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Top 5 Trend of Electronics Retail in 2020

Top 5 Trend of Electronics Retail in 2020

What to privatize in the shops of technics on the given market and whose chekaty vid retail side by side technics and electronics in the niche market.

Rink of by-techniques in Ukraine demonstrates the steel structure of the fourth race floor. In 2019, the sum of sales in the market reached a new record value, twisting the knowledge of 100 million hryvnias. Three fourth purchases of technology in Ukraine's cloutiques in physical stores, to talk about the love of Ukrainians vidvidviduvati points of sale, to see the comrades "live", and not just can be seen on the screens of smartphones and laptops.

Shoppers to tell about the goods, which call, I'll make the vidguki and comments online, and then check out once in the shop's exams. Shopping mezhgosti as well as zrobitty shopping yakysnymi and comfortable, invest in the location of barvystyh maidanchikiv, it is possible to spend an hour, eliminate the remaining technical innovations, show all the "new pay and love pug". It can't be a winter mass without novelties about the new shops and the latest reform criteria: three of the most important technical and electronic devices of Ukraine in 2019 announced about the introduction of new formats of points of sale or about their introduction.

"Shchoroku, vidvidviduchih useless shops of household appliances and electronics in the whole world, which will change, but the shops of technology in Ukraine one of the stealing. Stinks of beauty, zoomilium and grain for shopping", the director of the Foxtrot Olexiy Zozulya.

Applied, onovleni shops Foxtrot vidriznyayutsya holy atmosphere and bright design, Eldorado contrasts and practical, Comfy "Maizhe homemade" lullaby. The Hypocenter sees the majestic flatness of the specialised centres of technology in the middle of the development of the Hypermarkets. Visit the largest online citizen of Rozetka music to develop their offline shops. All retailers are supplied with the meta: to make the most of your shopping satisfied.

The main trends of 2020 will become the rock:

Express service. A couple of rocks to that grey hour of the customer's engagement in stores becoming close to 30 quilins, and the leader of the exhibition to 5 quilins. For whom in the leather shop there were special zones, taxi, which are used in the preparation to the type of goods and necessary documents.

Shorter than an hour's worth of credit. In 2016-17 years the process of registration of purchase on credit loan 1.5-2 years, at a time up to 30 quilins. More and more customers need to give necessary information by phone, come to the store, and check out the issued documents. Do not put a sign and pick up the goods.

Delivery at the window clock. Yakso Kiev and other great cities of Ukraine have not long been called delivery "for tomorrow", then for customers in small cities or viddalenyh regional centers to take their goods for a period of 24/48 years, with a price in Uzgodzhen watch window isotne polypyshennya service.

The "Roseumne" is designed with the ability to convert the goods "to the police". Non-operational groups of goods are presented at the police stations in stores with the maximum reported description and the designated items viddminnosti. Special stands, tiles, brand-zone give the opportunity to revise: naskilki kindly kovzaetsya wash, lilososos, like the sound in the headphones.

Zones to fix and garnish the mood. At new shops retailers more and more often overwork the lounge area. Buy the goods, the customer can sit on the hand-operated sofas and come to your house without a hitch. Or just charge up your gadget.

"For the rest of the retailing of traveling technology and electronics in Ukraine, smashing the majestic haircuts, causing the practice of Christmas, said in Asociation retailers of Ukraine. In addition to the fact that Ukrainian companies have asked for a new format for the cordon, the Ukrainian companies are requested to work in Європі, in the regions of the SRS and the Near East".


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