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Proper care of refrigerator

Proper care of refrigerator


It is difficult to imagine an apartment or house where there are no so-called "helpers". We are talking about all sorts of devices purchased in home appliance stores. We are so used to them that it is almost impossible to imagine life without their participation. And if you can still do without a coffee maker, blender and microwave, it will be very difficult for the hostess without a refrigerator. And if it is so important, then you need special care for the refrigerator. What kind? Let's talk in the article.

The difference is in the care of refrigerators that need and do not need defrosting

All equipment is divided into two types: some models have a defrost function, others - you need to defrost yourself.

In the context of defrosting the refrigerator, we are talking about the "No frost" system. Having a system means that the user does not have to periodically remove everything from the refrigerator and freezer to remove frost. No frost will defrost on its own, using a special heating part. The water formed during the melting of ice flows down the drain and, due to the heat produced by the compressor, is converted into steam.

If the cooling technology of the refrigerator and freezer is not provided, you need to periodically free the refrigerator from ice formations. What causes ice inside the device? It's simple: the products that are placed in it, evaporate moisture that accumulates on the working units. Of course, a layer of ice is unlikely to break the refrigerator. But if you ignore it for a long time, then over time the layer thickens, so to cool the products will require more electricity and time. Make sure that the layer of snow on the walls of the freezer and the main chamber does not exceed 5-6 mm. Importantly! It is better to defrost the refrigerator in the cold season, and after the procedure - turn it on in the evening or early morning, then the system will quickly reach the desired temperature.

In general, it is easy to guess that caring for a No frost refrigerator is much easier than a system that does not have this technology.

How to properly defrost and wash the refrigerator

Clearing the ice and snow inside the refrigerator does not mean just taking it and unplugging it and then waiting for everything to melt. The right approach is needed.

First, you need to inspect the contents of the refrigerator and make sure that none of the products, when heated to room temperature, will not spoil. Ideally, move everything to another refrigerator.
Secondly, if the kitchen is very hot, it is better to postpone thawing for later. At high temperatures, the refrigerator will get rid of ice faster, but then will cool much longer, which can negatively affect the durability of its units.
Third, turn off the device using the knob and then unplug it. You can then delete the products. If you do not have another refrigerator to temporarily accommodate them, try to put all the provisions in a cool place and cover with blankets.
Most modern devices are equipped with a tray for water that is formed during thawing. Manufacturers can also provide holes for connecting a special tube for drainage. But, if these options are not provided, it is enough to substitute some capacity. Preferably wide, it covers the entire perimeter of the lower part of the refrigerator and, thus, minimizes the possibility of spilling melt water. Otherwise, the accumulated moisture can be collected with a washcloth or cloth.


The last step just before thawing is to remove the shelves, boxes, trays and grates.

The defrosting process itself is natural - with the help of an automatic defrost system, or at room temperature. But here are some things to keep in mind.

To speed up the process, you can put a container with boiling water in the refrigerator. The ice will melt faster from exposure to a hair dryer or fan heater.
If you see that ice blocks are separated from the walls, it is desirable to remove them immediately. And thawing will be faster and there will be less water. By the way, the blocks can simply be put in the sink. However, keep in mind that forcibly clearing snow from the walls of the refrigerator is highly undesirable! Not only can you scratch the walls, making them unattractive, you also run the risk of breaking the refrigerant units. In any case, do not cut anything with a knife, there are special blades with a rubber tip, similar to those that remove the field from the windshield of the car. But even with such a spatula should be removed only melted ice.
When the ice has melted, the refrigerator compartments can be washed. Carefully treat walls, shelves and containers with water using a refrigerator care product. Household chemical stores have enough cleaning products - expensive and more affordable. But it is better to prefer creamy, liquid or gel preparations. Means of such texture do not leave small scratches on a surface.


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