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Unicredit: agreement with trade unions, bonus €1,430 for 2021

Overview of the agreement between Unicredit and trade unions

An agreement has been reached between Unicredit and the unions on a bonus related to 2021 performance bonuses. This was announced by an Italian bank in a note, explaining that the premium includes an amount of 1,430 euros, which is 40% more than last year if you choose the Conto Welfare imputation and 880 euros (+15%) if you choose the cash payment.
In both cases, collective dental coverage is also confirmed. The Social Security credit will take place in July, and those who choose the cash payment will receive it in June.

Unicredit, bonus agreement

The agreement for Unicredit employees also confirmed the possibility of using social days (maximum 5), disabled family contribution, “4-12 years contribution” and “Christmas strand”, for which only automatic assignment of benefits is provided, as in previous years. In addition, given the persistence of the pandemic, an extension was agreed until 27 November 2022 to use the amounts credited to the social security account in July 2021.
“The agreement reached with the Italian unions to determine the performance bonus of the company in 2021 is another message of attention and gratitude to our employees for their commitment,” said Ilaria Dalla Riva, Head of People and Culture at UniCredit Italia, “which guaranteed the continuity of service to our customers during such a difficult period.

Stefano Cefaloni, Fabi Coordinator at Unicredit Group, added:

“This is an important result that recognizes the commitment, work and self-denial of all workers in a difficult situation. For our group, this is by far the most significant amount in the last 11 years.”

New agreement after the agreement on 1200 exits

Five days ago, the institute, led by Andrea Orsel, signed another agreement with trade unions for 1,200 exits and 725 recruits of young people. Compared to 1,200 layoffs on a voluntary basis alone, 725 new youth employees have been approved and 1,000 workers currently in training have been confirmed: a total of 1,725  stable jobs, i.e. 525 more than 1,200 exits.

The agreement, in particular, concerns the impact of the industrial plan "Unlocked 2022-2024" on employment, provides for the first block of 950 exits to be managed with retirement and early retirement, only on a voluntary basis, through the Solidarity Fund, compensated by 475 employees. A second exit window was also established for 250 workers, always on a voluntary basis, compensated by 250 entries.

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