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Some US states are relaxing

Some US states are relaxing


Some US states are relaxing quarantine measures - Forex market news
China has registered only three new cases of coronavirus infection, the lowest number since the beginning of the pandemic, and some states in the United States have begun to relax quarantine measures, while the total number of people infected worldwide has approached three million.

The previous minimum record was set in China on Thursday, about four months after Coronavirus began to spread here. Six new infections were reported on Thursday. As infection rates slowed in some parts of the United States and elsewhere, authorities are beginning to gradually lift restrictions.

According to Johns Hopkins University, more than 2.9 million confirmed coronavirus cases and more than 206,000 associated deaths were reported worldwide on Monday. The United States accounted for about a third of infections (965 000) and more than a quarter of deaths (54 877).

After a few weeks of social distancing and company bans, barbershops, stores and other businesses in some U.S. states began to receive new visitors over the past weekend.

Alaska, Georgia, Tennessee, Texas and South Carolina are now allowed to visit certain establishments. Meanwhile, not all residents of these states and company owners are convinced that it is safe, and representatives of the health care system warned that the hasty removal of restrictions could lead to a new wave of infections.

The state governors of New York and New Jersey, the strongest among those affected by the epidemic, continue to report a significant number of new infections and deaths, although there are signs that the virus is slowing down. New York State Governor Andrew Cuomo on Sunday presented a plan for a gradual resumption of operations in the state, based on recommendations from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention that allow for a relaxation of quarantine measures after the state's hospitalization rate has fallen 14 consecutive days.

Other authorities are also planning an easing of restrictions. South Korea on Monday reported 10 new cases of infection and one death from coronavirus. The total number of coronavirus-related deaths in the country has reached 243. For more than a week now, less than 20 infections per day have been reported in the country, and authorities have signalled that students may return to classrooms soon. The start of the school year was postponed in early March, and in April schools and universities began distance learning.

"We must not risk the health of students, but we cannot keep them at home and wait for the coronavirus to disappear," South Korean Prime Minister Jong Se Gyun said Monday. He said the government will publish a timetable for reopening educational institutions in early May.

Chinese authorities have eased restrictions as the number of people infected has dropped, but are facing difficulties in rebuilding the economy. Production companies' profits fell 34.9% in March compared to March last year, the National Bureau of Statistics reported on Monday. The rate of decline slowed down from 38.3% in January-February, but shows the depth of problems caused by the pandemic.

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson returned to work after a severe coronavirus infection. He noted that the country is still overcoming the peak of the pandemic and urged the British to continue to observe restrictive measures. The government will soon release a plan to ease restrictions as the epidemic fades, Johnson said.

Tokyo and other Japanese cities declared a state of emergency on April 7, which was later extended nationwide. Since then, the number of cases has dropped. The government announced 203 new cases on Monday, which were reported on Sunday.

Hong Kong and Taiwan on Monday reported no new infections, with Hong Kong zero registering for the second consecutive day. No cases of internal contamination have been detected in Taiwan since April 12.

The Indian government recently announced that it may soon allow shops to operate, but shopping malls will remain closed for now. Restrictions on their operation were imposed across the country in March and could be lifted on May 3.

In the past 10 days, two new cases of infestation have been identified in Vietnam and not a single person has died of coronavirus. Restaurants and shops had begun opening in the country late last week, and the authorities had begun easing restrictions on movement.

In Italy, severely affected by the pandemic, a schedule to lift quarantine measures was announced on Sunday. Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte said the restrictions would be lifted in stages, subject to the requirement to maintain a distance of one and a half meters between people. "If you love Italy, keep your distance," he urged.



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