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The methods of finding corporate customers by banks.

The methods of finding corporate customers by banks.

The search for corporate clients is very important for banks, as they consume banking services on an especially large scale, so for banks this is one of the components of their business. Corporate clients are usually legal entities with the ability to draw up a personal credit line, use an overdraft, receive bank products in packages, etc. Examples of corporate clients include large industrial corporations, insurance companies, telecom operators, and others; they are companies with a million turnover, bringing banks maximum income. Banks of medium and small businesses are no less interesting to banks, but here banks need to take in quantity, not quality, as is the case with corporate clients.

Attracting each major corporate client is a great success for the bank. For corporate clients, various special conditions are usually offered in the form of special programs, bonuses for continuous service, etc., so banks are trying their best to get and keep corporate clients. After all, it is enterprises with millionth turnover that can bring the greatest income. But interesting for companies representing various services, and customers related to medium and small businesses, because in total they also bring good profits.

Consider specific examples of what methods banks are trying to attract such corporate customers:

Example No. 1. Recruiting corporate customers with the help of their trusted consumer. This method of recruitment does not require any special efforts from the bank; it is such an analogue of word of mouth in a business environment. A regular customer who is satisfied with the level of service at the bank, simply mentioning a certain bank “A” in a positive context, attracts new customers to him in conversation with acquaintances, friends, business partners or suppliers.

Example No. 2. It is similar to the first, and also requires minimal recruitment costs. The Bank encourages customers to attract new corporate customers and motivates them with cash rewards for each attracted corporate client.

Example No. 3. Attracting corporate customers through targeted advertising campaigns. This can happen during thematic financial symposia, exhibitions or conferences. Moreover, the interested bank “B” can actively cooperate with the organizers of these events, or act as their sponsors.

Example No. 4. Banks can use the information received from registration chambers. There is a large amount of information of interest to banks (both newly registered companies in this region, and re-registered old companies). If Bank B manages to establish access to the Regpalat base, then through it it can exercise remote influence on interesting corporate clients. Of course, most often banks conduct such activities informally.

Example No. 5. Some large banks attract new corporate clients during joint participation in regional or city political and public events held in the region. It is always a platform where meetings of the management of enterprises and banks take place, where you can establish contacts in an informal atmosphere, talk about the financial side and assess the potential benefits of cooperation.

Example No. 6. Appeal to commercial entities engaged in the selection and search of a client base. Often such structures operate via the Internet, and operate through lead generation. For example, Bank G simply buys leads (potential customers provided by the Internet service) and selected according to certain interesting bank parameters (business sector, business size, turnover, etc.) The Bank does not search for each client on its own, but pays online service fee for real customers.

Example No. 7. Personal contacts of top management of the bank also often give new corporate clients.

Example No. 8. In the case of bankruptcy of banks, part of their corporate clients are immediately intercepted and recruited by competing banks. These are very “tidbits” for competitors, but very quick reaction and pre-prepared information about potential corporate clients themselves are important here.


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