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The U.S. Senate approved

The U.S. Senate approved


The U.S. Senate approved the largest recent stimulus package (worth $2 trillion) and sent the relevant bill to the House of Representatives
Trump said restrictions on economic activity could be lifted in some regions of the country, but not in all regions.
The administration is developing a plan that will allow Americans to return to work in a few weeks without increasing the threat of the virus spreading to the United States, he said.

"The time has come. People want to get back to work," Trump said at a briefing Wednesday. He said "large parts" of the country will be able to get back to work much sooner than others and that New York "will have to go through a few very difficult weeks," Trump said. "I don't intend to do anything in a hurry or a firefighting order," the president added.

On Thursday, EU leaders are expected to debate whether to issue pan-European bonds to combat the effects of the coronavirus.
This refreshes the memories of the sovereign debt crisis in Europe that took place about ten years ago.

So far, the response of the authorities in Europe to the rapidly developing crisis has been mixed. Wealthy countries in the north of the continent, including Germany, have announced massive packages of fiscal support for companies and workers, while the debt-ridden countries in southern Europe are applying more modest measures. This could widen the economic gap between North and South, threatening the future of the monetary union.

In order to narrow the gap, the leaders of France, Italy, Spain and six other countries proposed in a joint letter on Wednesday to create a pan-European debt instrument to support relatively weak countries.
The European Commission has introduced new instructions to tighten national control over foreign investment
The aim is to protect against risks to critical health assets in the face of the pandemic crisis. The decision taken on Wednesday evening complemented last year's rules aimed at strengthening national and EU control over foreign acquisition of strategic assets in the block. These measures were conditioned by China's acquisition of high-tech European companies and infrastructure.
The U.S. Senate approved the largest stimulus package in recent years (worth $2 trillion) and sent the relevant bill to the House of Representatives.
These measures should be a financial shield for American citizens and companies against the problems caused by the pandemic.

The approval of the bill by the Upper House of Congress was preceded by 24-hour talks between representatives of President Donald Trump's administration and key senators. After the sharp decline of the U.S. stock market over the past two days, investors raised it in anticipation of the passage of the stimulus bill. Trump said he would sign it immediately.

Democratic majority leader in the House of Representatives Stanie Hoyer said the House will consider the stimulus bill on Friday.



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