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Shift-Holdings Trusted Review 2020 | Shift-Holdings Broker User Rating

Shift-Holdings Trusted Review 2020 | Shift-Holdings Broker User Rating

  ✪ Table of contents ✪

  1. Facts Sheet
  2. Account Plans and Conditions;
  3. Trading Platforms and Trading tools;
  4. Helpdesk;
  5. Overview

✪ Facts Sheet ✪


General information

✧ Company Name

Shift Holdings

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Shift-Holdings is a newly established broker, founded just recently in 2019. However don’t get deceived by the fact that they just started their brokerage activities, quality has been their target from day one and they prove to be committed to gain and build their reputation and credibility. They do provide efficient cost management and proved themselves even over a short period of time as a reliable and trustworthy partner.

Shift-Holdings broker is hosting its headquarters in the EU, which is relatively common in the industry. Based on the record of their market activities we can clearly say that they proved themselves to be the rare example of those brokers who are not involved in any sketchy and strange activities, scam, or financial fraud. Unfortunately, a present-day situation is really hard to navigate and find a reliable partner you can build long-lasting relationships based on trust and transparency. contemporary brokers are significantly pressured by serious competition but that’s not an excuse to use the methods that can be hardly called appropriate. Shift-Holdings broker since day one of their activities has provided safe and professional services, which gives a good start ahead of the others.

Since the Shift-Holdings forex broker has been found out just recently it would be really hard for you to figure out what they are, what are their strong qualities, and where you do need to be cautious. We are here at your service and ready to give you a fair and objective review as well as share all our findings.

According to our research, this forex broker already has a very well established reputation among the traders. They do provide a great experience overall and especially for the beginners as they are very available and flexible. Here we prepared a detailed analysis of their strengths and weaknesses.

✧ Great Starting Point

Shift-Holdings forex broker is probably one of the best places to begin your trading activities and endeavors even with as little experience as you might have. Its a proven fact that this particular broker has a great database where you can familiarize yourself with trading activities and expand your knowledge. In no time you will see huge progress and improvement in your level and skills.

They do have frequently asked questions sections, and other materials which are definitely worth reading and join in if you have relatively small experience in the industry to avoid common misunderstandings and errors that can actually impact negatively your general experience in the marketplace.

✧ No Commissions

It’s a normal practice within the industry to charge a commission and add some extra costs on withdrawals, deposits, and so on. These costs don’t seem way too high in the beginning as they lay down around 2%. But if you look at it in a bigger picture, planning around a long-term relationship with the broker, this may actually be quite a concerning point. And the bigger the amount is the more you have to pay.

Shift-Holdings reviews

This does not seem to be a fair practice. However, Shift-Holdings broker does not charge any commissions. Their account plans are simple, transparent and highly promote equality for traders giving full support to trading activities and helping to expand your knowledge and try. This broker from the very start took their facilitation role very seriously and waving extra commissions and fees gives them a lot of credibility compared to their competitors.


✧ User-Friendly Modern design

Quality service has always been highly promoted in the industry, however good looking visual representation also makes a difference. The usability and user-friendly interface of a website is one of the core points. This particular broker tries to build a very efficient workflow for their clients eliminating needless pieces of information that can only lead to time waste. Nowadays brokers have a tendency to overkill it with a huge volume of ads, making it hard to navigate over the banners and eyesore visual content just making it way too complicated for the end-user.

Anyone could argue with the fact that it is a matter of taste how you organize your web page. We do think that your online representation means a lot for an end customer allowing them to have a great experience from the start. The neat and highly efficient online representation of Shift-Holdings broker undeniably is very appealing. They really try hard to make it as easy as possible for any type of traders. Accessibility and simple design which clearly laid provide an excellent user experience.

Of course, we always encourage improvements but so far so good Shift-Holdings forex broker is actually excelling the expectations, especially taking into account how little time they’ve spent in the market. We can clearly say with this strong online representation they have a huge potential and perspectives for the future in forex market trading.

✪ Account Plans and Conditions ✪

Currently, Shift-Holdings broker offers to the traders and investors a demo plan and 4 different live account plans, which are absolutely transparent. It is sure fun to mess around with the demo plan, but still, if you want to become a real trader and get involved in more exciting trading activities we honestly would recommend you to sign with the live account. Taking into account that the cost management by this broker is below than average on the market, you won’t need to invest a lot of money from the beginning. The accounts have been named after the precious metals. So far they introduced Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum. Respectively Bronze one requires the smallest investment and then it increases. The strongest account plan which is Platinum provides for the traders a significant advantage in spreads but that is practically the main and only difference. The service review provides to their clients does not differ if you switch from plan to plan.

Shift-Holdings Accounts

We know that many vendors nowadays limit the accessibility and service availability for the clients depending on which account plan you actually chose. We are happy to assure you that this broker chose a very different strategy and this a huge advantage for the traders especially if you are just starting. You still have the same features, the same support availability, and the same access to the resources with the low-level account. This brings a lot of balance specifically and does not look like a ripoff. It's very unfortunate that nowadays many brokers chose this strategy creating a huge discrepancy between low and high-level accounts, cutting off the users of low tier plans from a significant amount of services and tools they provide. This is not the case with review and we consider this approach to be a significant advantage especially if you are a beginner and just learning about trading activities.

All of the above actually proves that Shift-Holdings forex broker can be referred to as a reliable partner. Many traders decline to work with the brokers without any credible reputation and they have good reasons to be concerned. The level of scam-related activities in the market has been skyrocketing, starting from hidden commissions on withdrawals or deposits ending with high-end financial fraud and treachery.

There are might be concerns raised over the lack of visible experience, but we do believe that what is valued more than papers is a clean slate no issues and complaints in regards to the services provided. We do believe that the lack of historical data in the case of Shift-Holdings review is happening due to the fact they have long experience behind each of the employees but not that much as a team.

We are positive that in the nearest future Shift-Holdings broker is going to get all a lot of activities happening, and since they are doing a stellar job as of now and pursue the target to prove they are a reliable partner this would only add to their excellent performance.

Shift-Holdings Broker Review

At last, we would like to touch the base in regard to security cause this is where the traders’ concerns are raised. We do believe that the balanced elevation between the account plans proves that Shift-Holdings broker is a trustworthy partner.

✪ Trading Platforms and Trading Tools ✪

We are proud to say here that Shift-Holdings broker is an organization that prefers quality over quantity. They use only one trading platform as of now and some of you may see it as a disadvantage and accuse them in lack of flexibility. However, looking at what their choice which is MetaTrader 4 (often referred to as MT4) you cannot argue. They chose the safest and well-tested platform in the industry. Instead of experimenting and facing unstable performance, stress, and constant customers’ complaints, review made a safe choice and chose quality over quantity. MT4 is a fast, efficient, and very secure solution for market trading that proved itself for many years. It’s really easy to customize and run and it perfectly runs on older devices.

The interface is really easily adjustable for beginners but many of well-experienced traders would always prefer MT4 over anything else. Don’t fool yourself and think oh this is just a joke only for beginners. That’s absolutely not true, it has a great volume of financial instruments and tools, which will allow you to work on precise market analysis, which is absolutely mandatory to do even you are one of the most experienced traders on the market.

You can access MT4 pretty much from everywhere. Their web client allows you to access from any web supporting device and you are not actually losing much in terms of functionality. It synchronizes perfectly in between the devices so you are literally not missing anything.

Apps for your smartphone are available for three major operating systems you can easily download them on the AppStore for iOS, GooglePlay for Android, and Microsoft apps for your Windows mobile and keep all your data sync and being available all the time. We know how reactivity is important in trading, so we consider this aspect to be a huge advantage.

Shift-Holdings broker scam?

Last but not least we would like to emphasize the variety of assets Shift-Holdings broker offer to their clients. In general, they offer 145 financial instruments that you can use as trading products. We see this as a huge advantage as it is a well-known fact of how severely the new brokers struggle with variety. They just don’t diversify their tools and thus they lose their clientele. It’s a noticeable issue and a serious reason to complain, but Shift-Holdings forex broker provided a wide diversity of tools from day one which is a huge plus.

We are not going into deep details in regards to financial instruments but would like t mention that here you can operate with about 50 currency pairs. You can find major pairs such as EUR/USD, EUR/GBP, and more exotic ones ZAR/JPY, almost anything that is worth mentioning. Commodities and energies: natural gas, Brent and crude oil are available and can your tools in trading. Precious metals are available too mentioning just two of them - silver and gold, but we are confident this is going to expand. Finally shares, the Shift-Holdings broker lets you operate with the shares of most big companies in the world, Facebook, Yahoo, Google, Apple and many more. You choose.

✪ Helpdesk ✪

As we mentioned before in review has a very well-organized FAQ, which is great. The Customer service help desk is available 24/7 and is quite good. They do provide phone and email customer service in four languages which is a good start for the newbie in the industry. There is no live chat support unfortunately and we do think the area they definitely should improve. Our experts tried calling and emailing the support team and they are very reactive. In case you need some help please use the contact information from the website.

✪ Overview ✪

As for the newcomer, we do believe that Shift-Holdings forex broker is a credible and reliable organization. They do have areas to improve and we do believe that this is going to happen really quickly as they are working very hard to build their reputation. In the current market situation, it’s not easy to start and so far so good they have been doing a great job, providing excellent service and supporting trading activities all over the world.

We do understand that even after reading our review you still might have concerns and we strongly encourage you to double-check the information before making any investments. However, we do see our feedback overall is positive and the flaws are relatively insignificant.

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