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Agência Brasil puts up an interesting building for sale

Sale of Agência Brasil headquarters, details overview

Agência Brasil - Companhia Docas do Rio de Janeiro (CDRJ), which manages the ports of Rio de Janeiro, Itaguai, Niteroi and Angra dos Reis, has put up for sale the company's headquarters building, located at Rua do Acre, 21, the port region of the capital, a few meters from Maua Square.

The property has 13 floors, two shops and two underground segments and has 5,628.84 square meters (m2) of built-up area. The estimated cost has been reduced from the original 28.4 million reais to 21.8 million reais, according to the Brazilian Agency (1st) Docks Business Development Manager Eduardo Correia Migues.

The sale was announced by the Port Authority after the completion of the change of administrative sectors to the temporary headquarters at 35 Rua Dom Gerardo, a property also owned by the company, where the teams occupy the tenth floor.

Eduardo Correia Miguez said he expected to sell the building this year. “At first we aim to identify stakeholders, whether public or private, but within the company we have already started procedures for preparing the notification. Then, the process of external bidding will begin according to the e-commerce model.” Miges reported that the manifestation of stakeholders is desirable even for assessing the success of the operation. The property is empty.


Companies interested in purchasing should contact the Companhia Docas do Rio commercial team at Information is also available via the Internet.

In addition to access facilitated by the metro (Uruguaiana) and VLT (São Bento) stations, the building that housed the administrative headquarters of The Docks of Rio enjoys a privileged location because it is very close to several of Porto Maravil's attractions, such like Museum of Tomorrow, Rio Art Museum, Pier Maua, Olympic Boulevard, Largo San Francisco da Prainha, Roda Gigante Rio Star, AquaRio and Porto Future Market.

Migues also said that the company intends to carry out work in the administrative building of the port of Rio, at Rua Rodrigues Alves, 20, to accommodate all cdrj teams. Some sectors of the company are already in operation. "The place will be moved there."

Historical records

CDRJ recorded a record annual revenue record, reaching RUB 1.050 billion in 2021, which means an increase, in nominal terms, i.e. inflation discounting, of 62.1% compared to 2020. The four ports operated by the Port Authority - Rio de Janeiro, Itaguai, Niteroi and Angra dos Reis - moved together 61.9 million tons, the largest volume in three years.

Docas do Rio CEO Francisco Antonio de Magalhães Laranjeira assessed that the financial result, obtained for the first time in the company's history, is due to a combination of factors.

“The extraordinary revenue in 2021 was driven both by increased cargo handling and by variables such as the exchange rate and the price of iron ore in the international market, which increased the export earnings of our main commodity (agricultural or mineral products traded in the external market).” Laranjeira also noted successful negotiations with major trading partners, effective cash flow management and the lowest level of debt in recent years.

The CDRJ President said last year's figures underline the trend of economic recovery after a difficult period due to the covid-19 pandemic, while strengthening the importance of the Rio de Janeiro port complex for the development of the country. Laranjeira believes that the pace of growth is expected to continue in 2022, "with a constant search for administrative and operational efficiency."


A report from the company's business planning department shows that the 61.9 million tons recorded last year was 13.2% higher than the total achieved in 2020. According to the report, 2021 performance was positively impacted by an increase in iron ore exports, with 44.8 million tonnes moved, up 13.7% from 2020. The data also points to a 9.6% increase in containerized cargo, especially in the port of Rio de Janeiro, the company said.

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