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Trade in the foreign market. Why is the bulk going to forex?

Trade in the foreign market. Why is the bulk going to forex?


Trade in the foreign market. Why is the bulk going to forex?

If you are reading this article, you are thinking or trading in the financial market. We always strive for the best, and in trade, we need the most favorable conditions and opportunities. Having studied this market, we can conclude that its potential is almost unlimited, we do not impose on us how and what to trade ourselves. Indeed, forex is the largest financial market in the world with great liquidity. I would like to highlight the main reasons why traders fell in love with forex.


Great volatility.

The general scheme of making money on Forex is to buy an asset and sell it in the future at a higher price, that is, earn on the difference in price. For this we need volatility (the rate of price change), if the price is less different from the initial one, it’s just not good for us to make money. Looking at the EUR / USD pair, we can note the variability of 50-300 points per day, and this is 500-3000 dollars of earnings per lot, or loss. Traders tend to trade on the most volatile pairs, for maximum profit.



Forex is an open market, everyone can trade in it and start with $ 10, for other financial markets this is bewildering. It is enough to register, make a first deposit and start trading today, so there are so many newcomers to the market, all because of accessibility. Do not forget that there is an opportunity to try your hand at a demo account before trading for real money.


Technological recharge.

Technological progress does not stand in one place. Once every five years there is a small leap forward, you can compare the progress today and 5-10 years ago. Forex is a rapidly developing niche, and technologies that are in use are also developing on an ongoing basis. The release of new software is provided, and the old ones are updated and supplemented, which in total makes this market more attractive.


Unlimited possibilities.

The ability to trade assets without them. For example, we have 100 euros in our account, but we want to enter the USD / JPY transaction, sell the yen for dollars and they will let us do this, despite the fact that we have an account in euros. What can we say about the leverage that allows us to earn many times more than we have in the account, but we must not forget that there is a likelihood to lose quickly too.



Forex is centrally regulated, brokers are constantly monitored and monitored by the relevant authorities. You can safely trade in the foreign exchange market, but you need to choose a reliable, according to statistics, broker who has a license.


Promotions, promotions, bonuses.

When opening an account, they mainly offer an additional bonus, depending on the amount of the deposit, some bonuses reach up to 100%. They also offer many services, for example, Rebate is the return of a part of the spread (commission per transaction). There are contests of both real accounts and demos, as a result you can get a sweet bonus.


Development and growth.

Over time, the trader will achieve greater success, increasing profits, reducing the number of losing trades and, as a result of good trading, can attract investors or other traders. By sharing knowledge, experience and providing services, traders can have additional income.


Social networks.

With each period, there are more and more social networks in which you can find many forums, groups and discussion of any topic. Forex here takes the first places where you can get advice, find the necessary information, communicate with experts, almost everything you need for the development of the trader.


Educational materials.

Beginners - this is the bulk of the forex, as already mentioned because of accessibility. They need training materials therefore, there are even specialists creating these materials. Each broker must have a training department, and some offer a no deposit bonus for training. All this only gives credibility to the forex market.


Trading conditions.

One of the significant reasons for a trader of any level is the trading conditions. We can choose any conditions suitable for our strategy or make our own on their basis. Low, fixed spread, execution of an order within a second, credit leverage, minimum deposit, no trader will remain dissatisfied.

Forex trading and development is a unique, interesting process in which you can get both economic and financial education. I hope this article will prompt you, at least, to try your hand at a demo account, because everyone should try their hand.


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