

Thermometer capabilities

The main advantages of a non-contact infrared thermometer are the safe measurement of human body temperature without the need for direct contact with it. This is very convenient in many cases: if your child is asleep and you need to measure his temperature, you do not need to wake the baby up and force him to keep the thermometer close at hand, as was the case in the old days. It is enough just to present the sensor to the forehead or any other part of the body and the thermometer will instantly show the temperature data. Another plus is the measurement speed. Remember the times when you had to hold an electric thermometer for a few minutes? So, those days are over. With the OneLounge BBlove R161 thermometer, you only need a second to check your body temperature.

A significant advantage is also the ability to personalize the thermometer for yourself. In addition, the OneLounge BBlove R161 thermometer is very accurate in its measurements. It displays body temperature to the nearest tenth of a degree. Therefore, you can always be calm and not need to re-measure. All data is displayed on a large enough and bright LCD screen, so even older people or small children can use this gadget to measure their own temperature.


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