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Sierra Invest - real reviews of

Sierra Invest - real reviews

Sierra Invest - provides new opportunities for making money in the financial markets. But what are the real reviews about and is it worth contacting the project? Here we are offered to trade in various markets and so that these markets work for you. There is a huge number of different offers from brokerage companies in the network at the moment. But among them there are very few real companies that actually have access to financial markets. For the most part, these are ordinary scams that have offshore registration. And if you lose money here, then it will be practically impossible to return this money. This is one in a hundred chance. Of course, you will be promised that it is very easy to do this, you just need to pay. But these offices do not provide any services at all. They only talk about it. But in order not to be unfounded, let's understand and consider the project in all details. So, let's go!

Legend about the project

With Sierrainvest, you will experience ultra-fast execution and low spreads. Combined, these characteristics create an unforgettable trading environment. To date, the number of accounts opened by clients from almost 100 countries of the world has significantly increased. We are an internationally recognized full service shopping center.

The legend itself is, in principle, not big. But this is not entirely her main problem. Because the legend consists of one advertisement and loud slogans. Trusting her, of course, is definitely not worth it. Since scammers can write anything on their website.

But there is not a single real confirmation of this. As for the site, you cannot call it a complete failure. It looks pretty decent. This means that the project is doubly dangerous. First, he will start to bred you for serious money.

And secondly, if the project looks pretty good, then many users may think that this is a real company that really provides brokerage services. And the more scammers have invested in their site, the more they will need to recapture and at the expense of your pocket.

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Project overview

There is a lot of contact information here. Will scammers answer you? This time, yes, and very active. After all, their earnings completely depend on this. And scammers know how to handle them very competently over the phone. But legal information is very scarce here. Everything that we managed to find is again in the basement of the site.

Scammers do not want to create a separate tab with legal data at all. We are informed that the broker is owned by Tetris Group LTD with registration number 2021 / IBC00019, registered at 8 Copthall, Roseau Valley, 00152, The Commonwealth of Dominica. Just don't think that all this information is reliable.

And now we will explain why. First, the Tetris Group LTD company actually exists. But she doesn’t care about trading at all and everything connected with it. Fraudsters simply did not want to pay money out of their own pockets and create their own legal basis. Therefore, they brazenly stole it and hid behind another company.

By the way, this is a fairly private practice among scammers. There are again four accounts to choose from. For both advanced users and beginners. The minimum deposit will be $ 250. But taking into account what the project actually does, it is not even worth investing 10 rubles here. After all, as soon as you invest your finances here, you can safely say goodbye to them.

There is no real trade here. Do you know why? Because if a broker does not have a regulator, then there is no real access to the financial market either! It's useless to look for licenses here. It simply does not exist. This means that the project cannot provide brokerage services. He only hides behind brokerage activities to divorce people.


You can already find many negative reviews about Sierra Invest on the Internet. All reviews boil down only to the fact that users declare that the project does not pay anything and is not going to do it. HE takes your money very quickly, after which the scammers block your account for no good reason. It is also not possible to contact the admins after they have received money from you.


Sierra Invest is a scam in fact. Which does not provide any brokerage services. After all, the project simply does not have a license to carry out brokerage activities. It is not possible to withdraw your money from here. Be very careful and pass by similar offers on the net. Always check the broker reviews before cooperation. Indeed, at the moment there are a lot of deceitful projects. Warn your loved ones.

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