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Advice from broker Charing Cross Group: scam and how to avoid it

Why Charing Cross Group reviews.


Internet fraud has infiltrated all online financial transactions, Charing Cross Group analysts state. Those who trade on the stock exchange have to fear not only phishing, but also fraudulent schemes that pretend to be either payment systems or trading platforms. How not to fall for the scam? Under the opinion of our expert scam providers show themselves from the very first minutes of their "acquaintance". A beginner trader needs to know a few basic signs to understand that this is a scam, not a broker.

Why Charing Cross Group?

This reseller has 11 years of Forex experience. In addition, the company expanded its business to the EU region and is now trying to gain a foothold in the market, applying European anti-fraud standards.

What is known about the new broker? Charing Cross Group reviews. started its activities right in the UK, in the very heart of London. Many brokerage organizations are registered offshore, but this one has decided to work transparently and active.

The broker entered the foreign exchange market and initially provided support to investors with only foreign exchange assets.

For VIP portfolios, conditions were developed with access to the markets for raw materials, indices and stocks. Today the company provides support for trading in all markets, and the amount of this support depends only on the chosen tariff plan. С scam and anti-fraud checking system works similar for all account types.

Almost immediately after the start of operations, the company's management was faced with the fact: the number of people willing to trade on the Internet is growing, but this increases the number of speculations and the errors they cause, which lead to loss of capital.
The broker's clientele already numbers more than ten thousand active traders. encourages partnerships by offering two types of referral programs.
The legal address of the company, contact numbers, e-mail for communication are indicated on the website in the "Contacts" section, and are also presented in a separate block at the bottom of each page.

Getting Started with reviews

Official website

Several sections of the broker's website worth mentioning:

Platform. The page from which you can get access to the trading terminal, as well as where you can download the mobile application for trading.

Information. A menu bar with transitions to the main documents of the company that define the privacy policy, the obligations of the parties when trading, as well as the return of funds.

Analytics. A page with the so-called economic calendar, where market forecasts of quotes are given (by region and category).

Charing Cross Group reviews

Registration, reviews: how to do it right?

To start trading with Charing Cross Group, you need to go through registration and verification.
Registration consists of filling out a simple form where you need to provide personal information, including phone number, date of birth and country of residence.

Verification is required as the company is involved in a number of anti-fraudulent campaigns. For example, it supports the principles of AML - a policy to protect trade operations from being used for money laundering (obtained as a result of corruption or criminal activity). Also, the broker works in accordance with the requirements of KYC ("know your customer"), since the requirements of this program are mandatory for companies that operate in the European region.

For verification you will need:

•    Screenshots of your passport and other identity documents;
•    Screenshots of receipts for electricity or other services provided to the client at the place of residence;
•    A copy of the bank statement;
•    Photo (optional).

The procedure can take from several hours to several days.
A verified user who has chosen and paid for one of the company's tariffs gets the opportunity to download a trading terminal to his device, contact his account manager, request a training session or other services (according to the tariff portfolio).

Portfolio types

The company offers cooperation for all kinds of traders: for clients who trade for the first time (and can start with an amount of 250 euros), and for traders with experience (who can invest any amount over 50 thousand euros, while receiving a full service business portfolio).

Briefly about bonus programs: Charing Cross Group reviews

For beginners, there is an opportunity to use the demo version of the trading platform to get a basic understanding of the instruments and trading rules.
The broker offers the opportunity to earn money with a referral program:
•    Incentive system for new clients - the amount is fixed, it is charged if a client registers in the service and starts trading.
•    Incentive system for promoting the company - the amount is charged for each transition (with subsequent registration) through the posted link to the company's website in a social account, blog or on a third-party website.
Business partnership involves the exchange of content, banners and other advertising materials.

Charing Cross Group scam avoiding: fraudsters is easy to recognize

The broker recommends traders to be serious about choosing a company that will help to shape investment and trading strategy.

Tip # 1. Check company documentation. The main thing is that there should be free access to it (it is better if all the necessary permissions are already on the official website). What documents should a bona fide broker have:
•    Terms of use;
•    Privacy policy (it should indicate exactly how customer data is encrypted, for example, uses a 128-bit ssl-certificate);
•    An order opening (or business) policy is a document that explains the meaning of basic trading terms and operations;
•    Refund policy (with a description of the cases when funds can be returned and in what volume);
•    Risk notification (it is desirable that this document also be there - it tells about the risks of trading with leverage);
•    Verification statement (this can be several documents that explain the verification rules and the principles of the programs that the company supports).
This is the list of documents from Charing Cross Group (all document names are links).

Tip # 2. Ignore fantastic offers.
The broker must offer real conditions that fall into the middle fork. Too much profit and strong guaranties can be promised only by scam projects or financial pyramids. Charing Cross Group scam department advises to begin trading with starting amount of the lowest account type and see it all from inside before investing more.

Tip # 3. The quality of customer support is an important criterion.
According to experts of scam and any fraud starts with the fact that the client does not get contact with the company. The company's support must be in touch during their working hours (for someone it is around the clock, for reviews  names the full day timing, but only on weekdays, with no weekends and holidays). Customer support cannot be lost, intrusive, or ignore appeals and complaints.

How to find out if the broker pays the earned money? Better to read the responses of other customers. There must be options for how to withdraw money (through a bank, payment system or web wallet). Charing Cross Group has some of the best withdrawal reviews about the company. Delays of up to a day are acceptable (in extreme cases, up to three days)
Ways to withdraw money from wire transfer, credit card, payment solutions.


Charing Cross Group reviews are mostly positive. The broker has recently been working in the EU region, but many years of experience in trading have brought the company a well-deserved reputation as experts in trading and fraud protection.



Comments (9)

Smith Richard 26.03.2021

I have never worked with MetaTrader before. The only reason why I decided to open an account with Charing Cross Group broker is more favorable trading conditions than I had in CiTrader. I discussed my experiences with the manager, and he reassured me. It turns out that all trading platforms have the same logic. Of course, there are differences, but all the nuances are described in detail in the instructions for the terminal. The main thing is, even if you are a complete noob, you just need to read manual a bit and enable trading bots to work for you. In an extreme case, you can always call support and get competent advice. To stsrt, I replenished three hundred dollars. When I have already mastered it, I topped up to 1000. They input without a commission on the current rate of the bank. Orders are executed clearly, without cancellations. I mainly work with deferred orders. Withdrawal is quick and without commission, it takes 30-45 minutes to do everything together with the processing of the bid. Once, there was a failure, I did not even have time to get scared, they restored everything quickly.

Fleming Harry 07.04.2021

Three months ago, I registered with the broker Charing Cross Group. Was full of conflicting thoughts. The company is young, the reputation has not yet been developed, reviews in the internet do not give a complete picture. In general, I doubted and was ready to leave at any time. In the end, calmed down when I talked with technical support and realized that the promised trading conditions really work. It turned out that despite being young, the company was assembled by competent financiers with extensive exchange business experience. All processes are optimized, the MetaTrader terminal is generally tested over the years and the experience of many traders. In any situation, employees act as a single organism, help and support with advices. I have my personal manager, to whom I appeal if necessary. Entertainment content is almost absent, but not everyone needs it. But here are low static spreads, the ability to choose the direction of trade, all key currency pairs. Now I am trading for my pleasure and admiring the growing profit.

Cobb Peter 20.04.2021

Before Charing Cross Group, I traded with another broker for quite a while. Then something incomprehensible for customers happened, and the system became unrealistically slow down. No one understood why, but the money began not only to be withdrawn for several days, but also to come to the account within a day or two. Began to feel like a turtle. It is clear that, for example, while volatility you cannot do anything with such speeds. I went to this young broker. Judging by the reviews here with the speed of the entire processing is a complete cool. So it turned out, input is without a fee in minutes and at the current rate. You can calculate the amount in advance. Withdrawal is also without broker interest, quickly, regardless of the amount. All calculations are transparent. I recommend to withdraw in the fastest way to an e-wallet, it's almost instant. The withdrawal to the card takes a little longer, about half an hour or an hour, and there may be bank interest. If you withdraw to a bank account, such an operation can take up to three days. So far, I just have enough on the basic tariff plan. The entrance threshold is just $ 250 by the way. But maybe someone would like to add another one or two trading platforms, only to have a choice. So far there is only MetaTrader 4, I consider it's the best terminal, you can configure it for all of your wishes.

Harrison Oswin 23.04.2021

At the beginning of last year, I came to Weltrade for a holiday bonus. A little pampered, but expectations were not justified. After that, I tried a couple more brokers. In general, all plus / minus is the same everywhere, but there are nuances, it is necessary to select trading conditions for you. Good thing there is a choice. Now I trade with young forex broker Charing Cross Group. I like it. Spreads are lower, static, there are no commissions. Operative execution of orders, the output is also fast. Yesterday, I deduced 50 bucks on the card, they came in within an hour. There is an affiliate program. It seems that some bonuses are announced, but have not yet seen. There are no tournaments and contests, webinars too.

Paul Spencer 13.05.2021

The previous broker RoboForex disappointed me with not cheap spreads. Although in general, we were very comfortable working. Here the spreads are much lower, fixed and do not jump in the storm. I read the reviews last year, it seems that now Charing Cross Group broker has developed. At least I see some changes for the better. What is good. I will not even comment super platform MetaTrader 4, it is so ingenious; more than 50 key currency pairs, you can trade in raw materials, food and even energy, leverage 1: 300, all the conditions for scalping, protection and security, round-the-clock technical support and, by the way, competent, real professionals.

Gardner Francis 24.05.2021

Charing Cross Group is not the first broker in my life. I can share the experience, it might come in handy. I work mainly on a pair of CAD / NZD, here are the lowest spreads. In general, all spreads here are lower in comparison with the market. Four custom packages, you can go to the base with only 250 bucks. All tariffs have the same leverage of 1: 300 and static spreads. 50 major currency pairs are presented. Support is adequate and always helps, regardless of the selected tariff plan. You will have a personal manager after opening an account, you can direct any question to him, besides around the clock. MetaTrader 4 is a fairly flexible and high-performance trading platform with successful analytics. It is interesting to twist the settings, apply it and choose your own strategy. By the way, you can trade a cryptocurrency, and the broker cares about the security of customers, so there is only access to a proven crypto. In order not only to praise, I’ll add a fly in the ointment. There are no tournaments, contests, demo and micro accounts, and it’s impossible to call in to support from the first try.

Carroll Earl 30.06.2021

I came across an article on the forums how to choose a broker. A lot of questions, of course. The point is how many people - so many opinions. Anyway, it's better to take it and try it yourself. Well, if there is good friends, experienced traders. Here you should ask them for advice. Well, to complete the picture, you need to read reviews, learn to distinguish real opinions among the trash paid. Anyway, at some point you will have to risk. The article was posted by the way from a broker Charing Cross Group, sensibly written. I decided to look at this company. Trading conditions are quite appetizing, no contradictions. And at first glance there are no pitfalls. It works on one of the most popular and stable platforms MetaTrader4. According to the reviews, there is little information, but I have not seen a pure negative. I'd be testing for some time.

Bradford Brian 20.07.2021

I read such info that Charing Cross Group broker entered the market about a year ago. And it even managed to attract the attention by adequate work of experienced professionals. Well, I already know a little work from the inside. A friend is trading simultaneously with two brokers, now he has just decided to trade with this newcomer. The principles are absolutely transparent, the company does not hide anything in the source information. And I know MetaTrader 4 platform backwards and forwards. I do not see any reason to believe that this may be a kitchen or some kind of fraud. I plan to connect here in 10 days. I think that by the beginning of spring I will already make the first conclusion, we will see)))) I will write again when the profit goes.

Leonard Kristian 29.07.2021

I joined Charing Cross Group forex broker in early December. As I saw for myself, there are extremely clear trading conditions. Static spreads and no commission for withdrawal and deposit. Once I withdrew already. The broker works on a proven platform MetaTrader 4. It must be downloaded and installed on the PC. You can work from a tablet or from a smart. There are detailed instructions for installation and settings, but everything is intuitively clear and understandable. Impressed with the preparation of technical support. Managers are adequate, work well, you can feel a lot of experience in trading. Broker offers four custom packages. I still have enough basic one, and then we'll see. Pleased with analytics, a high percentage of hits. Profit projected. In MT, you can rotate the settings and adjust everything for yourself, but I personally prefer to trade with trading bots, because it's somehow calmer. Yes, and I have no time to sit and control the process all the time.


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