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TALMER has completed

TALMER has completed


TALMER has completed the modernization of its IT resource automatic management system
TALMER (part of X5 Retail Group), a system integrator and IT solutions provider, has completed the system functionality enhancement for automated calculation and forecasting of infrastructure resources in X5 Retail Group.

The precondition for project implementation was the need for accurate forecasting of IT systems' capacity needs and integration with the company's information systems, which should automatically transfer business driver values.

The specialists of TALMER Company have redesigned and implemented forecasting mechanisms based on machine learning algorithms. The new algorithms allow for taking into account not only technical metrics of IT infrastructure, but also the values of business drivers responsible for the development of IT systems.

Automated capacity management system is integrated with sources of business drivers of IT systems of the company. The process of integration has affected the capacity of physical and virtual data center servers, container platform, storage systems, virtualization and software and hardware complexes of retail chain stores managed by X5 Retail Group.

To ensure the integrity of forecasts, data entry monitoring has been set up, which enables timely error detection, measures to be taken and risks being minimised during capacity planning. In the online mode, the monitoring provides an opportunity to see the status and history of both consolidated metrics and individual objects. Formed reporting allows to analyze the impact of all existing business drivers on information systems and servers.
A unified interface has been developed to manage the system and processes. The functional set corresponds to the distribution of roles accepted in the company (manager, architect, administrator, technical owner). For each function created showcases that meet the objectives of the role and automate the work. The unified interface of the system allows interacting effectively with the company's departments and to manage the process of power supply transparently.
The realised project gives the chance to predict requirements of capacities of IT systems not only on the basis of the statistical data on loading of and existing IT infrastructure and values of business drivers, but also to predict requirements of business for the growth expressed in changes of requirements to business drivers.

"The use of machine learning technologies has become commonplace in modern IT projects, they are the tool that not only opens up new horizons in projects, but also gives an understanding that behind huge layers of data hides a lot of useful information for business. Correctly constructed algorithms of calculations allow revealing regularities and reasonably make decisions in key directions of company development. The project realised by us is a good example of how by means of machine training it is possible not simply to automate process of management of IT-power, and to deduce an IT resource on qualitatively new level", - Alexander Klimov, the data analyst of company TALMER has commented.


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