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The Rothschild company will get a friend of Trump

Rothschild company | Alexander Rothschild

The name of the receiver of the monetary Rothschild empire became known. In May, David Rothschild will absolve himself of all the privileges of the head of the financial group, appointing his son, Alexander, who is 37 at the moment, chief. Alexander should be approved on the board of directors on May 17. Alexander already has a reputation for his long-standing business with Donald Trump.

For 300 years of history, the Rothschilds roam quite a few rumors, some of them even belong to them themselves. They unite a couple dozen big bankers, people engaged in industry and businessmen. In the clan there are 5 branches, but the most significant can be considered French, which is governed by David.

Alexander began to move along the career ladder without the help of the Rothschilds. He went to the UK. First he worked with Argan Capital and Jardine Matheson, and was responsible for the formation of medium-sized businesses. Then he moved to the US, where he already worked for Bear Steans and Bank of America.

He communicated with many people and among them was Donald Trump, who at that time was an ordinary entrepreneur. After the crisis of the bank Bear Steans, Alexander has a lot to do with Trump. Despite this, good friends of Trump and Alexander Rothschild are not considered.

At first, Alexander had to stand out and work on the side. But by 2008, he joined the family business - or rather started to manage Rothschild and Co - other family members have long been engaged in this, like his father. The beginning of his career takes in 1966 in one of the industrial companies specializing in the extraction of raw materials.Rothschild company

The father and son of Rothschild, were completely opposite in certain decisions. The Rothschild-eldest was accused of not respecting the tradition of the family. He violated the tradition of the family: to take as his wife only a Jewish woman.

But Alexander decided to restore the tradition: his wife professes Judaism. Olympia Aldobrandini, Alexander's wife, is a representative of the black nobility. She is part of the noble Bordeaux-Groul family from France who owns the company Tipiak - which is one of the most significant food companies around the world. It is worth noting the interesting fact that he met with Olympia during equestrian sports. Alexander and Olympia are seriously engaged in jumping. The Rothschild family, in general, sympathizes with this occupation and pours money into most international competitions.

The post of deputy head of Rothschild and Co Alexander took three years ago. At the moment, the financial and holding company is in a remarkable position - with the help of reasonable and proper management and the desire not to make dangerous investments. Alexander's style, not looking at his age, is very circumspect.

The assets of Rothschild and Co have a value of around 10 billion euros. The capital of this clan is divided into five branches. The condition of family members is very rarely more than a billion dollars.

In the clan, there is a certain competition between the English and French branches.

Alexander is a representative of the French branch, and another competitor for the post of head of Rothschild and Co, 46-year-old Nathaniel Philip Rothschild - refers to the British branch.

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