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Sharefounders broker experts: do not wait until you have a lot of money to start investing. You will never have a lot of money...Sharefounders broker scam?....

Investing in the forex market: how to become an investor and what you need to remember


What is investing, and how to make it profitable?

Sharefounders, a broker with extensive experience in the investment market, has prepared a shortlist of recommendations for those who want to become an investor. And the first recommendation of our experts - forget the phrase “passive income.” An investor who wants to get profit from the investments must continuously control the investment assets. Otherwise, the invested funds will simply disappear.

How can I become an investor?

Again, the recommendation of Sharefounders broker experts: do not wait until you have a lot of money to start investing. You will never have a lot of money, whatever amount of money you dream about because there are always some needs or desires.  Start saving 20% from each finance receipt you get. Pretty soon, you will have an amount that you can operate on the investment market.

As soon as you learn to earn for living and to save some money, you will face the question: how to multiply these funds. You can keep this money under a mattress, according to the good old tradition. However, the cash can lose its purchase power because of inflation; besides, it can attract fraudsters. Sharefounders has repeatedly warned about the non-effectiveness of cash savings. You also can open a deposit account in the bank - but the dividends are also not very high, taking in attention the inflation. When a future investor recognizes this fact, he or she begins to consider investments that can cover at least the monthly needs for food and living.

What are the traditional assets for investment?

The most traditional assets for investments are real estate and business. In many parts of the world, real estate is the safest asset, said Sharefounders. Reviews from investors prove that many of them believe they can quickly sell their real estate. However, the recent string of crises in the global market has shaken investors’ confidence in the reliability of the real estate market. Due to cheap mortgages, many low-income families purchased the apartments and then were unable to buy them. It created the mortgage bubble, and after it collapsed, it hit both developers and property prices. So, the liquidity of real estate is not so high.

Investments in a business may be super-profitable, but it may not be. There is a wide choice and many opportunities in this market for a novice investor, and it is hard to focus on. The set of offers ranges from buying shoes in China at a wholesale price to a stock in a large company. But for beginners, it is complicated to choose a profitable project, not a scam. Sharefounders exemplifies the simple fact that even in the high-tech market, 95% of startup companies are closing, without even a returning on the initial investments, without speaking about the profit.

What are other assets for investment?

In addition to tangible assets, you can also invest in financial assets. There are several types of financial assets: securities, stocks, government bonds, as well as the cryptocurrencies, binary options, and forex. Sharefounders has been a financial market expert for many years. Therefore, we propose to consider financial assets from different perspectives.

Shares. When you buy a stock, you become a co-owner of the company. Of course, without purchasing a significant stake of shares, you will not be able to influence the work of the company. But you can get the dividends on your stock. Besides, if a company successfully develops, the price of its shares goes up, and they can be sold with a profit. The benefit of the shares for investments - only the large companies can enter this market. The pain point is the price can seem too high for a private investor. Sometimes on the stock market appear the share that costs $1 or even less. Don’t be in a rush and avoid buying these stocks – it is possible they are used by fraudsters. Sharefounders advises avoiding buying the junk stocks.

Public bonds. It is one of the most reliable assets in the world - of course if released by a trusted state. This is the main strength and weakness: in industrialized countries, the yield on the bonds is only a couple of percent per year, and in third-world countries, where the state can disappear before the maturity of the loan, the yield can be higher. This is a high risk but not a scam. Sharefounders recommends studying the history of the public bonds in the USSR, especially at the moment of country collapse.

Mutual investment funds. The idea of mutual funds is excellent: small investors cooperate, accumulate a significant capital, and then invest it in different assets. The trick is that everything depends on the fund manager. If a manager chooses a wrong asset for investment, the fund may ruin, and investors will receive neither deposits nor dividends. By the way, it is a popular scheme among the market scammers. Sharefounders recommends scrutinizing the history of the fund and its founders before investing in mutual funds.

Forex market. In the forex market, it is possible to become a trader. The investor transfers the funds to the deposit account in the brokerage company. We recommend using the services of the Sharefounders broker. The individual trader can access the global forex market via the intermediary. The trader studies the rules of the forex market, the mechanisms of its work, and tries to multiply the funds with the difference of the exchange rates.

The investor in the forex market does not have to trade. As every occupation, trading requires regular training, knowledge of the theory, good intuition, and a lot of free time. Not everyone has enough time to become a professional trader. If you do not plan to become a professional trader, you can pass the deposit to management. This type of investment is known as a PAMM account. Sharefounders broker is proud that this company employs a few professional traders who can increase their investments and money on PAMM accounts.

Finally, the most critical recommendation is never to keep all your eggs in one basket and always make an investment portfolio of different assets.


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