StockGlobal broker will help you make first steps at Forex

An excellent forex broker with live reviews and an impeccable reputation is StockGlobal . They are not scam, they are fresh blood in the forex market .....

StockGlobal broker will help you make first steps at Forex

How to learn Forex trading? Currently, there is a lot of tutorial literature on this type of business. You can read articles online. However, it is much more important to find a good broker who will give everything you need to go into trading and help you avoid the first and sometimes fatal mistakes.

For StockGlobal broker company Forex is a familiar field of activity and it generously shares its own experience with clients. StockGlobal broker provides the reviews, analytical articles, forex vocabulary, and thousands of the useful materials to help the new traders. Our online 24\7 support can also help to find the answer on the complicated question. Thus, we try to protect our leadership in our market segment and build the long-term relationships with a client. Every new trader is welcome in StockGlobal broker.

What does a StockGlobal offer trader as a broker?

As you probably know, the individual traders cannot participate in the forex market. The entry threshold is very high: only the large banks and financial companies are allowed to buy and sell without the mediator. Among the many brokerages, Stock Global broker unites the individual traders to help them with the access to the forex market. Of course, Stock Global broker demands for some compensation. The perfect business-processes make Stock Global broker attractive for the new traders.

Under the current date rules of the game at Forex going into trading without the help of a broker is not possible. There are several reasons for this ranging from difficulties with registration and ending with the lack of funds for initial investments.

This is why Stock Global broker:

  • Provides registration and access to trading;
  • Provides consulting and necessary information to traders;
  • Provides a trading platform, software for remote access to trading;
  • Provides client with leverage;
  • Gives the client an opportunity to participate in the StockGlobal Forex referral program.

Googling the information on the web, you can find some claims like StockGlobal broker scam. Unfortunately, the high competition of the forex market forces some brokerage to use the black methods of competition. They hire special people who write negative reviews on broker forums and websites. StockGlobal broker is safe and absolutely legal. Every new trader can check this. It is enough to register on the site and open the demo account. In this way, you can enjoy all the competitive benefits of StockGlobal broker.

What mistakes should be avoided in the first place?

Probably, the main mistake of the new trader is the absence of the system approach. In every business the system approach helps to build the business processes and manage the financial flows. For example, Stock Global broker is known with the perfect interaction between the trader and the brokerage. Due to the perfect business processes the loyalty of the existing clients increases, and the general number of traders constantly grows. The business processes exist on the individual level also. If every new trader put some efforts to the personal financial management, it will increase the chance for success.

According to Forex statistics, most new players on the stock exchange are trying to act randomly. Beginners try to win a lot at once, avoid unnecessary contact with the broker, hoping for luck, so they lose the investment and switch to something else, carrying the burden of confidence that StockGlobal scam them.

In order to be successful in the financial market, you need to spend a lot of effort to learn the basic rules, and support at the start helps a lot, staying one of the most important factors. Trader should not underestimate the experience and assessment of StockGlobal broker market reactions to the processes occurring in the world. Sometimes it happens that the trader achieves good results at the very beginning, while not particularly bothering with the study of tedious rules. This is a short-term success on Forex, after which inevitably appears a drain of capital and the formation of the perception of StockGlobal as a scam. However, it’s only a proof that successful trading is impossible without knowledge of the basics, but reviews always show that a lot of people just cannot understand this point of view.

How much does it cost, is StockGlobal a scam or partner?

Some brokers demand a fee just for using the service, including the account support and monthly (or yearly) fee. StockGlobal does not ask for such a type of fee because it uses the different business models. StockGlobal broker uses the spreads: the commission on every transaction. It does not mean StockGlobal broker scam. It just means that the company gets profits from active trading. In particular, the company tries to help the trader on every step of the trading, because only the large volume of transactions makes this business profitable for it. Below you can find the terms that StockGlobal broker offers to its clients.

To participate in the trading, a trader needs an account, and Stock Global Forex has a choice of several options designed for different initial payment amounts (deposits) of the client. This makes it possible to start trading with the choice of four account types depending on the initial capital.

Deposit (USD) 250 2000 10000 50000
Spread 2,8 2,5 1,5 0,1
Transaction volume (lots) 0,01-50 0,01-50 0,01-50 0,01-50
Leverage 1:300 1:300 1:300 1:300


What do these numbers mean?

Deposit is the amount placed on the account by the trader. Stock Global broker offers two types of deposits: demo account and real account. The work on demo account is similar to the real trading, but the trader cannot withdraw money from this account. As you can see, Stock Global broker offers different terms for the trader dependently on the amount. The Islamic account is a special kind of real account. It set the special rules to follow the laws of sharia, for Muslim traders.

Leverage is a kind of loan provided to a trader by Stock Global for Forex trading. This is the ratio of the deposit size to the amount which can be operated by the trader during market operations. It is impossible to withdraw the amount of this “credit”, it would be a scam in relation to StockGlobal, but when buying currencies, each dollar can be used as if there were 300 of them.

Transaction Volume - the standard Forex trading lot is 100,000 units of currency, which stands on the first place in the quote record. However, the minimum lot size with which a regular trader trades may be a percentage of a standard lot, say, only 0.01.

Spread is the difference between the purchase price (Ask) and sale (Bid) of currency pairs. This is what the broker earns from. It is clear that StockGlobal is not scammer, but it also needs to earn on something and commissions is quite a legitimate income.

In addition, the client receives a trading platform, а software for work and consulting support, including market, economic and political situation as mentioned above, collected by company. There is a lot of additional information about company, its terms and services among StockGlobal broker reviews.

Sometimes the experienced traders say the trading software MetaTrader4, which is used by StockGlobal forex, is outdated. Really, MT4 platform exists for many years. However, despite the technologic development, there is no alternative software. MT4 is safe and reliable platform that works with the major issues. Moreover, even if the trader faces some technical issues, the support team can resolve the problem very fast, because there is a lot of information about all possible MT4 problems. In addition, MT4 meets the modern requirements to data security and information protection. The rare new trading platforms cannot compete with the good old Metatrader4. StockGlobal forex broker offers MT4 to its traders as a best modern trading solution.

Some practical tips for a beginner trader

Before we start providing the practical tips for beginners, Stock Global broker wants to warn the future traders. There is now the Holy Grail on the forex market – despite the generations of traders look for it. There are also no universal recommendations, schemes, or strategies, which would help you to earn the capital at once. We do not you to follow some advice, lose your money, and then declare StockGlobal broker is a scam. However, there are several recommendations based on past experience and common sense.

It is better to start trading on a demo account. By trading points, a trader gains some trading experience. Of course, it is impossible to fully understand an idea of the exchange by trading on a demo, but it is important to start with something safe and easy. A person is less overwhelmed by emotions when he is not risking the real money, and in trading, you need to have a cool head. Those who turn Forex trading into roulette do not stay long in the ranks of traders. It is strictly forbidden to disclose access details of your account to third parties. The security system will reliably protect the personal account of StockGlobal client from scammers if he does not let them in there by himself.

Traders should not underestimate the role of analysis in their trade. It is necessary to analyze every action. It is best to understand your mistakes and errors after each unsuccessful order. An understanding of the nature for those mistakes comes in the process of analysis, and the trader begins to develop his own trading strategy. The trading platform provided by Stock Global broker has a very powerful analytical arsenal and allows its users to perform the analytics of any complexity.

Before switching from demo to real account, develop your personal trading strategy. Set the weekly and monthly financial goals, the daily number of the deals, the affordable level of losses – daily and absolute, - and follow it. You should always remember you can change your plan, set other goals, and so on. However, we’d recommend start trading according to the plan at least in the first several months. StockGlobal broker reviews shows that traders, which can manage their financial expectations, are more successful than traders who prefer the spontaneous decisions.  

Moreover, most importantly, you need to remember, the gambling pursuit of profit is not the right way to do business. When trading, you have to keep your head calm. Not the amount of capital earned from a single trade, but the frequency of winning trades determines the success of the trader.

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  1. Nickos 09.07.2019
    The most important questions its withdraw and her I will give this guys 5/5, because you can choose how you would like to receive your funds(crypto, card, wire-transfer).
    1. Iskandar84 13.07.2019
      Would I recommend this broker? YES 150% I would.
      1. Ramzan.D 21.07.2019
        Previously I've been trading with several companies, but haven't got the same service and result as I have with Stock Global now. Currently having great experience not only in terms of profits, but also gaining useful knowledge. I enjoy the proper treatment, professionalism, approach and pastime with Stock Global.
        1. Jameel .Q 02.08.2019
          I have to say that StockGlobal is a highly rated broker. With the daily 1 on 1 session I have with StockGlobal I can understand the market easily.
          1. Ibro.H 09.08.2019
            StockGlobal helped me improve my trading confidence and take smart decisions at the right time. All thanks to the ongoing educational material they provide me from time to time!
            1. Nabil.T 13.09.2019
              Great review! But I didn’t see any mention of the high spreads Stockglobal has.
              1. Volly. I 10.12.2019
                Got average results working with StockGlobal for a couple of weeks. Not sure if I will continue working with them.
                1. Paulina.Q 01.01.2020
                  My bonsai tree had grown three meters high while I was withdrawing my money from StockGlobal. I’m kidding ofc (it was more like two days) but really, guys, speed it up.
                  1. Caleb.V. 17.01.2020
                    Some young man from StockGlobal contacted me yesterday and offered something about trading opportunities. I don't know about all that trading, but he was really nice and polite, rare qualities these days indeed. His name was Simon, I think.
                    1. Adjey.L 19.01.2020
                      StockGlobal is interesting, opportunities and all buuuuuuut, you know, I’b better use my money for something more tangible and reliable like real estate.
                      1. Juvenal G. 19.01.2020
                        Can anyone tell me a proven way to check the broker? StockGlobal contacted me and I’m thinking of trading now, but want to make sure of company
                        1. Juvenal G. 21.01.2020
                          Yeeeeeeaaah, I’m a trader now! Got my first profits thanks to StockGlobal! Will write more elongated broker reviews, guys keep it up this way, youre great!
                          1. Daniel 22.01.2020
                            All the guys screaming about one-cannot-earn-money-on-forex are surely not familiar with StockGlobal in any way. I’ve had nothing but good experiences with them and can assure you they are amazing.
                            1. Agaper 22.01.2020
                              StockGlobal guys are great overall but I especially want to thank them for their support service assistance — everytime I needed something, these guys were like Power Rangers, there to save the day.
                              1. Sidor 24.01.2020
                                Broker is quite comfortable to work with.
                                1. Roy Boy2020 30.01.2020
                                  StockGlobal didn’t make me like Hollywood superstar level rich, but the profit is still really decent, so I’m all in favor of these guys.
                                  1. Mr Brown F10 02.02.2020
                                    I think that among current brokers available at the market, StockGlobal are ones most optimal. Really, they got all you need — nice terms, nice withdrawal timing, and wonderful support.
                                    1. Martin Kenny 07.02.2020
                                      Yeah, if you’re thinking about getting into forex trading, StockGlobal might serve as a real eye-opener for you. They’re cool and honest, which is the most important factor to me.
                                      1. Gagnon .Y. 12.02.2020
                                        These negative reviews are strange. I had some experience with StockGlobal myself and can say nothing but good stuff about them. They’re not a magic pill for your financial impotency, just a good and reliable broker, which is rare nowadays.
                                        1. Kyle Q. 21.02.2020
                                          I’ve spoken to a friend of mine who’s like a professional trader for life, serious stuff, he said that StockGlobal are not like THE best broker but they are pretty close. Sounds pretty good to me.
                                          1. Callum Lic9 26.02.2020
                                            I don’t know if I will join StockGlobal with all that forex stuff or not, but they seem really promising. If you judge them by their ability to show their good sides, they are very professional.
                                            1. Evan 07.03.2020
                                              Aint gonna try to prove they’re good here, it’s either you worked with them and know what I mean or you didn’t.
                                              1. Alexander 15.03.2020
                                                Are you for real with those broker trading reviews? What the hell, guys, have you even worked at Stockglobal before, or are you grabbing your facts out of thin air? These dudes are cool, I’ve been with them for over half a year now and not planning to depart any time soon.
                                                1. Aaron 01.04.2020
                                                  Didn’t care much about Stockglobal before, but now it seems the time has come to get myself some real knowledge about trading business since it’s my only option on quarantine
                                                  1. Durham 04.04.2020
                                                    Stockglobal have contacted me and it looks like those guys are eager to attract more clients. I’ve never worked as a trader in my life and not really sure if I want to become one but these guys are really persuasive.
                                                    1. Page G. 13.04.2020
                                                      Haven’t traded with Stockglobal yet, but tried some demos with other brokers before and those guys have the best starting options. Still thinking though.
                                                      1. Tonya Specht 23.04.2020
                                                        Imrpove your support service or die!
                                                        1. Michael Locke 27.04.2020
                                                          Ladies and gentlemen, hope you and your families stay healthy. Could you please share your experience with STOCKGLOBAL? I’d want to read the live feedback, not the professional article.
                                                          1. Ivor Horton 30.04.2020
                                                            My great advice is to be serious when choosing a broker. It is not a new pair of jeans: the mischoice can cost too much. STOCKGLOBAL is one you can rely on, but you should check for more options.

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