Sharefounders Reviews : how to become an investor and what you need to remember

Sharefounders review broker experts: do not wait until you have a lot of money to start investing... Sharefounders broker scam?... Reviews from good traders...

Sharefounders Reviews : how to become an investor and what you need to remember

Investing in the forex market: how to become an investor and what you need to remember

 What is investing, and how to make it profitable?

To invest means to give money for somebody’s business and then return it with the profit. Sharefounders, a broker with extensive experience in the investment market, has prepared a shortlist of recommendations for those who want to become an investor. And the first recommendation of our experts - forget the phrase “passive income.” An investor who wants to get profit from the investments must continuously control the investment assets. Otherwise, the invested funds will disappear.

Let us explain this on a simple example — the image you purchased the large office building as the commercial estate. Several companies rent the offices in this building. As the landlord, you should solve numerous problems every day. You should sign the agreements, control the utilities, and answer the hundreds of questions. Of course, one person cannot do this, so you hire people for help. However, warns Sharefounders broker, you still have to control these people. You cannot just leave it be and collect your money one time per month: in this case, you can face the situation when your property is out of service, and the angry tenants demand to compensate their losses. Sharefounders broker believes this is not a scam, just business risk. However, your investment will not get profit if you do not pay attention to it.

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Your investments in financial assets also require your attention and control. Despite the asset you chose, you should control the situation. If you hire some people to help you, you should control these people. So, you can multiply your capital on the financial market, but please remember you cannot just relax and wait for future benefits. The investor is also a job, and the primary responsibility for this position is to control the capital flow. A reliable broker, like Share founders broker, will help you with this. 


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How can I become an investor?

You cannot just start investing spontaneously at any moment of your life. Again, the recommendation of Sharefounders broker experts: do not wait until you have a lot of money to start investing. You will never have a lot of money, whatever amount of money you dream about because there are always some needs or desires. Start saving 20% from each finance receipt you get. Pretty soon, you will have an amount that you can operate on the investment market. Please do not be in a rush, act thoroughly, and reasonably.

As soon as you learn to earn for living and to save some money, you will face the question: how to multiply these funds. You can keep this money under a mattress, according to the good old tradition. However, the cash can lose its purchase power because of inflation; besides, it can attract fraudsters. Sharefounders has repeatedly warned about the non-effectiveness of cash savings. You also can open a deposit account in the bank - but the dividends are also not very high, taking in attention the inflation. When a future investor recognizes this fact, he or she begins to consider investments that can cover at least the monthly needs for food and living.

So, you split your financial flows. The first and the main should support you, provide you money for living. As a rule, it is a main job. The first flow, initially this and weak, is your investments in future. Very often the new investors make the mistakes and lose their money. One of the typical mistakes – they consider Share founders broker as a scam and chose other brokers. Besides, it is easy for new investor to make a mistake with the asset for investments. So please, invest the amount of money you can lose without the damage to you and your close ones.

What are the traditional assets for investment?

The most traditional assets for investments are real estate and business. In many parts of the world, real estate is the safest asset, said Sharefounders broker. Of course, the purchase of the commercial estate requires the significant sum of money. Moreover, after the initial investment the property can demand the additional investments. However, despite the high entry barrier many of investors believe the real estate is the most reliable investment asset. They get their profit from the rent, and can resell their property if the situation changes. Here is the main mistake of them. They believe they can quickly sell their real estate.

The recent string of crises in the global market has shaken investors’ confidence in the reliability of the real estate market. Financial crisis 2008 started from the mortgage collapse. Due to cheap mortgages, many low-income families purchased the apartments and then were unable to buy them. It created the mortgage bubble, and after it collapsed, it hit both developers and property prices. Many landlords tried to get of their assets but the market was oversaturated with the propositions. They had to wait for a better time, or sell their property for a half-price. Sharefounders broker warn it is not scam but the real situation on the property market. So, the liquidity of real estate is not so high.

Investments in a business may be super-profitable, but it may not be. There is a wide choice and many opportunities in this market for a novice investor, and it is hard to focus on. The set of offers ranges from buying shoes in China at a wholesale price to a stock in a large company. But for beginners, it is complicated to choose a profitable project, not a scam. Sharefounders exemplifies the simple fact that even in the high-tech market, 95% of startup companies are closing, without even a returning on the initial investments, without speaking about the profit.

What are other assets for investment?

In addition to tangible assets, you can also invest in financial assets. There are several types of financial assets: securities, stocks, government bonds, as well as the cryptocurrencies, binary options, and forex. What assets you chose for investments, depends on your investment style and affordable risk level. Public bonds, for example, are the less risky asset, but the profitability is 2-3% in average. Cryptocurrencies can bring you 100%, 200%, and even 500% profit, but the probability to lose everything is high. Sharefounders broker has been a financial market expert for many years. Therefore, we propose to consider financial assets from different perspectives.

Shares. When you buy a stock, you become a co-owner of the company. Of course, without purchasing a significant stake of shares, you will not be able to influence the work of the company. But you can get the dividends on your stock. Many people dream of they could buy Apple shares 20 years ago. Besides, if a company successfully develops, the price of its shares goes up, and they can be sold with a profit. The benefit of the shares for investments - only the large companies can enter this market. The pain point is the price can seem too high for a private investor. However, cheap stocks are not so good. Sometimes on the stock market the share that costs $1 or even less appears and starts active growth. Don’t be in a rush and avoid buying these stocks – it is possible they are used by fraudsters. Sharefounders advises avoiding buying the junk stocks. Nevertheless, corporate stocks are the reliable and popular investment asset.

Public bonds. Public bonds are the method of capital accumulation in the national budget of the emitting country. Buying these bonds, you borrow the certain amount of money to the country. It promises to pay it with the bonus. It is one of the most reliable assets in the world - of course if released by a trusted state. This is the main strength and weakness: in industrialized countries, the yield on the bonds is only a couple of percent per year, and in third-world countries, where the state can disappear before the maturity of the loan, the yield can be higher. This is a high risk but not a scam. Sharefounders recommends studying the history of the public bonds in the USSR, especially at the moment of country collapse. The USSR paid the obligations with the significant discount. For those investors who rejected the discount offer, the country developed the compensation program. So, when the emitting country is in the political crisis, the purchase of its public bonds is not the best idea.

Mutual investment funds. The idea of mutual funds is excellent: small investors cooperate, collect their money in one place, accumulate a significant capital, and then invest it in different assets. Mutual funds help small investors to enter the markets with high financial threshold, for example, the ICOs. In the mutual investment fund everything depends on the fund manager. If a manager is the experienced finance professional, the fund with bring the profit to all investors.  If a manager chooses a wrong asset for investment, the fund may ruin, and investors will receive neither deposits nor dividends. By the way, it is a popular scheme among the market scammers. Sharefounders recommends scrutinizing the history of the fund and its founders before investing in mutual funds.

Commodities. When you invest in commodities on the stock market, you do not buy the tons of metals or palm oil. You buy the future contracts. Following these contracts, the producer must deliver the specified volume of this commodity at the specified period of time. The cost of the contract can go up and down, depending on the market demand for this commodity, general economic situations, and other political and economic term. For example, the military actions in Africa stimulate the growth of coffee price. Buying and selling the contracts, you can earn a respectable amount of money.

Forex market. In the forex market, it is possible to become a trader. The trading is not an investing because the trader runs its business. All the profits belong to trader but all the risk and all decisions on the trader’s side, too. However, it is also possible to invest in forex without dealing with trading. The investor transfers the funds to the deposit account in the brokerage company. We recommend using the services of the Sharefounders broker. The individual trader can access the global forex market via the intermediary. The trader studies the rules of the forex market, the mechanisms of its work, and tries to multiply the funds with the difference of the exchange rates.

The investor in the forex market does not have to trade. As every occupation, trading requires regular training, knowledge of the theory, good intuition, and a lot of free time. Not everyone has enough time to become a professional trader. If you do not plan to become a professional trader, you can pass the deposit to management. This type of investment is known as a PAMM account. Sharefounders broker is proud that this company employs a few professional traders who can increase their investments and money on PAMM accounts.

Finally, the most critical recommendation is never to keep all your eggs in one basket and always make an investment portfolio of different assets.


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  1. Gilbert U. 08.01.2020
    So, on Sharefounders… I made some nice deals there last month and planning on increasing my investments in the future.
    1. Sanders F. 15.01.2020
      What I love the most about Sharefounders is the simplicity of communication with them — they have some awesome specialists working for them and eager to help with any problems. Live long and prosper!
      1. Ben H. 24.01.2020
        Aaaaand another successful month in the green with Sharefounders. I don't know if there’s some dark magic they exploit to make traders prosper but it surely works for me. Sorry, can’t write anymore — gotta withdraw my hard-earned money ^_^
        1. Smith U. 31.01.2020
          All these naggers will hate any broker they see whichever arguments you provide them, so just ignore. ShareFounders are really good and I’m glad I’ve decided to work with them.
          1. Johnson Q. 05.02.2020
            Despite some minor issues, I can still say that ShareFounders is probably the best broker I’ve ever worked with. No, really, try them.
            1. Lam Z. 11.02.2020
              ShareFounders made my financial problems obsolete in a couple of month. I’ve no idea what better example you might need when deciding on what broker to choose. Stop wasting time.
              1. Brown P. 17.02.2020
                If you like to work slowly but surely, ShareFounders is perfect for you. I’ve built a significant amount of investment capital with them and it keep growing. Real nice.
                1. Gelbero E. 24.02.2020
                  If you are a beginner, it would be really hard to find a better broker than ShareFounders. These guys are golden, you have to check them.
                  1. Taylor S. 02.03.2020
                    You should IGNORE ShareFounders if you have a hard case of money intolerance! Ha-ha, just kidding, of course, but really, you can make a lot with them.
                    1. Gilmore L. 08.03.2020
                      Love this platform. Sharefounders might just be one of the best choices for traders right now. For amateur traders as well.
                      1. Roberts T. 19.03.2020
                        Working with Sharefounders is like watching a Marvel movie — it’s all flashy and awesome. And the best part is you also get money afterwards. Maybe all the trading process looks that way but I still don’t want to change anything if its profitable
                        1. Nathan R. 26.03.2020
                          Received my first withdrawal from Sharefounders with some zeros Well, guys, you had my curiosity, but now you have my attention and good broker reviews
                          1. Waldo Cannon 03.04.2020
                            Was trading with Sharefounders for a while now, gotta admit they know what they are doing. Good earnings too.
                            1. Alexander Ray 11.04.2020
                              I find it fascinating how old-timer still don't realize that most money are digital now and try to stick to their paper pieces. Guys, no one goes around carrying bags with gold coins anymore, brokers work online these days. Yes, Sharefounders does too.
                              1. Lexi Flores 16.04.2020
                                Sharefounders is much better than the last broker i was working with. I don't think i can find better alternatives in short term so I'll just stick with them for a while and see where that leads me.
                                1. Clay Parsons 22.04.2020
                                  Sharefounders is somewhat odd when it comes to brokers, because they don't focus on the entertaining stuff for traders like trading tournaments and all that but they look decent when it comes to serious stuff.
                                  1. Louis Farrow 30.04.2020
                                    Trading became much easier for me when I began cooperating with Sharefounders. I don'r really know what's the trick here but I guess they do know something other brokers don't. Anyway, I'm happy about the profits and that's all I really need.
                                    1. Gavin Hicks 05.05.2020
                                      I have to wonder what really does make a succesful broker. Those Sharefounders folks, for example — what's their trick?
                                      1. Ginger T. 12.05.2020
                                        Interface seems badly but all services work. Will surely recommend
                                        1. Trevor Z. 18.05.2020
                                          My friend said to me withdrawing can be too slow, but I haven’t experienced anything like it yet. Maybe it works only for large amounts.
                                          1. Brody Angle 22.05.2020
                                            Just began working with Sharefounders and already feel some good vibes from them. I've heard a lot about fraud brokers haunting the market and am really glad to work with legit guys. Hope they will stay afloat for a long time.
                                            1. Corrie Bains 29.05.2020
                                              Dealing with Sharefounders is easy and good, I really love the process. Escpecially their customer care specialists — its a relief to finally work with people who know how to speak politely and are professionals at the same time.
                                              1. Felix 01.06.2020
                                                The trading terminal is good, no gaps or suspesions. Spreads are low enough to invest in most currencies. In my opinion, this company has most suitable terms on the market. The only drawback is account verification process, it takes time and requires quite a number of papers but looks like it's common point for all of brokers I've worked with during last two years.
                                                1. D. 07.06.2020
                                                  Great company and comfortable trading
                                                  1. Parson F. 13.06.2020
                                                    I’ve put some money into Sharefounders, got some in return, okay. To be honest, I expected more. Where are those super profits everyone is excited about for trading?
                                                    1. Ike Guzman 19.06.2020
                                                      I'd really like to begin trading with Sharefounders, but cannot trust the market right now.
                                                      1. Nathan 23.06.2020
                                                        By the way, if we talk about the «okay» broker cathegory, you gotta mention Sharefounders: I've checked these dudes recently and they seem fine. Not going to invest fortunes in them (not before I get one anyway lol) but they are no worse than others.
                                                        1. Peter Williamson 30.06.2020
                                                          I’m wondering, what does it take to succeed as a broker right now? Im sure I wouldn’t be able to make it, it seems like helluva job. Though guys like Sharefounders manage it, maybe they know something.
                                                          1. Harry Rich 04.07.2020
                                                            Hello, fellows, I’ve recently been away from all this and glad to be back for business soon. was thinking about getting a new broker, gathering information right now. what would you tell me about Sharefounders for example? Are they worth a try? Of course, I did my research, but it looks like there aint much info available out there about them, so you’re my last hope.
                                                            1. Leo B. 10.07.2020
                                                              I’m so tired of all the negative vibes going around in the trading community, to be honest. It looks like you pros just trying to scare us newbies into letting you take all the tasty bits of the market. What’s all that about meticulously choosing a right broker? I’ve got myself Sharefounders, what, aren’t they good enough for you?
                                                              1. Clinton 16.07.2020
                                                                Why is everyone so loud about Sharefounders anyway? I haven’t heard about them before and to me all this seems just fine. Can you guys tell me what all this is about? Are they some star brokers or something?
                                                                1. Kelley C. 20.07.2020
                                                                  You guys won't belive the size of withdrawal I've just received from Sharefounders. If that is not success, I dont know what is.
                                                                  1. Ken Saunders 26.07.2020
                                                                    Выполняется получение данных. Подождите несколько секунд, а затем еще раз попробуйте вырезать или скопировать.
                                                                    1. Ethan 03.08.2020
                                                                      I love this broker. There are a handful of issues, but they are mostly minor. What's even more important, none of those issues can derail their operations, and they always successfully bring their clients to profit.
                                                                      1. Donald 06.08.2020
                                                                        Have just entered the world of trading, and this company was my first choice after a brief research. Not complaining yet, everything is pretty fine and looking optimistic. Guess time will tell if I should stick with these guys for long.
                                                                        1. Brian Foster 11.08.2020
                                                                          I have a vast experience with different brokers over my long career. This company is definitely somewhere near the top of their list. I'm working with it for about half a year now and there were no major issues with our cooperation. Hope it will stay this way.
                                                                          1. Allen Craig 15.08.2020
                                                                            It doesn't matter if you're a beginner or a skilled pro in trading, you still need a good broker. This company here might be exactly what you're looking for, they have all the goods. Their spreads are especially good — I haven't seen lower spreads in a long time.
                                                                            1. Peregrine 21.08.2020
                                                                              I must confess, I just love trading. Wish I could've started this earlier, before I had the possibility to waste all that time at my office job. Thanks to this broker, I'm working to overcome my past mistakes. Together with them, of course.
                                                                              1. Isaac A. 28.08.2020
                                                                                Guys, you can discuss those little disadvantages of this company all you want, but the truth is there aren't any serious competition for their skillset on the market right now. I dont like monopolies myself, but the fact is they are just simply one of the best out there.
                                                                                1. Marc 03.09.2020
                                                                                  I can only describe my experience with this broker as… weird, I guess. My output was a little bit of profit and the feeling that my financial situation remained pretty much the same. Didn't lose any money too though. Just that, weird.
                                                                                  1. Jordan W. 07.09.2020
                                                                                    If you are scared of encountering a fraudster in the modern broker market, you're probably right, the situation is quite grim in this regard. However, in the case of this company you can set your mind at ease, these are good and honest folks.
                                                                                    1. Reginald Gallagher 12.09.2020
                                                                                      Was making a plan of how to enter the trading market and suddenly encountered this company. At first I was a bit suspicious of them (well, I'm suspicious of anyone at first)), but then I saw how they operate and was quite impressed. Now I'm sure they are worth your while.
                                                                                      1. Thomas 15.09.2020
                                                                                        I haven't yet had a possibility to work with this broker, but the flow of information in the trading community is strong and I've heard a lot of good things about them. It looks like people especially like their customer care service, I've encountered a lot of positive reviews about it.

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