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Teletrade and cheater reviews

Teletrade and cheater reviews




How does a negative form?
There are two main problems with reputation:

There is a frankly ordered campaign against a well-known and popular brand in order to create a negative stereotype about it in the market. For example, opinions are formed "a forex dealer does not withdraw money", "illegally conducts its activities".
There are accusations of fraud because of allegedly unprofitable deals. A wave of opinions is being prepared for thematic forums: Teletrade "forex kitchen", lottery. Teletrade scammers. For more plausibility even "technical" opinions are written about wrong quotes and so on.
The market of Forex and CFD really implies high risks. Up to 73% of all market participants lose their deposits at first. This is evidenced even by official statistics. But the warning about this can be seen on the Teletrade website. It is not surprising that any slightest loss forms a negative, desire for revenge "pour out" your anger at the one who was an intermediary in transactions.

Just the facts.
Only true information about the company can Teletrade resist allegations of fraud. The Teletrade brand was registered in 1994.

The Russified website, wide range of training programs and loyal trading conditions helped to attract private investors and traders. Although in the first 8-9 years the company was mainly working in consulting. Access to online trading in currency pairs and securities appeared in the early 2000s, with the popularization of the famous trading terminal Metatrader.

Today, the brand is successfully represented in the international market. Teletrade clients can open individual accounts and engage in individual trading, private investments.

Let us highlight the key trading conditions:
The minimum deposit is $100;
Leverage up to 1:500;
Minimum lot size 0.01;
Spreads from 0 points;
Order execution type market;
Accrual of spreads market and floating;
Number of instruments for trading over 100.
In some reviews you can find opinions that Teletrade "throws clients for money", deletes accounts and blocks any attempts to withdraw the deposit. But this is not true. The international company Teletrade has offices in different countries. For 25 years of work neither in the CIS countries nor in Europe, not a single application has been filed against the company in court. And this shows only one thing all these accusations are not based on real facts.

Here it is important to understand that trading on financial markets requires certain skills and knowledge, it is always associated with high risk. Forex operator Teletrade provides quotes from reputable liquidity providers, including Deutsche Bank, Barclays Capital and Morgan Stanley. Since transactions are processed through Metatrader, manual management of quotes is impossible from a technical point of view. Any chart movement in the trading terminal is a market phenomenon. Traders should not carry out risky trading using dubious strategies or scalping without appropriate experience. Therefore, the accusations that Teletrade is a cheater and SCAM are groundless, as the company does not affect the trading result. The task of a forex dealer is to withdraw money in a timely manner and to ensure transparent order execution. And the chosen tactics, risk level, trading strategy, leverage, lot size, financial asset all this is chosen by the trader himself and directly affects the final result of trading.

If the result does not meet expectations, you should be trained to trade in Forex.

Special training courses have been developed so that Internet users without experience could try themselves as participants in financial markets.

Charity projects and numerous awards of the company
But it is particularly ridiculous to accuse Theletrade of fraud against her active charitable work. The Company has initiated several projects aimed at helping children in need in Russia.

These are just some of Teletrade's charitable projects:

Partnership with Dr. Roshal's Foundation.
Permanent guardianship of the Bykov orphanage.
Financing of the non-profit organization "Memory".




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