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The second wave of Bitcoin

The second wave of Bitcoin



Analysts of the cryptovoltaic market increasingly prefer to keep silent than to give their bold forecasts for 2018. Over the past few months, Bitcoin has more than slipped minuses into the ratings of market "nostradamuses", leaving them with a nose. However, everybody wants to look into the future of the main cryptovolta, "at least with one eye". What factors really influence the course of the cryptovolta now, and is it possible to fully restore the bitcoin?
Volatility is the main definition for most digital coins. In the first weeks of February, the rate of the main player in the BTC kryptocrency market fell to a deep, though not fatal, bottom, and today it is approaching a new psychological barrier of $ 12 500. In the incomplete two weeks, the growth rate was 90%.

Reasons for the decline

To find out if Bitcoin can climb the old peaks, you need to analyze the facts that influenced his fall. The reasons for the BTC's recent slump to $6000 are clearly visible. The main factor that steadily squeezes the asset value is the regulatory activity of world governments. Let's recall some of the biggest events of the world economy that pressed the news background and kept the quotes at the bottom:

China. China absorbed a huge number of mining farms, which caused the government to worry about the amount of energy consumed and decided to ban the process of "digital gold" mining.
South Korea. One of the first countries to embark on enhanced regulation of crypt currency exchanges, with threats to ban them.

India. Indian authorities found the threat in the very fact of using the crypt currency as a means of payment, and in early February spread the news about the total restriction of the crypt turnover in the country.

Thailand. In Thailand, digital money was taken for a tool that financed terrorism and banned all transactions with crypt-currency banks.

Japan. In the Land of the Rising Sun, they decided to equate the income in trading with the crypt currency to the official profits with high taxation. The maximum tax percentage can reach 55% of profits.

The beginning of the second wave

As of February 20, the bitcoin exchange rate exceeded $11,500, and this sudden increase was influenced by the same news background. There have not been any global events outbursts, but together the story develops positively and quotations continue to rise:

Regulation in South Korea has softened somewhat and the government has given the country's stock exchanges the opportunity to operate (although tax paid).
In Switzerland, some tokens have been officially equated with securities.
A large banking organization Bank of America approved the registration of 45 cryptovoltaic patents.
As we can see, the bitcoin rate directly depends on sudden news disturbances. Objectively predicting the future of cryptocurrency is indeed as difficult as predicting the asset policies of major regulators.
One of the largest crypto investors and virtual currency analysts Tony Weiss suggested one of the most adequate scenarios for Bitcoin in the near future. In his opinion, fantastic figures with amounts of $100,000 coins will not reach, but the growth to $25,000 is quite possible. This forecast looks the most plausible, and if it comes true, traders will still have a chance to gain profit from long-term investments and the game of rise.

Making money on the crypt currency with a broker

Regardless of the rise or fall of the exchange rate on this instrument, you can make a profit when trading the critical currency through a suitable brokerage company. Why a broker and not a crypt currency exchange?

Firstly, trading through a broker provides more trading pairs and the opportunity to trade with fiat money. Secondly, the trading terminal of a brokerage company is multifunctional and allows using indicators to form your own strategy. Well, margin trading, which is absent at most exchanges, gives an opportunity to earn on a downtrend, as well as to receive a significant income with a relatively low deposit.

Thirdly, the reliability of many exchanges shows weak points. Over the last six months, crypto investors have lost millions of dollars due to hacker attacks, technical problems and government control. The regulated broker AMarkets has been in the market for 10 years and still has an excellent reputation as a reliable partner for traders from all over the world.

In the case of AMarkets, reliability is confirmed not only by time, but also by authoritative organizations such as Financial Commission and Ernst & Young. Financial Commission insures clients' accounts up to $20,000, and guarantees the broker's compliance with the highest industry standards. And the audit of AMarkets was carried out by Ernst & Young - the voluntary passing of the audit by a broker in such a large company is a really confident step towards openness and transparency of activity to the public.



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