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For example, the broker FXG Trade is famous for its developments in the field of software for traders. For all who opened an account with FXG Trade, it becomes possible to use the robots cons

Trading styles: What is your shopping style?

Not every novice trader thinks about the existence of different trading styles. Before you begin to seriously study, we strongly recommend that you familiarize yourself with all the options. Thanks to this, in the near future, it will be easy for you to determine the vector of your development in the world of trading.

There is no universal trading system. This truth deserves to be remembered for ever by any newcomer who pursues easy earnings. Each person is unique: with his psychological and analytical inclinations, which will necessarily affect the style of trade. Our goals, the perception of risks, the willingness to enter into a deal, our timing - all this is not the same. Our goals, the perception of risks, the willingness to enter into a deal, our timing - all this is not the same. This article is designed to help you determine the style of trading that suits you, and attracts more than others.

And we start with system trading. It is limited to specific rules that can not be violated. Here the psychological factor is reduced to a minimum. For example, if a purchase signal has followed, this should be done. This is a trend strategy, and if a trend is detected, you need to act accordingly. FXG Trade

System strategy loves precision and single-valued. She needs to be thought through to the smallest detail. A lot of attention should be paid to risk management. We advise you not to use many trading tools.

This is the whole point of system trading. He simple, and understandable.  If you follow the rules, emotions will not interfere with the conclusion of transactions. Moreover, if you have programming skills, you can easily create your own trading robot that automates your trading in accordance with your strategy. Agree, this is very convenient. Either you can buy such a robot, or get it free of charge from your broker. For example, the broker FXG Trade is famous for its developments in the field of software for traders. For all who opened an account with FXG Trade, it becomes possible to use the robots consultants of the company's own production.

Discretionary trade is diametrically opposed to systematic. Only you can decide when to open a deal. You can ignore the signal if you see the end of the trend on the chart. By and large, this kind of trading is good for trading stocks.

A trading strategy with сlear rules are also here. But in this case you can see a large number of trading tools to choose the most suitable tool for opening positions.

We advise you not to jump from one style of trading to another, this will not lead to anything good. Learn the basics of trade, and then the right choice will immediately become obvious to you personally.

These two styles relate mainly to the discipline in the field of commerce, and now we will talk about what goals you are guided by. These are such styles as daytrading, scalping, positional and swing trading.

Daytrading often does not act as an additional type of earnings for a person but replaces a full-fledged work.

It is clear from the title that daytraining is a day trade. The position opens and closes in one working day. Such a trade is far from the most stressful in emotional terms, since trading takes only a few hours a day, and the trader can safely sleep. Fundamental analysis is almost unnecessary here, but for technical reasons you need to carefully understand. News, too, can not significantly affect the profit of a daytrader. The increase in leverage and margin is very risky, and every possible daytrader commission is fully paid.

Scalping can be attributed to letting daytraining with its distinctive features. It is very nimble, almost instantaneous and quite intense emotionally, trading, which we do not recommend for beginners. Scalping is a lot of professionals who are able and not afraid to make quick decisions and act confidently. The trading session should be completely in the focus of the scalper from start to finish, otherwise the great risks of losing everything.

Successful scalpers can only be people with vast experience, knowledge, considerable capital and balanced mind. Such specialists can be found in the company FXG Trade, who's reviews indicate that the broker focuses on scalping. In addition, a real scalper should not be distracting, be it television, cat or wife, which requires attention when you have a session.

Very funny kind of trading positional. The position can last several months, long enough. When the trend continues, all intermediate corrections are smoothed out. Usually the profit varies from 10 to 20%. Do not rule out big drawdowns.

There remains only one type of trade, which we have not yet considered. This is swing trading. What distinguishes it from daytrading? Everything is simple - the time interval of the swing trader is much larger, up to several weeks. Daytrading is limited and sometimes when the day trader closes the session, the trend continues and he deprives himself of the opportunity to earn more. The swing trader spends more nerves and time on the trade, but often these costs are justified and bring a good profit.

The main feature that every swing trader should have is patience. If you can not tear yourself away from the screen of the monitor and take a nap, it is better to deal with day trading and develop patience in yourself. Read the literature on the psychology of commerce, because it is very important to be savvy on this side.

It is very important to determine in time your trading style and stay on it. This will bring stability to your activities and confidence in the future. Perhaps, it is necessary to apply for help to specialists, for example, to the broker FXG Trade. Do not jump from one boat to another, nothing good will not result. Also do not forget about the trading plan, which every trader must necessarily lead.

Remember, there is no universal trading strategy, and each type of trading can enrich a person. Here THIS particular kind is suitable for THIS particular person, because he feels psychologically comfortable acting exactly like that. But there are universal rules that always work. Remember: the higher the expected profit, the more risky this deal will be. Second: the longer you hold the position open, the less your technical oversights are displayed on the result.

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