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The Internet of Things

The Internet of Things


The Internet of Things. Let's get to the bottom of this.
- "Internet of Things": What does it mean? How is it different from "Internet of people"?

- It's a marketing name. The exact name is "Network of Things". An information space that connects real-world objects around it with virtual objects. It is not a set of Internet-connected devices and sensors connected by wires or signals. Rather, it is a close integration of the real and virtual worlds: communication occurs between people and devices. In the mid 90s, while working in Frankfurt, I heard a strange phrase: "corporate network". They said: "Now separate wires for computers, phones, video cameras, access systems. Soon there will be a corporate network: everything in one wire". It was hard to believe. Now the information is in the clouds - a distributed network. But we do not know for sure whether some object or device is an element of communication.

- Is security increasing or staying the same due to changes in threats?

- It's decreasing. A device that gives commands is capable of failing. Breaks through the pipe. It will then flood the water supplied to the system. The air-conditioner's got the wrong temperature. That means it's working properly. Personal little tragedy: cleaned the aquariums, put the fish in the big one. In the evening, for some unknown reason, the sensor that activates the compressor every 15 minutes turned off. The fishes came up with a belly button. At the age of 14, I realized, "Sensors are great, but it's better to wake up at night". A system that allowed something to be done would suddenly fail at an extremely inconvenient time. Coffee ends in front of the deadline. It takes foresight, a backup plan for different occasions. Hoping for a technique is a bad idea.

- What current technology is doomed because of the development of the Internet of things?

- Smartphones are going to die. There is a bracelet: you lean your finger to your ear - the phone is replaced. There are technologies that allow you to broadcast the image on the skin. The problem is that the hair blurs the image. There are masses of gauges scanning movements of hands, and the devices simulating actions of extremities. There will be a change in the way we take care of our babies. Previously, it was necessary to have a mother's house to feed the baby. The robot will prepare an identical milk composition or better. Women say, "I can't eat something - baby diathesis". Machines will make anti-diathesis "cocktails". They can simulate the temperature, smell and taste of mother's milk.

- 3 recommendations related to the Internet of things?

- Tips:
1. Trust the technique, but develop skills. Don't let the net make you helpless.
2. Wonder how smart the things around you are.
3. Look for an alternative. Come to a hotel where there was no boiling water. Made a device out of a pair of matches and blades - simple survival skills in the forest help the citizens as well.

- Are there already authors who write books on this subject?


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