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Pyramid Strategy. When does it make sense to use a pyramid?

Pyramid Strategy. When does it make sense to use a pyramid?


Did you know that your earnings in trading binary options depend on competent trading account management? There is one good trading strategy based on trading account management that can really help increase it. And which is not as risky as martingale. It's called Pyramid Strategy.


You can hear about Martingale strategy from almost any forum or blog dedicated to trading and binary options. This strategy has already been studied lengthwise and across, some based on it come up with new strategies and teach you all the same Martingale only in a new wrap. It is simple and easy to understand, even for beginners, even technical and fundamental analysis is not necessary! For Martingale, you open one option for a certain amount, in case of failure, you open the next option and increase the amount of the bet twice, in case of a second unsuccessful agreement you increase the third bet twice again. And so, as long as your entire deposit is not successful.


You will not have to wait long for a deposit loss. As you can see on the screen, this strategy is able to devour even the largest deposit in just 10 deals. That is why I recommended that you use a Martingale strategy and calculator no more than a third step. I am sure that people have read my strategy carefully, managed to save their savings and nerve cells from the inevitable loss. Use my vast experience in the financial markets, martingale is able to work well, up to only 3 knees, then you will just break the rules of managing your deposit and trading will become a game for you called roulette. Now regarding pyramid in binary options. Pyramiding is a method of managing a trading account when trading binary options. It consists in opening the same transactions for the same asset, the same expiration time, only the entry point of the transaction and the amount of the transaction can differ (I usually open the same amount).


When does it make sense to use pyramid? I resort to pyramiding when I am most confident in the success of an open transaction: - For example, a few minutes passed after an open operation, and I saw that one or more indicators that were silent at the time of the first operation now indicate the direction I want. - When I noticed that now the point of entry into the agreement is much better than in the previous agreement, and I am sure that the course will go in the right direction. -When I see that the asset is in the right direction and I'm not going to turn around. The maximum I can open is another one or two additional deals for the same amount, and only if I'm sure I can make it. I trade mostly with expiration time of 30-45 minutes, so one - two deals is not much. There is also an aggressive pyramid where you can open an unlimited number of deals, it will only make sense for deals with a long expiration time. The meaning of refilling options is only in the case of high confidence in earnings. Pyramiding - This is an opportunity to earn more on correct and quality forecasts.


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