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Use of Forex trading robots on the MetaTrader platform

Use of Forex trading robots on the MetaTrader platform


Many traders use robotic assistants in their activities. Trading Jobs (also referred to as "experts" or "advisers") are special programs designed for automatic trading without the participation of a trader. A few years ago, there were jobs for desktop systems only. In today's world, there is a shift to mobile technology, accustomed to using robots in their computer, the trader is faced with the task of transferring work to the mobile android platform.


The emergence of forex brokers has allowed not only large players but also the smallest traders with small deposits to participate in the markets. Small traders do not have expensive equipment to work with and often do not have enough time to sit at home. However, there are several problems: The result of the trader's work is an increase in the deposit, and for small traders it is small in absolute terms. Any trader experiences periods of loss during which it is undesirable or sometimes impossible to deduct profit from the account. For a trader who is not yet confident enough in their abilities, it is necessary to have a non-trading source of income. Removal from the computer leads to insufficient mobility and speed of decision making. These tasks are especially acute for beginners who usually have a small deposit and little experience. In addition, most newcomers have a primary place of work and are not able to spend a lot of time trading. The solution to these problems was to work forex for Android.


Using MetaTrader robots

The Android platform itself is not designed to run trading robots. However, it provides sufficient resources to manage such work. First and foremost, it's about working with VPS.

External VPS (Virtual Private Server) is a regular computer with an operating system installed, running an ISP connected to the Internet, and to which the user has remote access. VPS works around the clock, maintenance is performed by the provider.


Built-in VPS

Setting up and accessing a VPS requires some specialized knowledge. Therefore, for many traders, the special hosting already built into the MetaTrader terminal by developers may be preferable.

In fact, MetaTrader's built-in VPS is the same VPS as any other provider, but it is integrated into the platform, it is much easier to order, it is designed to run robots, and it is done more quickly than in the case of a separate VPS. Robots can be monitored from any terminal, including the mobile android version. The developer site (MetaQuotes) has a large help section on how to work with advisors.


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